Troubling JesuOtaku topic on Utena forums:

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Yeah, I have a slight problem with this topic on one of JesuOtaku's crossover reviews:

It doesn't start out so bad, but at one point, the forum topic delves less away from the review itself and more into how "hateful / homophobic" JO supposedly is. Me, I think they're taking some of her comments out of context just a bit (so she doesn't like shojo-ai or yaoi, so what) and also pouncing on her for some mis-spoken comments she should've phrased a bit differently (because we all know that no one ever makes a stupid comment on the internet—I've done it, and most of you have probably done it).
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Seems that the problem fixed itself, so...
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What has this to do with tvtropes? Also, it is generally bad taste to export forum drama.

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Yep. This is simply complaining, with a high possibility that it will bring drama and fussing into our forums from outside. Locking.

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