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needs clarification and a rename : Born Of Clay get usage counts

I wanna do the Guess The Trope game but honestly I have no idea what the trope is supposed to be. It has something to do with the continuity of a character and absolutely nothing to with a character literally being born from clay, which origin of quite a few fictional characters. So whatever this trope is, I don't think it should keep the title.

 2 Firebert, Mon, 19th Dec '11 1:00:03 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
Wow that's a horrible title. I like the trope based off the description, but we need a better name for this baby.
Ecce Homo Superior
I could have sworn this got renamed.
(it's David Bowie)
All I can think of is God-Created Canon Foreigner.
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 5 Firebert, Mon, 19th Dec '11 3:24:11 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
That's a good one, it actually makes sense. Other options are welcome though.
Wait, so you guy know what the trope is?

[up]It's the original creator coming up with a character for the adaptation.
Yeah, unwritten rule number one: follow all the unwritten procedures. - Camacan
Is that even a trope? I don't really think in matter who comes with an original character for an adaptation.

It works as trivia, IMO.
Yeah, unwritten rule number one: follow all the unwritten procedures. - Camacan
 10 Spark 9, Mon, 19th Dec '11 6:01:21 PM from Castle Wulfenbach Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Gentleman Troper!
Since the page has to spell out that it's not actually about Wonder Woman or Golems, that makes it a bad title.

I do think this is a valid page (possibly as trivia). Maybe some variation on Canon Immigrant would work as a title.
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 11 Icarael, Tue, 20th Dec '11 6:42:27 AM from the Diliman Sprawl
[up] Canon Emigrant?
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 12 Louie W, Tue, 20th Dec '11 10:50:42 AM from Babycowland
There is now a page action crowner for this trope here. Feel free to add options as you see fit.
Born of Clay found in: 24 articles, excluding discussions.

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20 Log Root 10's definition of this trope as "the original creator coming up with a character for the adaptation" makes sense to me. As for clarifying the description, I wonder if cutting out the first paragraph might cut down on some of the confusion. An alternative to doing that would be to swap the first two paragraphs so that the description tells what the trope actually is before mentioning the Adaptation Decay parts that are about what occurs when what the trope describes does not happen.

edited 20th Dec '11 12:27:51 PM by LouieW

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 13 Bobby G, Tue, 20th Dec '11 10:58:34 AM from the Silvery Tay
Cure Candy
Oh bad name.... But I really like the trope, it's a half way common thing for a Canon Immigrant or Foreigner to actually be created by the original artist / writer.

Usually it puts more faith in the character from the fans that it will be good since he/she is writing the base of the character or doing the line art / Character Design. Good Trope Bad Name.

Sometimes the character designs get reused in a later manga simply because the original artist liked it but never got a chance to use the designs (IE Mei Narusagawa in Love Hina Anime who was designed by the Mangaka Ken Akamatsu and Mei Sakura in Negima! manga who are not the same person (People thought she was but Jossed by Word of God) but look and names the same.)

edited 20th Dec '11 11:06:05 AM by Raso

I'm still not seeing a trope here, trivia, but not a trope. It's useful information to know that a Canon Foreigner in an adaptation was created by the creator of original work, but a Canon Foreigner is still a Canon Foreigner, it doesn't matter who created them.

edited 20th Dec '11 12:18:39 PM by captainpat

 16 blackcat, Sat, 24th Dec '11 9:16:56 AM Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
There has been a request to call the four day old crowner. Let's clock it and call it after the clock expires.
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In keeping with Canon Foreigner and Canon Immigrant we should find a word that means a foreign born citizen. IE someone who is born out of the country, but is still considered a citizen of that country.

Does a Canon Foreigner automatically become a Canon Immigrant because the original creator made them?

No. Canon Immigrant is when the character is not created by the creator but is later accepted as canon by the creator and/or fanbase.

edited 24th Dec '11 10:54:48 AM by Sackett

[up] That's not what the trope description says.

Thus, we have the Canon Immigrant, who is a character created and nurtured in another medium and, eventually, imported back into the original

Cure Candy
[up][up] Canon Immigrant is characters imported from an adaptation or non-original work sources.

IE Sergeant Shiratori and Inspector Takagi in Detective Conan in which the former was in a movie and the latter was for filler anime episodes... (latter is named after his voice actors.) till the manga expanded the police department's role in the series and bam they appear and became full blown characters from then on giving the two of them a rivalry over the latter's manga original partner.

edited 24th Dec '11 11:42:28 AM by Raso

 22 Camacan, Sat, 24th Dec '11 8:31:16 PM from Australiatown
While we're talking, how about losing the first paragraph? It seems subjective and tangential. Not all fans reject or look down on adaptations. The quality of adaptations seems like another topic. This one does relate to differences in continuity between original and adaptation, but I'd say we don't need to bring in the question of whether that makes the adaptation better or worse.

 23 Firebert, Sun, 25th Dec '11 9:03:37 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
[up]I'm fine with taking it down.
 24 Do Know Butchie, Mon, 26th Dec '11 1:32:53 AM from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Don't call me Hikaru.
While we're talking, how about losing the first paragraph?

If we're editing, how about the whole "This makes the fan task of establishing canon difficult" bit? It's contradicts itself, and it only really applies in anime where the story is basically the same as in the manga, but nowhere else, really.
Cure Candy
I am seeing quite a bit of misuse on the page too. updated rerelease non-examples (like the Persona4 example.), we should define exactly what this is first off.

I first thought it was a character specific thing. (Like say Akira Toriyama did all the character designs for Dragon Ball GT but other than that had nothing to do with it, and Ken Akamatsu did the same thing for at least some of the characters in the anime of Love Hina.

But the examples seem to cover "An Adaptation Script written by or heavily consulted by original author so that it's canonality is left ambiguous" as well. (in a he wrote it so it must be canon way... Especially murky if it adds a lot of info not in the original work.)

edited 26th Dec '11 4:32:03 AM by Raso

Alternative Titles: Born Of Clay
29th Dec '11 12:54:05 PM
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