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51 Set25th Dec 2011 04:56:21 PM from Orokin Tower 3, by the pizza parlor. , Relationship Status: Writing a love letter
I have 2 guest passes for Killing Floor. Anyone wants 'em?
Also, beware the Dengue-bearing 2-inch mosquito!
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I have a spare copy of Orcs Must Die! I'm willing to negotiate.
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I have available:

  • A copy of Chantelise
  • 5 Coal(might try and get nother gift with it, I dunno)
  • 50% Dungeons of Dredmore
  • One(1) Team Fortress 2 Key, normal, purchased before Festive Keys

Any offers?
54 SpookyMask26th Dec 2011 10:34:49 AM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I have 24/33/50% valve coupons and and 50% defense grid coupons, anyone of those ya people want? tongue

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Actually...I'll trade Chantelise for Beat Hazard, if anybody's willing to get me that? It's like...two and a half bucks right now. ^^
[up] Beat Hazard is cheaper for me now than Chantelise was...I'd like to take up that offer.

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57 GGCrono26th Dec 2011 11:28:26 AM from Greenville, NC , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
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I've got seven pieces of coal, one coupon for 50% off one Valve game, and one for 50% off of Garshasp The Monster Slayer, whatever that is. (Never heard of it until I got a coupon for it.)

Anyone have any interest in any of that?

And is it really worth my while to try crafting coal?

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Absolutely oco. What's your info on Steam?

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For trade:

Looking for:

Reposting due to a new change:

I just won Aaaaaa, which is usually valued at $10, but is currently on sale for $2.50. If I could just add a dollar to my steam wallet, I'd just get the game. However, today only, Sonic Generations is on sale for $10, and Portal 2 is still on sale for $15. If it is at all possible to work out a trade for either of those, I'd like to.
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I have two vouchers, one for 25% off any Valve game and one for 50% off Left 4 Dead 2. Anyone want to trade something for one of them? I already have all the Valve games I want including Left 4 Dead 2, so they're kind of wasted. I'll trade them for coal or whatever, I don't care)

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62 Firebert26th Dec 2011 02:59:41 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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I've got I'd prefer to get games for these, or TF 2 weapons, but I have no use for any of this stuff, so offers are welcome.
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I've got a TF 2 key. It's worth 2.49, and I will trade for games that are that much or less. Preferably one that can be used in the Great Gift Pile(and I'm on a Mac so that's a factor obviously....). Those are mostly on sale, so it should be easy to find something like that. (I'll throw in some TF 2 metal too if it helps the deal)
64 RocketDude26th Dec 2011 03:54:19 PM from AZ, United States
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Updated post:

Selling: Torchlight coupon (75% off), AI War coupon (50% off), Silent Hill: Homecoming coupon (50% off), Dungeon Defenders coupon (50% off), Steel Storm: Burning Retribution coupon (50% off), Ubisoft coupon (25% off).

Want: Anything you feel is worth what you want from the above.
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Just wanted to reiterate my trade offer. I know it's a long shot, but as I can't currently add funds to my steam wallet, it's worth a shot.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, possibly plus other coupons or coal, for the currently $10 Sonic Generations? Generations goes off sale in 13 hours, so I have to try.

[down]Of course, of course. That's the smart thing to do, afterall. I'm just hoping someone would also be interested in the 50% off Duke Nukem Forever or 50% off a valve game.

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Sorry, but if I want that game, I'll pay the current 2 dollars and some odd change, instead of 10 for Sonic.
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I'm wanting Sonic Generations as well. In addition to Orcs Must Die, I'd be willing to throw in my 6 coal and one more game or DLC for $3 or less.

Oh, yeah, and I won't be able to trade until Wednesday,

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  • Things, I am offering for trade:

    • -50% Valve games coupon
    • -50% Shadowgrounds coupon
    • 2 coals
    • Victoria II
    • Uplink

  • Things, I am looking for:Mainly Team Fortress 2 items, metal and keys. Possibly other coupons or games, but it depends on the game and what you want for it.I don't care at all about coal.

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What kind of TF 2 items? If it's something I've got, I'd be interested.
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Would you be willing to trade uplink for a (normal)key? The current price is the same.
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[up][up] Um and what do you have? I dont think I ever saw your TF 2 backpack...

[up] Sure, why not.

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Not much good, but you're welcome to take a look. I haven't been playing much recently, so I don't have anything new.

I have the same handle there, though I don't remember how to post my backpack.
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  • 33% off Valve games.
  • 60% off Hearts of Iron III


  • Whatever you feel like giving. Really, I don't care what it is.

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74 thatother1dude27th Dec 2011 10:12:02 AM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
[up][up]Here is one way.
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Sad.... :(
I am willing to trade any of the coupon or coal for.... 1 scrap metal, or its equivalent in value?

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