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So the trial version for English version for this VN came out two days ago and i just finished playing through it and i gotta say i like it
Hey, somebody made this thread finally!

I hope Overdrive's full translation is better than the machine translation that I sat through. :P
The full translation's been released on MangaGamer. I shall wait for it on Erogedownloads, since I do not have sufficient funds (or a credit card, for that matter) to buy it online.
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It should be good!

It's a bit sad that Cross the Future hasn't been reliably uploaded anywhere, though.
[up] Yeah, Mangagamer's translations are good IMO. At least for Kira-Kira. I heard rumors about Edelweiss's translation.

As for that fandisk, if Deardrops sells, then they'll translate the fandisk for sure. I'll go ahead and buy the download version of Deardrops... I hate my sense of good will sometimes. I'm still intimidated about the size of Muv-Luv, so I'll play Deardrops as my next VN.

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so,I heard Hina from Papa Kiki voices one of the heroines.Try to imagine Hina's voice in THOSE scenes,disturbing,huh?
[up] Please, all anime fans are Lolicons.[lol] I see nothing disturbing about that.

... Downloading very slowly...
Finished the Rimu route. Ending was [awesome].

Onto Yayoi route!!
Planning to play this next, probably this Saturday. Should be great after finishing the Kira-Kira fandisc yesterday.
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[up] I'm sure you'll like it. Just be sure you play Riho's route last. I heard it ties together all the other routes or something like that.

Yayoi's route was good. The ending made me smile a bit. On Kanade's route right now. Ufufufu, it seems like shit is getting real!!
Riho's route was truly awe-inspiring. There were times that it was slow, but I like it better than Kirari's normal route of Kira-Kira. Ending was ... rock.

I'm going to give this a well-earned 9/10. That's the highest score I give to anything I feel obligated to rate, and I gave it to 6 different visual novels already. 4 if you discount the ones that are Video Game hybrids. ... Honestly, I must be getting soft.
I played Riho's route third, before Kanade's, and now I'm getting the feeling I didn't manage to save the best for last. Because, to be honest, it's going to take a boatload of awesomeness to overpower Riho's route. I loved all the callbacks and reappearing characters, and as a whole, I think I can say it was even more amazing that Kira-Kira. It might just be that it seems more awe-inspiring just because I'm in a rough patch right now, but even if that is so, it did that so splendidly that I don't even care. Long live music, and all that make good songs!
[up]Overall, Riho's route is better than Kanade's route. Kanade route has better heroine though.
is there some bad ending or any kind of unlockable ending like Kira Kira did?
[up] There probably is some sort of bad ending, but there doesn't seem to be an unlockable one.
Just started playing. Is Rino Kawashima voicing Riho? Damn, awesome voice for an awesome vocalist.

Loving it so far. It's definitely in the vein of Kira-Kira. Currently playing it blind, but I haven't reached the opening movie yet.

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I have this on my list to play. But I have a stack of other V Ns to read first T_T.
[up][up] You won't see the opening for a while, but you'll be able to see it coming once the plot hits a certain point.

Oh yeah, whatever you do, play Riho's route last. Kanade's route is very good as well, but Riho's route is just so damn awesome. Only play the Rimu and Yayoi routes if they grow on you.

[up] I know how you feel.sad I decided to put bump this high on my wait list and play it before anything else because it was a mid-length VN. Ever17 and Muv-Luv keep taunting me...

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I think I'll go Rimu -> Yayoi -> Kanade -> Riho, then. I just reached the OP, but I have an exam in a while, so I'll be putting this off for a bit. Damn, I love it when rock bands use non-standard instruments.
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Got Riho's route, as planned. Putting up my thoughts so far:

  • I've reached somewhere in the middle of Rimu's route. Not much to say about it yet, but her spiel on "what is love" reminds me of something, but I can't quite figure out what it is.
  • The common route was amazing. I'd go as far as saying that I enjoyed it more than Kira-Kira's common route. It's so damn energetic that I keep getting swept away.
  • About Yayoi, if this was any other VN, I'd probably find her annoying, but somehow her personality's perfect for this VN.
  • Riho's definitely my favorite heroine so far, and not just because she's voiced by an awesome VA. I like tsunderes who don't come off as annoying, and it's refreshing to find a "classic" tsundere heroine, as VNDB puts it. And her voice is damn amazing.
  • I haven't found something that stands out from Kanade and Rimu, but I guess I'll reserve my judgment until I finish their respective routes.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll probably be back once I finish a route or so.
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Weee~ triple post because I finished Rimu's, Yayoi's and Kanade's routes last night. I now have high expectations of Riho's route because Kanade's was pretty awesome.
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[up] Riho's route is the type of route that makes you think something is the true final climax of the route when it isn't.
Finally done. Dare I say, this is even better than Kira-Kira. I'm planning on writing a review later on MAL, so I won't be wrapping my thoughts up in here. Still, I'd like to say that this VN was an amazing experience. I'm no musician, but I really like music.
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Okay so I haven't actually finished Serawi's route yet in Kamidori (right before the last level) but I still need a break from it or I'll be completely burned out and never get to Emelita. Unlike normal, I will go into this game blind and simply pick whoever seems most interest. Apparently Rino Kawashima voiced someone in this which is probably going to be a point in that character's favor... but then again, apart from Mary Christie and Usami most of her roles have been pretty shitty.

No, wait, Chie was pretty good.
I seem to be in the minority for liking Riho, though. Everyone else seems to hate her.
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