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How to link to a subpage?:

I am working on the page of an actor and can't figure out how to link to a more specific page of TV tropes internally. For example, I want put on the list of movies that the actor was in Star Trek (2009), but can't make a link that doesn't just go to the most general star trek page. The same is true of Mission impossible, and other titles.

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You have to put the namespace before the page name, i.e. Namespace/PageName (or {{Namespace/Pagename}} for single word page names).

 3 Madrugada, Fri, 2nd Dec '11 8:33:58 AM Relationship Status: In season
It's Namespace/{{Pagename}} for one-word work titles. Double-brackets only around the page name, not the namespace.
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[up] I've seen it both ways, with the way I put it cropping up slightly more often. Good to know that's not actually right; I'll correct it when I see it in future.

My thanks to you both.

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