Kim Jong-Il Is Dead:

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Just broke on CNN.
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2 USAF71318th Dec 2011 07:12:42 PM from the United States
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You've got to be fucking shitting me. No way. Prove it.
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so who's next on North Korean leaders are crazy?
4 Colonial1.118th Dec 2011 07:12:54 PM from The Marvelous River City , Relationship Status: In season
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Confirm, please.
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6 Enkufka18th Dec 2011 07:15:29 PM from Bay of White fish
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now the world gets even more interesting...
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7 Wicked22318th Dec 2011 07:15:38 PM from Death Star in the forest
It's all over Google News; here's a Bloomberg article
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8 MajorTom18th Dec 2011 07:19:32 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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The BBC got it, must be real.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

Now let's just hope the guy who replaces him isn't worse.
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2011 was a bad year for dictators.
10 SabresEdge18th Dec 2011 07:20:02 PM from a defense-in-depth
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Official news is breaking the story; KCNA has no word on successors.
Holy fucking shit.
12 TuefelHundenIV18th Dec 2011 07:23:34 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Oh shit. Standby for possible chaos.
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13 USAF71318th Dec 2011 07:23:52 PM from the United States
I changed accounts.
No fucking way. I can't believe I was right when I said there was still time for crazy shit in 2011.


Korean War round 2, here we come. :/
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Yikes. Well, at least "who said something stupid in the latest Republican debate" will not be on the news in the morning.

I know stuff like this is what reporters "live" for, but they are probably going crazy right now to pull up old stories, find people to talk to, etc. Would not want to be in the researchers' shoes right now.
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This year is unbelievable. I thought his health was improving?

Where will I get stories of megalomania now?

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I doubt war will happen. In fact, peaceful unification is jsut as likely as continued iron fist.
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17 AceofSpades18th Dec 2011 07:27:28 PM , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Wasn't he making moves to set up his son as his successor? Otherwise, I imagine it'll go to one of his advisers. But damn, that's some big news.
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There's still Mugabe and the Iranian President.
After Bin Laden and Gadaffi were killed this year, I was half expecting Kim Jong Il to be next in line. Called it.
21 SabresEdge18th Dec 2011 07:31:42 PM from a defense-in-depth
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Kim Jong-Un, his youngest son, is the one slated for the throne, I think. He's largely a question mark and a lot of North Koreans don't know much about him, which means that for the first time in years NK is facing a leadership crisis. When Kim Jong-il landed himself the heir-presumptive position in the late 1960s, he started building up his own cult of personality in conjunction with his father's, and the handoff of power was gradual throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

The thing is, there's been no evidence that anything of the sort has been at work recently, meaning that Jong-Un may face competition from generals and other officials.
omg!!!! this has been a bad year for dicatators hasnt it???

Looking forward to see his funeral. It gonna be fabolous!

On a more serious note lets hope the Korean War doesnt re-start.
I will always cherish the chance of a new beggining.
@Baff: It won't. The North Korean leadership isn't stupid.

EDIT: Dear Lord, what happened to the post boxes? What is this hideously festive mess concealing my words?

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the timing is certainly hilarious,.
I will always cherish the chance of a new beggining.
25 rmctagg0918th Dec 2011 07:36:50 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Okay, so another dictator has bitten the dust. What happens now?
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