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As stated in the Forum Rules:

I'd like to draw your attention to this rule:

Do we really have to say it? Do not post porn or explicit sexual content. Not even if you tag it NSFW. Don't post it. Don't link to explicit porn images either. Shock sites and rickrolling are not permitted.

Apparently some folks around here seem to think these rules don't apply to them. They apply everywhere, and to everyone.

And finally, though it really shouldn't need to be said, paedophilia is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated here.

Thanks for reading.

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I hoped not to even have to spell this out, but since there still seems to be some confusion I'll do my best to make this crystal clear.

When I say "paedophilic content" or "paedoshit", yes, I mean loli/shotacon. Just don't.

And no, expressing your appreciation in a polite or SFW fashion does not make it better. Just really, really, don't.

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Thread adjusted to note the Nunnery being put to the torch.
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