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I think you miss the most obvious point - what Muslim emigrants go to where. Europe bears the brunt of Muslim mass emigration, while the USA largely receives a selection of better educated and skilled Muslims. The comparison hence is misleading; you'd rather have to compare Muslim immigration to Europe and Mexican immigration to the USA.
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Point made.

I do worry about the Muslims in Britain though. I distinctly remember a story about a couple of assholes attempting a suicide attack in Sweden. Turned out they were from Britain. In fact, it seems Britain is the one with the most serious problem with twitchiness and radicalization.


Assimilation is helped when my nation is larger in population than the Euro Big 4 combined, with a heap of change. Hell, we gain the population of Lithuania every year.

I still have to think there are other factors though.It seems too simple.

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Ethnic cleansing as a response to ethnic cleansing. That's rich. Also insane.

Retributive justice does not scale up well...
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Someone just showed that on the last page with various examples.

However, that won't change my position on terror.

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Well, the great thing about being better than your opponent in warfare is that later on you get to claim moral high ground in all the historical debates. It's quite useful, in fact, as you as an American citizen should most surely realize from World War II.

That, and there are plenty of better ways of handling things like ethnic cleansing and organized military-committed rape, besides "lulz let's do it to them too!" I say "better" here and I really mean "less soul-destroying."
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[up][up]What you mean to say is that I wrote a post that applied the logic of revenge to various scenarios that were equal to the notion of ethnic cleansing as a retribution for ethnic cleansing, in which I blew your argument from the same page out of the water.

(I'll re-read this post tomorrow when I'm sober, so if I'm not making any sense, feel free to ignore this post.)

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That really took me a bit to wrap my head around as well. Islam isn't really that big of an issue in North America. There are some conflicts from time to time but generally speaking it's fine. But in the's just insane. Britain is dealing with a serious "fundie" problem in terms of the incoming Islamic population. It's not that I think that the far-right is right over there..they're not, but at the same time it's a real problem that shouldn't be ignored. It's a hard thread to needle for a lot of people....and it's a dangerous one at that.
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Ahem. Excuse me, I was just wondering, if you wouldn't mind, would y'all be so kindly as to inform me, if it's not too much trouble, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE TOPIC?

Things have been said here that shouldn't have been, I'm sure. I'll review the derail now. But in the meantime, not one person so much as hollered about it. Please, let's just get back on topic, yes?

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