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Personality and Psychology
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Personality and Psychology:

Formerly G.G.
I am not sure what this term is called but there something in my psychology class that stood out to me. You know how our personalities change when we are doing an activity and when we are cooling off? How one person can change from an easygoing dude to a drill sergeant in seconds? What is this phenomenon called?
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 2 Excelion, Thu, 15th Dec '11 10:43:14 AM from The Fatherland
Being hungry.
 3 Qeise, Thu, 15th Dec '11 11:30:10 AM from sqrt(-inf)/0 Relationship Status: Waiting for you *wink*
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To be honest, I really should know this.

Maybe the drill sergeant knows it's their job. I can certainly be a dick at will, although I prefer not to.
 5 annebeeche, Thu, 15th Dec '11 11:34:53 AM from by the long tidal river
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It's called situationism.
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Cmdr. of His Supremacy's Armed Forces
[up]That's the one.
Formerly G.G.
[up][up] Is that the term?
"Extra~ Extra~ Nothing big happened, but it's still an extra!"
 8 Drunk Girlfriend, Thu, 15th Dec '11 1:39:32 PM from Castle Geekhaven
Formerly G.G.
I wonde rif that is the term, my personality is different from when I am working.
"Extra~ Extra~ Nothing big happened, but it's still an extra!"
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