Meeting Real Life Carbon Copies of your Characters:

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Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever met someone who was a spitting image of the person living in your head?

Maybe someone who acted exactly like them?

Had a similar talent pool?

A similar backstory?

This has never happened to me, but I am holding on hope.
While I was on our school's band trip to Washington, D.C., we were allowed to sightsee around the World War II memorial before our performance there, and there was this older Asian guy who almost got in the way of one of my pictures. I wish I just hit the take picture button before he moved, 'cause he looked exactly like my Sora Akamura.

Late fifties, expensive-looking business suit, Japanese (he sat near my family to watch us perform and was speaking Japanese to his kids), and even the same tie color. Come to think of it, he even had a similarly creepy air about him because he kept tailing the band. The only difference is that the real-life guy was kind of yelling and snapping at his kids, while Sora is, weirdly, a child psychiatrist and genuine Friend to All Children.
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3 USAF71314th Dec 2011 12:50:17 PM from the United States
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Nope, and I wouldn't want to, either. Most of my characters are either moraly dubious or villains by any conventional standard.
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That depends. I really wouldn't want to meet most of my villains, and probably a lot of my heroes as well. Michael would be pretty cool to hang around though. Kali...

Half of me is really interested in the prospect of meeting someone like that, half of me really isn't.

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I guess the closest I can claim is one time I wrote a gay couple, and one of them had green hair.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned seeing a gay couple, and one of them had dyed their hair, you guessed it, green.
I hope not. A lot of my characters are total assholes. tongue
I sense a trend.

Most people are rather subjective in terms of asshole-ishness. One man's asshole is another man's everyman is another man's saint.
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9 nrjxll14th Dec 2011 02:08:35 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I've never met anyone who remotely resembles my characters.
10 Aniventerie14th Dec 2011 03:51:27 PM from Imagination World
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Given that my characters tend to have outlandish appearaces and exaggerated personalities, no. I have a feeling I'd get along with most of my protagonists though.
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12 nrjxll14th Dec 2011 04:52:19 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Well, in my case, at least, a lot of my characters aren't human. So that's going to be a problem for finding people who look like them, and to a lesser extent have personalities like theirs.
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14 SnowyFoxes14th Dec 2011 04:56:43 PM from Club Room , Relationship Status: I know
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I know someone who looks a great deal like Bianca. They share an interest in music, art, and literature, but their tastes wildly diverge from there. My friend is also a lot ditzier.
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I read once that Alan Moore once saw John Constantine in a bar one time and he was too terrified to confront him.I would probably feel the same way. My subconscious has no place in the real world and I hope it never happens.
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16 nrjxll14th Dec 2011 07:05:14 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up]I know I have previously said that I would consider an attempt by my characters to kill me to be morally justified on their part. And I'm not even into "grimdark" stuff like a lot of you seem to be. But I'm not sure that kind of thing is really relevant here - we're just talking about people like our characters.

Or did I misinterpret that quote, and he was just saying that John Constantine isn't the kind of guy you'd want to meet in a bar (or anywhere else)? I have, in general terms, characters like that.
17 Night14th Dec 2011 07:32:50 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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I did once meet a character I created, but she was not in any work that reached the public.
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[up][up]No, he just literally met a man who looked exactly like John Constantine (in appearance and demeanour and not Sting, the real deal) and it freaked him out so much he refused to even sit down with the man for a drink.

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Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
19 annebeeche14th Dec 2011 09:07:49 PM from by the long tidal river
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Yes I have seen someone with an uncanny resemblance to my character, actually. It was a rather freaky experience. He was basically a brunet Jack Clive but without the messed up eyelid and goatee. The facial structure was almost exactly the same. I did not point it out to him, though—that's not something he needed to know.

"Hey, you look just like this character I made up!" Yeeaaaah.

I later saw a dude with his eyelid messed-up in exactly the manner of Clive's, though he didn't look like Clive in any other way. Same side of the face too.

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I had something similar happen, with kind of a weird twist: I didn't actually have a solid picture of this character (Priya, the main love interest) in my head. I knew enough to describe what she looked like, but it never really came together in my head in a cohesive way. Then, one day in school (this was a couple years back, when I was still in high school), I saw a friend of mine talking to a girl in the hall. As soon as I saw this girl, something clicked and I thought: holy shit, that's Priya. It's kind of a weird feeling, but as soon as I saw her, I just knew that's what my character had to look like. It's like, I didn't think to myself, oh she's kinda cute, I think Priya should look like that, I thought 'holy shit, that's what Priya looks like and I didn't even know it until now.'

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21 EnemyMayan16th Dec 2011 06:12:47 PM from A van down by the river
I've never met anyone who resembled any of my characters physically, but a lot of my friends are very close in personality/knowledge base to my more Adorkable characters (there's one of those every story).

Also, that York Peppermint Patty commercial with the girl with the short, spiky reddish hair gave me a start the first time I saw it, because I thought, "Holy shit, that's Kylie. But again, that's the closest I've ever come to meeting someone who resembled a character physically, and it doesn't count since she was in my TV and I (unfortunately) couldn't touch her.

A similar thing is true of another female character of mine, but I don't know whether Alice Cullen or Beth Richmond came first for sure... the Mythology 101 Cycle has been in Development Hell for that long.
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I have yet to meet a carbon copy of any of my characters, however I do have a lot of characters with personality traits taken from people I know (though it is never taken to such an extent that I could claim the character is based on that individual).

I think it would definitely be interesting to experience though, in a quaint, "well would you look at that?" kind of way. Personality-wise, I try to make my characters as realistic as possible, so I suppose it is simply a matter of waiting and seeing.

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Nope, and I wouldn't want to, either. Most of my characters are either moraly dubious or villains by any conventional standard.

USAF, this is a bit of a warning sign. Nobody thinks of himself as a villain, so if your villains are so alien that you can't imagine ever meeting anyone like them, then you should reconsider how realistic they are (or aren't).

[down] / [down][down] I'm fairly confident he'll understand what I meant and how I meant it and take it with no acrimony.

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24 nrjxll17th Dec 2011 02:56:20 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up]I think he just meant that as most of his characters are to some degree villainous, he wouldn't want to meet them. There's nothing in there about whether he considers it possible that he could meet someone like them.
25 NoirGrimoir17th Dec 2011 03:08:55 AM from San Diego, CA , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Yes, he said absolutely nothing about being unable to imagine meeting his character, just that he wouldn't want to. Perhaps you should read people's posts more carefully, A Man In Black.

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