Fixing zero context examples:

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Comment out Zero Context Examples and leave this comment note on the page itself:

%% ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.

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I have a question. If a quote has most (or in some cases, all) of the context for an example, would it be considered a zero-context example? I've seen examples written like this a few times on character pages.

For example:

Alice Allen

  • Genki Girl: To quote Bob: "Alice exhibits enough enough energy to fuel the entire world."

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502 SeptimusHeap11th Jan 2014 01:05:42 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I'd say that if the quote has enough information to carry an example, it doesn't matter if the context is in quote or paragraph form.
503 peccantis11th Jan 2014 05:55:18 AM , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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One-Woman Song has a huge majority of ZCEs. I'm filling in what I know but help is much needed.
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I commented out a large number of Zero Context Examples (over half of the examples) on Important Character, Important Evidence.
Pretty much all the examples on Good Ol' Boy don't have context. I'm not sure what the context is supposed to be besides "southern."
506 ShanghaiSlave20th Jan 2014 08:48:06 AM from YKTTW , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
just marked out Stepford Snarker.

did Supporting Leader and Spider-Man long ago but forgot to mention.

spiderman in particular needs lotta help.

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Is dast der Zerstorer? Odar die Schopfer?
507 Fighteer27th Jan 2014 07:26:49 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
I just checked Serenity and saw a ton of bad examples, more than I have time to clean now. The Badass area is particularly bad, since it also uses improper indentation.

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508 theAdeptrogue3rd Feb 2014 04:44:59 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
The Character Sheet of Elemental Gelade is almost nothing but ZCEs, and commenting them all out would pretty much blank the page.

Not too familiar with the fandom, so can anyone who does have knowledge about it help?
509 ShanghaiSlave4th Feb 2014 07:28:19 AM from YKTTW , Relationship Status: is commanded to— WANK!
The new trope Fratbro has quite a few Zero-Context Example.

also, Compensated Dating(locked page) has the following ZCE.

  • Great Teacher Onizuka — this is the "when, not how" type of ZCE. Who persuaded him? Why? Who appears?
  • Initial D — "[Name] does this" type. also has irrelevant context that doesn't explain how Compensated Dating is used in the story. the "subverted" indent explains what happened after though.
  • Hell Girl— "when, not how" ZCE. so the character is blackmailed to do it, well, does she do it or not? what happened after the blackmail?
  • Sexy Voice And Robo — yet another "when, not how" example.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! — irrelevant context. what did Anzu do for her to be suspected of doing enjo kosai?
  • Samaritan Girl — pretty much just says "this trope is not japanese media exclusive". so... how does the show count?
  • The movie Bounce Kogals — "[name] does this" ZCE.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's — "[name] does this" ZCE. also irrelevant context.

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Is dast der Zerstorer? Odar die Schopfer?
510 SeptimusHeap13th Feb 2014 01:40:49 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Roleplay.A Modern World just had a discussion removal from the main page that left many examples contextless.
511 Nohbody14th Feb 2014 09:48:46 PM from Somewhere in Dixie , Relationship Status: Mu
"In distress", my ass.
I went through Gaslamp Fantasy and provided some context, but the remaining works I'm unfamiliar with, and couldn't really come up with plausible context from the work pages.
I was cleaning for incorrect indentation and noticed there were a lot of example that have incomplete context. Like, they will name the character and the episode but not elaborate further. I do not really watch Regular Show so I thought I would just mention it here if anyone else want to take care of it. I am not sure they are bad enough to remove completely but they are technically ZCE as far as I understand the policy.
513 shimaspawn12th Mar 2014 03:49:25 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Comment them out with %% at the beginning of the line. Make a note at the very top of the page that they're Zero Context examples and not to add them back in. Characters.Teen Wolf should show you how it's done.

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Has anyone mentioned Danny Phantom? I was trying to fill out the Timey-Wimey Ball entry (which isn't on the work page), and on that page I spotted a lot of:

  • Trope


  • Trope: 1% meaningless stuff.
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[up] I think not. However, if you spot a page that needs to be dealt with, it's always best do the work yourself (if you have time and are willing to do it, that is smile). Most people here are busy with cleaning whatever bad-looking page they've found.

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A few people threw ZCEs into the YKTTW of Soldier vs. Warrior.
Slapstick has a ton Zero Context Examples, and I'm not familiar with the context for most of the works listed there. It also needs a lot of Wiki Magic in general. I added context for a couple, but most had to be commented out.

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Tom Waits has a problem with a lot of examples being "Song X"
The High Queen has a ZCE problem especially in the animated film section where it lists every queen that's not a villain even if we never see her.
I'm working on Spirited Young Lady.
521 Furienna27th Apr 2014 12:49:36 PM from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
I now fixed the Simona Ahrnstedt examples for Spirited Young Lady. Does it look good?
[up] Much better:-) I just put the work titles in italics as you said those are novels and I removed some Word Cruft (she is basically this trope).

BTW, there were some examples deleted and I don't quite agree. Would you please comment in the discussion? I think grown-up tomboys may be lady-like enough to fit the trope.
523 Furienna29th Apr 2014 09:06:32 PM from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Beatrice Löwenström from Överenskommelser is a very good example of a Tomboy becoming a Spirited Young Lady (she still has Ladette-like tendencies). In fact, I guess that was a natural developement. A tomboy would grow up and become a lady, but still, she would not want to be a meek Proper Lady. Jo March and Anne Shirley sure should qualify for this trope. Not all Sprited Young Ladies were once tomboys though.

I'm afraid I can only discuss examples, with which I'm familiar. I might return to this trope though.

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524 SeptimusHeap3rd May 2014 02:37:43 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Two Worlds was reported in the TRS because of a multitude of problems. I've cleaned up most of these, but there are basically too many ZCE to comment out for my time. Can someone comment all of these out, please?
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[up] Done.

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