Cosplayers and Fans ASSEMBLE!!!:

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A thread for cosplayers and fans of the art. Or those who are just curious about us and our oddity. In here we can post photos, share tips, ask questions, and so on. Glorious.

To start I will begin with my short and crappy Homestuck troll cosplay tutorial. It is general purpose. Specific trolls would require videos or drawings or...something. I don't really have the time of funds to do that so...


First off. Stuff you will need:
  • Clay (recommended: crayola model magic)
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Modge Podge paint sealer/glue
  • Troll T-shirt of your choice from whatpumpkin or...
    • Black t-shirt
    • Fabric paint of necessary color
    • Iron
    • Ruler, pencils, and Xacto knife
    • Cardstock
    • Shirt board or piece of cardboard
  • Headband (black)
  • Wig (black, you can cut and style it, yes you should use one), wigcap
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plates, cups, and newspaper
  • Waxpaper
  • Sandpaper
  • Modeling wire or styrofoam for large horns
  • Snazzaroo light grey face/body paint
  • Cosmetic pads
  • Makeup powder/sealer
  • Fake fangs (recommended: Scarecrow werewolf style)
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Black lipstick (or of the color needed for your troll of choice, i.e. green for Kanaya)


This is one of the defining features of the trolls. And something everyone wonders about. There are multiple ways of doing them but I personally used the clay method. My chosen material was Crayola's model magic. It's cheap, easy to work with, air dries, and is sturdy enough for what you need. Unless you're retarded and try to stab someone with them I guess. Now making the horns themselves is an odd thing to describe. As such...Watch this video to see how it generally works. Now play around with come clay and make a few for practice.

Some tips on certain types of horns...With trolls like Kanaya and Vriska the hooks are actually quite simple to form. Simply form a large main horn and then get a smaller bit of clay. Form your little hook or claw, wet the piece, and then attach it to the tip of the main horn piece. Smooth this out and make the attachment all pretty. With larger or more complicated troll horns, i.e. Aradia's, you will need a supportive base. You can use wire or styrofoam. Mold the clay around this.

Let this dry on wax paper for two days. Now...Sanding. You want these babies to be smooth and nice looking. Sand them out. This is a simple concept. Get some sandpaper. Rub it on the bits of horn that need fixing. Be careful lest you accidentally destroy them. I did this once and it was not fun...

Now that that is done...Painting. Set out some newspaper, get a paper plate, napkins, and a cup of water along with your paints and brushes. Set the horns down and...PAINTING. How to do it? Well. First off don't squeeze a shit ton of paint on the plate. Chances are you won't need that much paint and if you do you can always squeeze out more. You don't want to risk wasting paint that you could save. Now dip the brush into the paint and stroke it onto the desired location. Spread it out with continued strokes. This is done for a few purposes. One, paint bubbles are ugly and this kills them. Two, this helps ensure even coats. When done with a section let it dry for around 20 minutes or so. Maybe it was 10. Either way let it sit. Apply a second coat.

Mixing paint and you: Squirt out the base color. Squirt some of the other color in it. Swirl the brush around in the paint in a circular motion until a solid hue is reached. Keep adding additional paint of either color until you get your desired shade. This is how you will get the middle orange color.

When changing colors swirl the brush around in the cup for a bit, wipe on the napkins, and keep doing this until you get as much of the paint out as possible. You don't want orange in your yellow do you?

Now once all this is done you can use the modge podge. Depending on the size of the horns you may need to apply it with a brush. Otherwise just dip them in. Now at first it will be stark white. This may startle you. Don't worry. It dries on clear and helps protect the paint from chipping and such.

Okay. So your horns are made. But how do you get them on your head? That headband. Grab that, a drill, some screws, and your horns. Position the horns where you want them, mark these spots with something. Now drill holes in the headband and the bottoms of the horns. Next drill the horns into the headband. This is a very, very sturdy method and has great flexibility in regards to placement of the horns. You put your wig over top this headband to hide it giving the illusion that you yourself have horns.


Now assuming that you didn't buy one off whatpumpkin for whatever reason you will be making your shirt. This is a very fun thing to do. It is also cheaper and you don't have to worry about things like the shop being out of stock of whatever shirt you want! So the materials for this particular project are...Black t-shirt, fabric paint of the needed color, paint brushes, shirt board or piece of cardboard, cardstock, an exacto knife, a ruler, pencil, some paper, a window (or light box if you are fancy), brushes, and an iron. Along with the newspaper and such mentioned in regards to the other painting.

First off...wash that shirt. Dry it. While this is going on time to make your stencil. You can either draw this straight on the cardstock or draw it on a piece of paper first and then trace it onto the cardstock using a window or lightbox. Cut the stencil out with your knife. Now get your shirt and paint ready. Stick the shirtboard or piece of card board in between the shirt and then position your stencil. Proceed to paint. 2 coats. Let this dry for however long the paint says. I believe it was an hour? Once that is done remove the stencil and fill up your iron. Warm it. Now begin to steam the shirt. If any loose scraps of paper are left the steam will loosen them and let you easily pick them off. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE PRIOR TO THAT. IT WILL FUCK UP THE PAINT. Continue steam until the paint has an even, textured look. When cleaning ALWAYS turn it inside out. This helps prolong the life of the paint.


This is the final portion of your costume and is the most crucial in my eyes. A crap makeup job will utterly destroy all your hard work. You will need someone to help you apply the makeup. Why you ask? I mean it's just lipstick and nail polish and face paint...That paint is a bitch to apply. Also. It gets on everything. Absolutely fucking everything. TOUCH NOTHING until it is dry. NOTHING. Not a god damn thing. To use this stuff, Snazzaroo, you must wet it so keep a Dixie cup of water by your side at all times. Prior to that though powder yourself. Wet the paint and begin to apply it with the pad. Make sure little nooks and crannies get caught and that the paint is of even texture. Now. Make sure to paint a little ways underneath your clothing. Not all the way. Just enough so that if someone does see beneath, say, your sleeves they would see grey. You want to create the illusion that you are entirely grey even though in reality you are not. Dedication is a bitch, but it is a must if you want to look nice. Don't skimp on the makeup job. Just don't.

General Tips

When it comes to material gathering people flip out over prices. Shop around. Bargain markets are your friends. Thrift stores too. See those huge ass discount sections in stores like Burlington filled with shit no one wants? Check those out. A lot. Generally just search around. Ask people about weird little stores as well if you have friends who are into such things. If looking around on the net search around for prices. Cosplay is an expensive hobby as is.

If you have friends in theatre ask for advice and help from them kindly. They can help you with a variety of things from finding materials to putting on makeup if they're nice. Either way never diss theatre kids. Those bitches know shit about this stuff. Beyond theatre kids you should look up other cosplayers who are more experienced than yourself to see what you can do or how to improve it. Always look for help. Help is a good thing.

For things like Terezi's staff...remember you have paint and clay. Clay is amazing. You can cover a cane with it, attach a dragon head that you made of clay, paint it all white and red, and stick in two red gems for eyes. DRAGON CANE. Remember clay. Clay is awesome.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING UNTIL YOUR PAINT DRIES. I know I already said that but it must be said again. On the subject of paint...You can recycle it for grimdark Rose! :D

Wear a wig because your hair looks like shit. Maybe not really. In fact not really more than likely. In many cases just use a wig. ESPECIALLY IF IT REQUIRES SOMETHING LIKE HORNS. You can hide headbands under them.

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I'd say so yeah. It's a type of costuming...
If someone wants to accuse us of eating coconut shells, then that's their business. We know what we're doing. - Achaan Chah
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Since this is a place to share tips, I thought I'd ask a question. First of all I have to say that I am a complete newbie in terms of cosplay, but I have two good friends who know people and they sew. Needless to say, we're preparing something for a con, which is still at the end of the year, but we'd like to make it look really good so we've already started.

My question is : how would you make the "blank superhero eyes", like the ones Batman has in The Animated Series ? A friend suggested just a piece of white cloth, but I was thinking of something perhaps more opaque looking, but I don't see how it can be done so I can actually see through it. Is there like a plastic based material which does that ?
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Say I wanted to cosplay as Nemesis, what all would I need for that costume?.
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