Real Life Examples of Creator' Personal Problems Influencing the Story:

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I need some examples of creators allowing their personal problems to massively influence the project they're working on, like how George Lucas's divorce led to the creation of Willie, or how Neon Genesis Evangelion reflects the creator's depression and subsequent therapy. I couldn't really think of a better place to put this, but hey, it is for an article, so close enough.
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Issue #186 of Cerebus onward (in the middle of the Mothers & Daughters arc), when Dave Sim's failing marriage derails the series into increasingly misogynist rants.

In the Anita Blake novels, Richard is based on Laurell K. Hamilton's (ex-)fiance, and Anita's relationship with him sours right about the same time that Hamilton's real life engagement breaks off. After that, the series takes a sharp left turn into monster porn.

There's one famous one, and one fairly obscure one I only know of because I know a guy who knows a guy.
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Jonathon Davis of Korn has had one fucked-up life. But one example of it influencing his music is the song he'd written after working at the morgue where the corpse of a little girl was delivered. She died horrifically, and it affected Davis deeply. It's so bad, that he can't perform the song without breaking down on stage. I forget all of the details; the whole story is on the Creator Breakdown page, again.
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Charles Dickens' father was in a debtor's prison when he was a child, and he worked at a shoe factory for a while.

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Grant Morrison would be an interesting case, having once written about a character who is infected with a face-eating virus only then to find himself with the affliction himself. In therapy he wrote abut how the character recovered and, lo and behold, so did he.
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[up] Grant Morrison has also made hints that he was bullshitting when he told that story, mind.
It's beautiful and so full of deep imagery that it doesn't surprise me to find that it has gone WAY over your head
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To Love-Ru's illustrator, Kentaro Yabuki's wife was a total jerk (See the Creator Breakdown entry on the work's page to read about some of the BS she pulled), so one of the main love interest, who was based off of her, had her role severely toned down by the writer. This was, of course, rather noticeable.

Not to mention, after the inevitable messy divorce caused the series to be cancelled, it was resurrected as To Love Ru Darkness and followed a very different direction, one that changed the main plot issue to something that doesn't necessarily require the character in question to share the main stage with the other two main links of the Love Dodecahedron, thereby making it less noticeable.

So, in short, the person who one of the main characters was based off of turned out to be a jerk, so her role was significantly diminished, and disguised as well as they could manage.
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Steven Brust's Dragaera series; after Brust split from his real-life spouse, he had Vlad's marriage fall apart as well.

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