The Energy Catalyzer: Cold Fusion? (Probably Not...):

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Well, at least Rossi is getting creative in his claim, and stating that it involves doing something with the nuclear weak force to combine a hydrogen with a nickle atom to make copper.

My guess is its fake, but wouldn't it be nice if I'm wrong? It isn't like such things are entirely outside the realm of possibility (history is filled with small-time researchers getting lucky), and man would it be a huge breakthrough if real.

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[up]I wouldn't be so eager, haha. The guy's got a shady past, so I'm thinking its most likely a scam of some kind. He's made promises of similar useful technology but failed to deliver in the past (claimed that he could generate electricity using the peltier effect, which while actually possible is not terribly efficient and he made wild claims about how much electricity he could reclaim from it that latter proved false). His one bonafide business, which converted organic trash to petrol, did alright until it was shut down due to dumping toxic waste into the environment and tax fraud (Rossi was latter acquitted of the fraud, but not the illegal dumping).

Who knows though, plenty of good inventions have come from shady people, and at least the guy has a background in physics. And remember that some of the greatest inventions in history were sat on by their inventors for years due to fears that they wouldn't be able to secure a patent (the wright brothers is the first thing that comes to mind).
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