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So I just finished watching Gerry, the Gus Van Sant movie starrig Matt Damon and Some Guy I Don't Know doing absolutly nothing for 2 hours. In a desert. Practically without dialogue.

I'm completly flabbergasted about this, not because it's boring as hell and I wasted precious time of my life watching it, but because everyone I talked to aout it thinks that the movie is amazing minimalistic art. I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how come I'm the only one who needs alcohol after finishing this? Or a hug? Or both?

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I Am The Walrus
This movie was shit and it's also incredibly easy to make fun.

Gus Van Sant can good movies. He can also make bad movies. And then there's movies like this.
I remember catching some of this on IFC a few years ago. Lots of walking...and talking...and walking...and talking...

I did sort of enjoy Last Days, though. Very dull but there was something really compelling about it.
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