Is retaining Culture better than allowing people to suffer?:

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Raven Wilder
But no one here's talking about forcing people to abandon a culture, just giving them the opportunity to do so and the knowledge to make an informed decision about it. And, as I see it, since virtually no one is completely satisfied with their lives, just about everyone would like to modify the cultural standards they live by in some way.
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[up][up] Hold on, how can you say that? I don't follow your rationalization that it's somehow not OK to say that someone is objectively morally wrong, but it is OK to undertake a full-scale invasion against the same?
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Just because I can't say they're objectively wrong doesn't mean I can't say they're subjectively wrong. If "Western society" really does consider such things to be so evil, and does have the military ability to prevent them if the prevailing interest serves stopping genocide, then why couldn't we justify an invasion?

Of course, to me, it is morally acceptable to intervene to prevent genocide. To another person, it may not be. It's all quite complex, in fact.
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Don't know if this was brought up before, but I'll direct people interested in the topic to Survival International (a charity run to support the rights of tribal and indigenous groups), and their Progress Can Kill education initiative. It provides a lot of good reasons why people's views of what helps other cultures, specifically tribal cultures, can be heavily flawed and lead to very serious problems, such as health problems as well as depression and associated activities like addiction and suicide.

In essence, my view is that is that there are obviously ways in which changing the way that a culture operates which directly better people's quality of life (better healthcare, promoting equality among prejudiced communities, etc.) are good, but you've got to understand what you're doing rather than looking at it from a view of cultural, moral or intellectual superiority and just blindly assuming.

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