What tunes do you imagine playing...:

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26 JHM9th Dec 2011 08:49:03 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
@Killer Clowns: Thank you. Effect and disorientation are what I aim for in such things. [lol]
27 Night9th Dec 2011 07:29:26 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
The future of warfare in UC.
Yej has a good one there, I think...if for no other reason that it gets you in the proper mindset for evil antics.

Something darkly atmospheric...but then I tend to picture this for a lot of things. Most of Rob Dougan's stuff manages to capture a quiet rage, but I hardly give that only to villains. What makes Clubbed to Death so useful, though, is its sense of inevitability. This goes with almost anybody depending on situation.

Obligatory Two Steps From Hell entry #1.. Like Clubbed to Death, a feeling of dark inevitability, but in this case not quite so literally dark. Lots of people get Fire Nation depending on the action.

Doubt anybody else would give their villains something named "To Glory". Rogue Wolkenritter, particularly the more sane-acting ones of the Immortal Order, with the incredible martial skills and ability to go fifty-to-one under some circumstances. Plus, if they're being fought by somebody capable it doubles as a theme for both parties.

What is a list of villain songs without The Imperial March? Crappy, that's what. Lots of people end up this at various points, but I have difficulty picturing Bubblegum Crisis' Quincy to anything else.

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28 USAF7139th Dec 2011 07:45:58 PM from the United States
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I guess I'll do a quick shortened prose version of the scene I'm giving a theme to:

The guns roared as Nikola ducked next to a short wall. He heard the bullets pound against his cover, but he had eyes only for the cruiser rising into the night—with her on it. There was a break in the firing. He stood up, drew his weapon deftly, and began firing—


bullets at my soldiers will really help your little revolution, darling?" She said, her back turned to him. Her nightgown was amazing. He hated her, so much. She was beautiful, gorgeous; if there was a God, he had personally forged her with great care.

He wanted to tear it—her—down, if only for the challenge.

She turned, and he remained motionless—apathetic—as she made her way toward him. "But love, I know that you know it's useless. I know that you know that I will win."

Her feet made no sound as she stepped up to him and pushed his chin up, ever-so-slightly, with her index finger.

"I know that you know that we were nothing but means to an end for each other; our 'love' was sin, and I must say, your sin tastes good."

Nikola said nothing, but he wanted to grab her little neck, squeezing until she turned purple as he would lift her off the ground...

...he glared at her, though she could not see his eyes.

"You didn't really ever think you had a chance, did you honey? That my interest in you was ever more than a primal urge to own you?"


"Then why are you here? Still beholden to my charms, even if you know you'll never have me again?"

"Darling." he began; what she heard was "you bitch." "If I really was here for that, we would have consummated our mutual hatred."

He continued. "No, I'm not here for that. I'm here to end you. Finally."

She smiled—a smile that could kill the Devil himself—


—Nikola ducked and moved forward as the first soldier aimed too high, sending a rifle round into the ceiling. He grabbed the mans neck and snapped his wrist sideways, dispatching him in an instant. Then he shoved him forward, knocking the other two in the doorway backwards as he drew his weapon.

She would not get away. Not if he had to die to stop her.
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29 annebeeche9th Dec 2011 08:08:06 PM from by the long tidal river
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lyrics ≠ music.

Just because the lyrics seem to fit the character does not mean that the song itself will sound in place as an actual soundtrack for a scene involving that character.

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30 USAF7139th Dec 2011 08:15:18 PM from the United States
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They do fit. It just happens that "scene" to me is actually "chapter," and that little snippet isn't the entire thing (which will be somewhere between 14-20 pages).

It's basically all intercut like that, where they're talking and then he's fighting while she runs (long story). I just gave part of the beginning.
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31 Nomic10th Dec 2011 01:55:06 AM from beyond the Void
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The Herald in Forgotten Lore, being an expy of Nyarlathotep, is supposed to be accompanied by flute-playing Servitors that play his background music (that is taken straight from one of Nyarlathotep's canonical forms), so he actually has one in-universe. I'm not really sure what exactly it should sounds like, but it's supposed to be a sharp, whining sound that makes peoples ears hurt. For some reason I imagine it being set to the tune of "Prince Ali" from Disney's Aladdin, only sped up and at much higher pitch.

Zaran's father (the Overlord) is another sort-of villanous character (he ends up helping the protagonists in the end, but only because they share a common enemy) that would definetly have his own background music. In his case it would be something military-themed. Probably this Soviet artillerist march, but with altered lyrics. It sounds awesome, and would fit the fact thta for some reason I imagine the Netherwold stuff having Russian-ish theme music.
32 JHM10th Dec 2011 03:47:30 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
[up][up][up] Absolutely. That's why I usually think in terms of instrumental accompaniment, myself. There are exceptions, though, when both are astonishingly appropriate. Which is part of why I love Swans: Music and lyrics dually appropriate for all kinds of scary!
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34 Wheezy11th Dec 2011 10:42:28 PM from South Philly
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My "villain's" The Silent Bob, so this:

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36 USAF71317th Dec 2011 12:58:18 PM from the United States
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This is what I imagine playing during my whole first chapter, but particularly during the Battle of the Marne.

This is what I imagine during the Battle of the Somme.

This is what I think would play during the Second Battle of San Francisco.

This is what should play during Germany's Mobile Lightning offensive.

Lastly, this is what I imagine playing during the Battle of Carson City.

I could give a song for every one of my chapters/major plot points, but those are some of my favorite. And, I should note for anne (wink) that I pick songs for things like this based on both lyrics and tempo/beat/etc. So there. tongue

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I am quite disappointed that nobody has yet suggested this.

Music can be used to set whatever mood you like. It helps to know what sort of mood you want to set, and just saying what's happening doesn't offer much information about what you want that scene to mean to the viewer.
It's beautiful and so full of deep imagery that it doesn't surprise me to find that it has gone WAY over your head
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