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Rebooting Your WIP
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Rebooting Your WIP:

 1 Ralph Crown, Tue, 13th Dec '11 10:15:02 AM from Next Door to Nowhere
Short Hair
Has this ever happened to you?

You're not making much progress on a story. It's not so much writer's block as writer's constipation. Then revelation strikes! Your protagonist is actually someone else! O noes!

By that I mean your concept of the character is flawed in some fundamental way. Suppose wizards get a set of powers based on their Zodiac sign. Your heroine has been a Sagittarius all along, but now you know she's really a Capricorn. Everything about her has to be re-examined, some of it reworked, some of it trashed.

So what next? Do you drop the idea? Do you start over? Do you let the whole thing simmer for a while?
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Shadowed Philosopher
Had similar notions. Mostly with worlds that, on reflection, really aren't as interesting as I thought they were. Usually they get broken down for parts, by which I mean random elements of them end up contaminating all my other worlds.
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What is WIP?
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 5 Schitzo, Tue, 13th Dec '11 11:43:46 AM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
I've rebooted entire story arcs, and eventually, characterization altogether. So yeah, know that feel.
I reboot it.

Oh. I have one story I wrote in 9th grade that was absolutely horrible.

But the core concepts and interactions are solid.

I want to one day completely revamp it, but keep what I initially liked about it.
 8 Enemy Mayan, Wed, 14th Dec '11 9:30:33 AM from A van down by the river
I've done that with some of my stuff, but most of it — because I spend a lot of time thinking, planning, daydreaming, etc. before I actually start writing — is as perfect as it's gonna get by the time I actually fire up the word processor, and all I have to do is figure out how to describe it.
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 9 Masterofchaos, Wed, 14th Dec '11 10:27:51 AM Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Yes. Yes I have.

For four years.

Endlessly. ;_;

I'm hoping this is the last time I'd do I can work on the second book. ><

edited 14th Dec '11 10:28:05 AM by Masterofchaos

Joining the Team.doc
Would taking an anime girl who's actually the virtual manifestation of a computer program and drastically overwriting her personality in-universe to "upgrade" her count as rebooting?

edited 14th Dec '11 1:31:18 PM by Dragonzordasaurus

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 11 fanty, Wed, 14th Dec '11 1:55:42 PM from ANGRYTOWN
Woefully Ineloquent
Rebooting is a routine thing in my writing process. I do it all the time.
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 12 USAF713, Wed, 14th Dec '11 2:09:29 PM from the United States
I changed accounts.
[up][up] No.

I have one WIP I've rather valiantly attempted to save from total failure for awhile now, but the more I chop apart and revamp (up to and including an entire medium shift), the more it strikes me as both overly-ambitious and just not particularly good (and considering that I came up with it in the 7th Grade, this is unsurprising).

Ah well. Plenty of new, (comparatively) better things to work on.
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Joining the Team.doc
[up] Then, no, I've never done this before.
Teens dress as Batman to catch pedophiles; cops not impressed
 14 chihuahua 0, Wed, 14th Dec '11 3:01:19 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
Back before June 2011 or so, I had many restarts and a handful of reboots for projects that managed to go far.

However, Manifestation Files is yet to suffer major major changes. Yes, I changed the direction of the entire second part, but the basic framework had stayed the same.

 15 feotakahari, Wed, 14th Dec '11 5:34:45 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
I don't so much reboot as reconsider, often expanding upon what I'd initially intended to be an incidental trait or a throwaway remark. This means I often go back and add more foreshadowing for something, but I usually don't need to change things radically.
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