How Do You Think Your Family Influenced You?:

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The Bespectacled Nerd
I grew up in a pretty interesting home. My mom is religiously eclectic (basically, she's mixed together Judaism, Jediism [no, I'm not kidding], and Celtic paganism), a liberal democrat, a midwife, and a lit nerd. My dad is Lutheran, a conservative republican, a mechanic (sort of), and a science/math nerd.

My sisters and I weren't raised in one specific religion, so we all just sort of decided for ourselves. My older sister's agnostic, my younger sister's an atheist, and I'm an eclectic Jewitch.

I think it was a combination of my mom's work and my dad's Chronic Hero Syndrome that got me into political activism. We live in Illinois, and midwifery is illegal here. For 30 years, a group of midwives have been trying to pass a bill that would make it legal, and for the last 13 years, my mom has been leading that group. She stepped down once because she wanted to spend more time with my sisters and me, but started leading again a couple months later because the group started falling apart. Ever since I was a kid, I've been standing up for things I believe in, even when all the odds are stacked against me (blaming Chronic Hero Syndrome for that one). My mom's dedication to midwifery may also be what led me absolutly hating people who support a cause because it's trendy, and then quickly forgetting about it once it goes out of style (this happened a lot at my high school).

My family also inlfuenced me by turning me into a huge nerd. My mom is a lit nerd, and taught me to love books. I taught myself how to read at age 2, though my mom can't take complete credit for that, seeing as I inherited hyperlexia from my dad. I love reading so much, that I've also started writing (and it turns out my grandmother used to be a writer). My older sister also is partly responsible for this, since she was often given the job of babysitting me while my parents worked. She'd just stick a book in my hands and leave me alone. My dad is also a nerd, but he's more into math, science and mechanics. My little sister and I also grew up to be math/science nerds. I'm really into algebra, like my dad, but my sister loves geometry, like my mom. When it comes to science she and I both really love biology. My parents also turned all of us into major geeks. My mom, being a lit nerd, loves Lord of the Rings. She and my dad are both really into Star Trek and Star Wars, too. Since my sisters and I were basically raised on this stuff, we all really love it (even though my little sister pretends that she doesn't, and acts like she's "too cool" for it).

In personality, I'm a lot more like my dad. Like I said, he's got Chronic Hero Syndrome, which I learned from him. I'm also shy and introverted like him, and I prefer it that way.

But one of the big ways my family influenced me was leaving me with a lot of "issues". After 18 years of emotional abuse and neglect from my mom, I am pretty much afraid of most people, don't trust anyone, and am almost completely incapable of asking someone else for help (I pretty much feel like it's something to be ashamed of, even though I know it's not). I also have an irrational hatred of psychiatrits because my mom has Munchausen by proxy syndrome and for the first 10 years (or so) of my life, I was dragged around to different shrinks and my mom would talk them into perscribing all sorts of meds for me. One medication, which she kept me on for 5 years, gave me seizures, and instead of taking me off the meds, she just dragged me to more doctors, trying to convince them it wasn't the meds. Thanks to this, I also have this inherent need to stop taking my meds at random times (when I stop, it really doesn't have too much effect on me, I get a tiny bit more anxious, and I get headaches, but other than that, nothing happens).

So yeah, I'd say my family has influenced me quite a bit.
27 MrMallard26th Dec 2011 01:17:33 AM from Australia, mate
I definitely get my musical taste from my father. When I was a kid, he'd always have the music channel on (i'm not sure what it was called, but I don't think it was MTV) and i'd half-listen to it while doing other things. The kind of stuff he'd listen to is the same stuff I listen to now, namely The Darkness and Queen.
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28 Exelixi26th Dec 2011 03:52:35 AM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Let's see, my

  • Mum is the reason I could read when I was two, which definitely contributed to my love of books and skill in writing. She also taught me to always fight for what you believe in.
  • Grandfather taught me to work, and to seek perfection- but also to have fun.
  • Uncle Rock taught me that it's okay to be sad about being handicapped sometimes, but to never let it overtake you. He taught me to deal with depression and anger, and it's probably thanks to him more than anyone that I can keep my mood swings under control.
  • Blind zealot Stepfather is the reason I turned away from Christianity, which opened the door for me to become pagan.
  • Grandmother played rock and metal ranging from '60 to the eighties as my lullabies.

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29 diomedes26th Jan 2012 08:51:42 PM from Monroeville PA
Definitely gained my liberal views on labor from my family being that my dad is an insulator unionman.
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