Earth-sized planets discovered:

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Er...pretty sure we've never done the bit about "hacking the laws of physics to break them." And I'm pretty sure we never will, because if something's not possible, it's not possible. Humanity can do awesome things, but we can't just make up new rules because we said so.
That's not what I said. At all.
If it's not physically possible, we'll figure out a way to hack the laws of physics so that it doesn't matter anyways
Er, yes it is? If you meant something else, I suppose that's valid, but that's definitely what you said.

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Key difference between "hacking the laws of physics to break them" and "hacking the laws of physics so it doesn't matter."

Guns are a prime example of what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter that we can't physically fight a good many animals, because of this little hack we like to call "gunpowder."

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That's not something that isn't physically possible, though.
Hacking has never meant "doing the physically impossible." And I never said we would do anything that's physically impossible. If there is something physically impossible that we need, we will invent a workaround.
But killing stuff isn't physically impossible. Your example doesn't involve a need that isn't physically possible.
The physically impossible need is "fight a bear."
And that's not physically impossible. It's just hard. Physically impossible means "cannot happen in this universe under any circumstances."
It is physically impossible for any human to run three hundred miles per hour. We have invented a workaround for that called "the commercial airliner."

It is physically impossible for us to yell loud enough to hold a conversation with someone on the other side of the world. We have invented several workarounds for that, like "the telephone," or "the internet."

It is physically impossible for us to remember every useful piece of information we come across, so we invented a workaround called "writing."

In each of these cases it doesn't matter that we can't do the required physical task, because we have changed things so that the required task isn't nessecary. The original situation is a farce, rediculous to even think about, because we are so good at inventing workarounds.

Eventually, the objection that "we can't travel faster than the speed of light" will be just as rediculous because we will have invented a workaround that makes the whole thing meaningless.

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There are several good reasons to colonize other planets. The fact that this one's fucked being a good one, and that there really isn't anything else worth doing here being another.
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