A CASIE augmentation for a magical girl:

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So, I am currently working out how my magical girl detective can use her powers over emotions to aid in her detective work and against her enemies. As I want to steer away from giving her more offensive powers, and inspired mainly by the 'social battles' that you encounter in Deus Ex Human Revolution, I was thinking about having my magical girl Alyssa defeat her enemies through similar social battles, with her powers basically acting as the magical equivalent of the CASIE Social Enhancer augmentation from the game.

Now, I can understand some of the mechanics of the augmentation, and I think I can easily translate them into magical powers, but there are a few points about how the augmentation works that I am having problems fully understanding and translating in magical powers, so I would like to ask those of you who have played the game, and anyone else who can possibly help me out here ( [http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Social_Enhancer here's a useful link] that may help you with understanding what I am asking. I would also suggest you go look at some videos of the social battles in action) to clarify some of these points before I start writing the scenes where she uses her powers.

The things I don't understand are:

-The psichological information given to you during the main social battles (such as with Haas, Tong and Sarif, in the top right corner of the screen). Am I right in assuming that each of the three pieces of information gives you the best advice on which specific dialogue option to take? If so, how can I translate such aspect in magical powers? I was thinking of having them represented by symbolic images during conversations which my magical girl can interpret and use to her advantage, but how can I have her relate the symbol to the information needed? How complex or simple do the images have to be? (and on a more personal note could you give me some examples of how that actually works in Human Revolution? The last two social battles I have been though I had used the pheromones because I picked the wrong conversation options when I thought that they were right)

-Regarding the pheromones option, in a few social battles, when Jensen uses the right pheromone option, he uses some evidence from around him to support his dialogue, such as in the cases where he chooses the right pheromone dialogue for Haas and for Tong. Would he have been able to obtain the same effect if he had just used the evidence in normal conversation? What part do the pheromones play when he uses those lines? Considering that my magical girl is a detective, and that she will often have to present the evidence she collected and what she has deduced from it, in which situations would she have to uses the added effect of her 'pheromones'?

- speaking of pheromones, what kinds of personality do the alpha, beta and omega types correspond? And how can I translate that type of mechanic in magical powers?

-Finally, I want to discuss about the possible magical use of the pheromone mechanic. I can easily see how this kind of mechanic can be translated into a magical attack equivalent when the situation requires tring to get rid of opposition that is more magical in nature, such as when the enemy is magically hypnotised. But I also realise that, especially when used in normal conversation, it could essentially lead to blackmail, and/or other situations which may not be desirable for Alyssa, considering she also wants to help the person rather than just finding out the truth and being a jerk in her method to get to it. Now, the thing is, most of Alyssa's powers are already rather subtle in nature (her core powers basically give her special emotional insight that reveals the clues she needs, on top of her conversation abilities) and once she realises that her less subtle 'pheromone' power has some undesirable consequences, she will not use that power unless necessary, which kind of makes it difficult for me to show that she uses magic. Are my fears unfounded? Is there a way to make the magic in the 'social battles' more evident, even without 'pheromone use? Or should I give her some more visible power related to emotions?

-Related to the above question, I plan include in her story an incident where a girl she is trying to save from a family that wants to sacrifice her refuses Alyssa's help and actually surrenders and goes back to the family, even if Alyssa has collected enough evidence by then to prove what the family wants to do to the girl. I was trying to work out what could push the girl to make such a decision, despite the evidence. Could abuse of the 'pheromone' powers be a possible reason for this, and if so, how do I use it? Could there also be other factors that may influence that decision? And it what other ways can I show the effect of Alyssa's misuse of 'pheromones' in other situations?

I hope that I am managing to get across what I am trying to achieve in terms of the powers that I want to give my magical girl, but if you find it confusing, I will be willing to explain more about the situation.
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