A better guide to Natter?:

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I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I'll put it here and if any mods see fit they can delete it.

I have a bad habit of Natter but the problem is, I'm having trouble distinguishing Natter from a decent point. I've checked the natter page but I don't feel it's particularly helpful (as in I can't pick out the advice). Any thoughts, comments or advice?
Start by reading and following How To Use Bullet Points. If it doesn't match those guidelines, it is wrong.

Also, Repair, Don't Respond.
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Avoid entries that look like your trying to have a conversation on the forum.

Avoid cramming memes into the pages.

Avoid making a Justifying Edit.

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Also How to Write an Example, the parent of all of the above. When in doubt, read existing articles to see what's acceptable and what isn't.

Here's my general tip. If you are adding a bullet beneath an existing example, and it's not a new example, it's probably natter.
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