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Western Animation Recommendations:

 1 Meta Four, Fri, 16th Dec '11 9:55:29 PM from the house of bread and battle
A thread for seeking and recommending cartoons.
 2 Schitzo, Sat, 17th Dec '11 10:25:13 AM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
Anything I can watch that's as awesome, if not moreso, than Cyber Six?
Yellow Submarine has awesome visuals.
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 4 Ack Sed, Sat, 17th Dec '11 2:42:56 PM from Pure Imagination
Pat. St. of Archive Binge
You know the 2D portions of Kung Fu Panda? That's what Samurai Jack looks like.
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 5 truteal, Tue, 3rd Jan '12 4:48:46 PM from the great southern land
animation elitist Swedish animation studio Filmtecknarna's Revolver Phil Austin and Derek Hayes' Skywhales Vincent Desbiens' Chambre 217 Piotr Karwas' Masks Bruno Bozzetto's Grasshoppers Bristol claymation's studio Bolex Brothers' The Saint Inspector de Marine POIRSON and Lionel RICHERAND's Adrnaline Bruno Bozzetto's Dancing Piet Kroon's Dada Brian Jennings and Bill Kroyer's Technological Threat Adam Robb's Shh! Andrei Khrjanovsky's The Glass Harmonica part 1 and part 2 Danny "creator of Ed, Edd n Eddy" Antonucci's Lupo The Butcher Jason Figliozzi's Snack Attack Kaj Pindal's Kingsize Brad Caslor's Get a Job Ben Ridgway's Xenomycology Mike Overbeck's Atlas Gets a Drink Donald and the big game

edited 3rd Jan '12 4:53:15 PM by truteal

Hah! You call those recommendations. Obviously Swat Kats!

Anypony else I missed?...
I'd like to discover cartoons that I can find easily on YouTube, or tv, but not Boomerang. I'd prefer nothing that is really well known, or popular.

I like a cute, funny cartoon, with colorful cartoon animals that would appeal to someone who likes My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rocko's Modern Life, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

I'd also like a cartoon in the vein of Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Jimmy Two-Shoes. Thanks.:)

edited 30th Jul '12 7:51:12 PM by NarcissaHeinous

The answers are 1123, Michael Jackson, that creepy dog downstairs, infinity, Axl Rose, keeps your pants up, and Nethaniel and Superfly.
So I just finished watching Avatar and legend of korra and I want more!! I finished All of DCAU, 90's marvel cartoons like spiderman, and spectacular spidey and x-men and x-men evolution and star wars clone wars 2003 but my appetite for bad-ass action cartoons with superb writing and animation is insatiable. Help anybody? I'm open to anime too I guess But western animation is preferrable.
 9 shimaspawn, Wed, 1st Aug '12 7:46:51 AM from Here and Now Relationship Status: In your bunk
Transformers Beast Wars is quite good.
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[up][up] Samurai Jack, all the way.

Oh, and both Avatar series are recommended to hell and back, but you've probably all seen them.
[up]Yup avatar's down. So is Samurai Jack. How I wish they'd hurry up with the Samurai jack movie.sad
 12 Fluid, Thu, 2nd Aug '12 9:50:17 AM from The Netherlands
Sym-Bionic Titan, which is probably the only good western mecha show I've found so far. Well, only somewhat serious mecha show.

edited 2nd Aug '12 9:51:08 AM by Fluid

It's a crime to like western animation and not have seen Megas XLR.
Can anyone recommend something similar to Daria? It doesn't have to be a cartoon, any form of media will do?
If any form of media will do then the question might be better asked in the Media in General conversation.

 16 porschelemans, Sun, 24th Feb '13 9:23:40 AM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Those seem very different from each other and only some of them are western animation. I would suggest taking them to their separate conversations like Top Gear to Live Action TV.

 18 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 24th Feb '13 11:06:09 AM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
I think the request is for 'works that are similar to any of these, so long as they are Western Animation'.
 19 porschelemans, Sun, 24th Feb '13 2:32:43 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
[up] Correct. It's good to make clear what you enjoy beyond the medium you are in.
So can anyone think of works that are similar to Daria

edited 24th Feb '13 3:29:51 PM by leafeon

 21 Noaqiyeum, Sun, 24th Feb '13 9:55:16 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
[up][up] Sadly, I'm not familiar with most of what's on that list, and the works with which I am familiar I cannot think of similar works in animation.

Hmmm, possible exception: Monty Python is maybe sort of vaguely similar sense-of-humour-wise to Rocky and Bullwinkle. Do not presume to question the free-association.

[up] Not familiar with it.

edited 24th Feb '13 9:58:38 PM by Noaqiyeum

For Daria it might help if you briefly tell us what about it you like.

I recognize only some of those titles. The Simpsons is like Futurama. I can't imagine what western animation is like Top Gear. Do you want a cartoon with cars, contests, British people, or what?

 23 porschelemans, Sat, 1st Jun '13 7:50:10 AM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Any interesting experimental type stuff going on in the world of Western Animation that's worth watching? Stuff which isn't kiddy while averting the whole All Adult Animation Is South Park trope?
 24 TParadox, Sat, 28th Dec '13 11:23:36 PM Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Actually, on second thought, just look at General Recs.

There are lots of 11-minute cable shows that might come close to what I'm looking for, but most of the ones I know are animated, so I posted here.

edited 28th Dec '13 11:25:46 PM by TParadox

 25 Jinxmenow, Wed, 15th Jan '14 1:07:26 PM from everywhere you look, everywhere you look Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
I do it all for you.
[up][up] If you really want adult animation that isn't All Adult Animation Is South Park, there's always Coonskin. If you want a show, then Megas XLR is something everybody needs to watch in their lifetime. Some of the stuff on DC Nation right now is really good.

edited 15th Jan '14 1:07:36 PM by Jinxmenow

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