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They think me mad
"A few recurring reactions" is still more than the absolute lack of body language and expressions shown in the above scene though.
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That is a good point. That said, when referring to them, I'd likely opt for the name of the file or something, or maybe something as simple as "sprite changes to shocked expression." That said, I have no idea how many I'll be allowed to have at the end of the day, since that's reliant on finding an artist willing to draw them. You are correct in saying I should still have them, though.

Duly noted. I'll go through the 70 scenes I've done the current draft for so far and fix all that up later.

That said, that topic is an ever so slight derail.

EDIT: You know what, I can tell from the posts made so far that this isn't going to get me anywhere. I've removed all information. I'm done with this thread.

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