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Ahoy hoy!
Greetings tropers, and welcome to the grand opening of the Pony Fanon Workshop!

This is a place for you to develop all of your fanon and world building ideas for My Little Pony, be it pony cops, Sea Ponies, detailed Equestrian history, or whatever your imagination creates!

Discussion and critique is welcomed and encouraged!

Please post your fanon ideas here rather than in other pony threads. So, without further ado, let's get world building.....
My fanfic outline.

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2 AceOfScarabs23rd Dec 2011 05:50:51 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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First! :D

Bright Idea, the Inventor. Cutie Mark: An abstract lightbulb with sunlike rays of light coming from the glass dome.


Her story is a simple one, the apprentice of an Earth Pony Engineer. Her masterwork that graduated her from his tutelage was her tactical hoofshoes, a simple yet elegant solution to help give non-unicorns easier handling of tools clearly designed for creatures with hands.

A brilliant, cheerful, yet easily-sidetracked adorkable young mare, she is rather socially awkward on account of spending most of her time in her workshop surrounded by various projects in varying stages of progress. May drop into cackling Mad Scientist territory if badly stressed. Keeps irregular hours because of her tendency to be too deeply engrossed in her works. To earn her bits, she sells various kinds of light sources and her tactical hoof-shoes, and accepts commisions to create or be called upon for consultation on various projects.

Due to her engineering nature, she does not care for abstract sciences, and prefers things she can put to practical work in her inventions; nevertheless, she does not object to pimping things out or decorating them. One of things she hates most of all is investing too much effort into anything, only to lose it due to either a mistake or bad luck. While she doesn't have that many friends, she has at least a couple of dependable friends who have stood beside her.

She's also known as "Bri" to her friends, and teased with "Bride Dear" whenever she gets a crush on a cute stallion.

Bri does fine around most males, unless they manage to catch her fancy. You'll know she likes somepony when she gets flustered easily and/or a bit more exciteable around them.

I like to think of her as the kind of cute engineer who accidentally gets too technical when talking to folks until she catches herself and simplifies things, and she gets quite upset when somepony begins to doubt her irrationally.

She's also the sort who can get worked up when arguing about why her method of solving the problem is better, and absolutely hates to realize she wasted effort on a less-than-optimal solution when a simple way of fixing a problem presents itself.

She's also quite fond of hugs :3 An engineer with a huge wrench plushie XD

Possible projects: Gem-powered lights, Spark Lighters with gemstone power sources (well, better ones anyway), better alloys for metalwork, artificial winged "saddle", Gem-based power generators, metalwork, artificial horns, better flying machines, gem-powered enchanted "powered" armor (This last one would be her ultimate masterpiece).

My take on the timeline!

Pony magic!

Pony Genetics, how do they work?

Snippet 1 of Story 1 :D

Pony language!

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The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
So going from last night I think we have the Foil!Mane Six pretty well established. Just a few things I wanted to say. . .

I still personally like the idea that Foil!Twilight has a number of different aliases he likes to throw around. He goes by so many names that no one (except Scales who won't divulge)knows his real name. It him telling the rest of the Foil!Mane Six his real name that firmly cements their friendship together.

I like to think of Pig Iron as someone who is really dirty all the time, but he cleans up nicely, very nicely. In fact Scales only falls for him when he finally takes the time to wash his face (mind you after that she is always pining for him, even when he is covered in sot).

I'm imagining the Knightly Order that Foil!Twilight (which ever name we decide to give it) is apart of will not really have much of a purpose outside of helping Luna reaclamate to her royal duties, and helping her reconnect with Equestria (it was an idea given to her by Celestia). However as time goes on it does come to have more of a purpose outside of that.

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Ahoy hoy!

To the first point, yes, I love it! Remember when the mane 6 were in the library, and RD asks ''are you a SPY?!'...well the Foils! could go through something similar in the beginning, but Foil! Twi actually is a Spy!

Also, remember how Twi was reluctant to accept their help but they insisted? The Foils! could be the other way round...Foil! Twi really wanted their help, but they were reluctant to help out this sneaky, shifty looking fibber...until they realise what the stakes were and why he fibbed...

To the second point...yes, he's dirty, sooty, and sweaty most of the time (with the smell to match), but he's also in great shape, has perfect cheekbones and chin etc...basicly, when he cleans up, he can turn a lot of heads...and he knows it! wink

I can imagine a smitten scales just going buuuhhh when he cleans up. [lol]

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My fanfic outline.

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5 JapaneseTeeth23rd Dec 2011 07:48:51 AM from Meinong's jungle , Relationship Status: Mu
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And now I feel obligated to actually go and write out my ideas on dragons in Equestria so I have something to post here...
6 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 07:51:00 AM from South Africa
By the way, reading about this discussion made me believe that the animal that mauled Check Up should be a rabbit that he refers to as "The Demon". Said rabbit was trying to protect her children from what she thought was a threat. She has since realised that Check Up is harmless and is trying to atone, but every time she comes near him, he freaks out and runs away.
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[up][up] Didn't you already write that out?

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8 JapaneseTeeth23rd Dec 2011 08:30:10 AM from Meinong's jungle , Relationship Status: Mu
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Not at length, no. There's a small chunk of how I think dragon puberty works in my Secret of my Excess review, but that's only a part of it. The other section is my theory on dragon/pony interactions. The basic idea is that dragons have natural predilections towards being greedy and isolating themselves if their weird growth spurt thing isn't kept in check. The dragons basically donated a few eggs to the ponies because they have the whole friendship thing down, in the hope that they would do a better job in keeping that greed down, and as a result the next generation of dragons would be more personable.

That's the gist of it, although there are a lot of little details that I've left out.
Ahoy hoy!
@ Sereg

That's brilliant! [lol]

[up] That all seems reasonable enough.

Also, I've been pondering Foil! Twi's skills and talents:

Even though he's action ortiented...could he be a bit of a gadgeteer genius as well...of a sort?

Like he knows how to create magically powered radios, bugs, homing devices, even booby traps and defences?

In real world terms...if you want to build a bridge, or make suits of armour, or fortify a building...talk to Pig Iron.

If you want cameras set up, bugs planted (anything electrical really), talk to Foil! Twi.

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My fanfic outline.

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10 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 08:41:40 AM from South Africa
[up]Thank you!

EDIT: [up] Seems okay.

I'd be able to help more if I knew how different we wanted to make them.

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11 ApplelightLimited23rd Dec 2011 08:54:50 AM from In the skies above.
Ahoy hoy!
Well with the way things are going.....he's basically turning into a Pony version of James Bond. [lol]

In my mind, Foil! Twi is a Genius Bruiser, as opposed to Twi's Badass Bookworm.

@ Ace

I love your OC and everything about her! waii

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My fanfic outline.

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12 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 08:59:09 AM from South Africa
[up]That works. We need to work on their flaws.

Twi reacts badly to unpredictability, so foil!Twi reacts badly to feeling constrained.

EDIT: Yeah, I like that OC as well. She's pretty cute.

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She is a brutal war machine
Apple, were you the one who drew some pictures of Sea Ponies and the Ponyville PD? Did you ever upload those?

I think that Twilight Foil's magic should be far weaker than Twilight's is. Above Trixie's though, since he attended Celestia's school.
Tealove is best pony.Pony Fanon Index
[up][up][up]Well, I get the idea that Foil!Twilight thinks he is a spy hero, how much of one actually is depends on the situation.
15 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 09:08:28 AM from South Africa
I think that Twilight Foil's magic should be far weaker than Twilight's is.

Duh. We can't argue with what Celestia says about Twilight's magic.

But what scares them, what are their personal goals, what do they like, dislike, what are they good at, what do they epically suck at?

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16 JapaneseTeeth23rd Dec 2011 09:10:35 AM from Meinong's jungle , Relationship Status: Mu
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I'm kinda tempted to say that foil!Twi should have a terrible attention span. He's definitely a slob; like his room defines Trash of the Titans. He knows exactly where his stuff is, but it's always at the bottom of a pile of crap.
17 LMage23rd Dec 2011 09:11:02 AM from Miss Robichaux's Academy , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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[up] Maybe he always skips from project to prject but never finishes any of them? As opposed to Twilight who opsses over something (like she did with Pinkie Sense) until she can explain or understand it?

Hm....I think that Moonrise/Foil!Twilight has similar potential to Twilight but is much, much, much weaker because of his focus on phyiscal strength and his over all lazyness.

Big Rig should hate apples but love onions.

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18 ApplelightLimited23rd Dec 2011 09:11:14 AM from In the skies above.
Ahoy hoy!
@ Badwolfwho

I can't get access to a scanner. I was going to use one at my Uni's library, but I can't get a chance to get there. sad

It won't be till the day after boxing day now at the least.
My fanfic outline.

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19 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 09:16:25 AM from South Africa
@JT and L Mage: Those work. He probably has awful hoofwriting as well.
20 JapaneseTeeth23rd Dec 2011 09:17:52 AM from Meinong's jungle , Relationship Status: Mu
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Yeah, his writing is definitely illegible. And I like the idea of him constantly having like a dozen different projects going at once. I'd say that he does finish some of them (we don't want him to be totally incompetent), but they definitely get in the way of each other.
21 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 09:19:38 AM from South Africa
[up]Yeah. If accused of having Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, he'd say that it's his job to find out about ALL possible threats.

Do any of them have siblings? (Maximum contrast says that it should be Check Up, Foil!Twi and Smoke Screen that have siblings and that older siblings are more common than younger ones.) What's their relationship with their parents like?

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22 ApplelightLimited23rd Dec 2011 09:24:01 AM from In the skies above.
Ahoy hoy!
This is all gold.

Also, see how Twi usually has a good, well thought out plan...and she'll lose it when it dosn't work...

Foil! Twi's plans are poorly planned out...but if they fail, he'll just shrug and move to plan B...or C, D, F etc.

I just had the image of Twi and Foil! Twi hanging off a bridge for some reason...and an annoyed Twi demands to know if he even thought his plan out once...and he just sort of shrugs and goes eh, I mulled it over a bit.....
My fanfic outline.

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23 LMage23rd Dec 2011 09:24:10 AM from Miss Robichaux's Academy , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Scion of the Dragon
[up]Much like Jacksaprrow everyoe end up wondering: "Dose he plan it all out ahead of time or make it up as he goes along?"

In regards to Moonrise (that's the name I like best for him) being a spy: maybe for one reason or another all of the other foils have stumbeled into/moved to the Everfree Forest and Luna sends him investigate but some other threat shows up just when all six of them are in the same place (such as the Hydra or that chicken/snake thing which name escapes me) and they have to work together to stop it, and through that they earn Moonrise's trust. (But he still dosen't tell them that he works for Luna and he's sending reports back to her)

Oh and they earn the elemnts in there somewhere to.

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"You are never taller then when standing up for yourself"
24 AceOfScarabs23rd Dec 2011 09:24:46 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I am now a shiny stone~
Bri should have some kind of story around her, although I'm hesitant to find a place to let her loose on Equestria.
The three finest things in life are to splat your enemies, drive them from their turf, and hear their lamentations as their rank falls!
25 Sereg23rd Dec 2011 09:27:09 AM from South Africa
Made an edit to ask about family.

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