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Everything is so grim now
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Everything is so grim now:

Wizard Basement
The holiday cheer is utterly gone. SOPA could take my favourite internet shows away, if my own Australian politicians don't try to first. I watch movies at home waiting for Christmas but it doesn't seem any fun now. Everything's so grim. It's like I'm waiting for the bombs to drop since I can't do anything about it, since I don't live in a very important country.

I see lots of couples walking around the malls, I realise the only thing I had going for me was my three year single sided hate-hate relationship with Senator Steven Conroy who's trying to take away my internets. I hated him so much, and yet he gave nothing in return. What a selfish hater, to spurn the one who hates him with indifference instead of the loathing I could only dream he'd give me.

That and I just feel like I haven't reached the same milestones as my friends have. That is, the few friends I have. I have nobody when it comes down to it to share the fun things in my life with. I'm not even sure what fun is anymore. Everything's so bleak and grey and the only thing keeping me sane is that our world leaders are as incompetent as shit and couldn't run a fucking Dinosaur Park with the Raptor Fences on, let alone an internet censorship scheme.

I've been deprived of hugs for many years, and for my sins they gave me none.
Hell Hasn't Earned My Tears
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Wow...I'm sorry, man.

On the bright side, there's a lot of Christmas material on this very subject.

Except for 4/1/2011. That day lingers in my memory like...metaphor here...I should go.
 3 tsstevens, Tue, 20th Dec '11 11:43:02 PM from Internet, Tasmania Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
If it helps, watch Buffy. If you're not laughing at the funny scenes you'll probably compare your life to theirs and think your life isn't so bad.
The mark of a good story means not feeling like The Angry Video Game Nerd hearing it.
I'm with you (checks New Geek Philosopher 's profile) brother. It's depressing nowadays. But things are getting better, if slowly. Go watch Soul Eater or something; you'll feel a little better.
 5 Fighteer, Wed, 21st Dec '11 11:38:41 AM from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
With Mod Hat On
This isn't really a conversation topic suitable for this forum. Don't we have a thread about feeling depressed in Yack Fest somewhere?

edited 21st Dec '11 11:38:55 AM by Fighteer

Ironically, the pursuit of the definition of happiness does not appear to be a happiness-maximizing behavior.
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