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Public Christmass displays... are they constitutional, ethical?:

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There is a difference between government putting out these decorations and other people/organisations doing that. There is no reason whatsoever why individuals cannot put up whatever religious imagery they desire, and if it happens so be mostly Christian - so what?
If we disagree, that much, at least, we have in common
 127 Ace of Spades, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 11:03:18 PM from The Wild Blue Yonder Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Baff thinks it's somehow a state endorsement of religion. And is offended by trees on state property.
Also.. if Christians are allow to have displays... then we are forced to grant everyone displays! Atheist... Ancient Austronauts belivers... WBC... Wickans... Australians...
As far as I'm aware of, they are allowed - as long as they are not sponsored by the government. Of course, local fanatics would be angry about it, and yes, it is a problem, but entirely different one.
If we disagree, that much, at least, we have in common
 129 Madrugada, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 11:10:18 PM Relationship Status: In season
With Mod Hat On
Ok, this thread has had six pages of delightfully civil (And I mean that in all sincerity - yadungood, guys.[awesome]) chewing on the bait that Baff so kindly trolled through. They aren't listening to any responses, they're working with 'personal dictionary' definitions of ""Constitutional" and "Ethical" and I can't foresee this thread going anywhere but down from here. So I'm going to lock it.

And Baff: Use a spellchecker. Your posts would be much more readable if they weren't rife with typos and misspellings. You aren't going to improve your writing by deliberately not using one, because you aren't going to know when you made a mistake. Use a spellchecker, not an auto-correcter.

edited 22nd Dec '11 11:27:21 PM by Madrugada

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