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How to corrupt a character:

 26 feotakahari, Thu, 1st Dec '11 1:08:28 AM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
^^ My signature is relevant here.
That's Feo . . . He's a disgusting, mysoginistic, paedophilic asshat who moonlights as a shitty writer—Something Awful
What is the point you're trying to make with it?
Joining the Team.doc
[up] Corrupt everything.
Teens dress as Batman to catch pedophiles; cops not impressed
 29 feotakahari, Thu, 1st Dec '11 6:08:40 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
^ Okay, I'll come out and say it. I'm beginning to suspect you're an Attention Whore, but if you are, you're doing it wrong. You can't troll a fandom with shock value alone—you need to show exactly what's wrong with either the source material, or competing fanfics. (Cupcakes is a decent inspiration, I suppose, but you'd be better off mimicking something like Those Lacking Spines.)
That's Feo . . . He's a disgusting, mysoginistic, paedophilic asshat who moonlights as a shitty writer—Something Awful
Joining the Team.doc
If by "attention whoring" you mean "only writing stories to intentionally rile up a violent negative response, " no, I don't try to do that. It just seems to be a side effect of brainwashing fan favorite characters. The only times I've tried to deliberately troll people was when I wrote that one thing for Twilight fans and that other thing for ShizNat fans.

I've noticed my Geass fiction has a habit of consistently pissing people off, though.

edited 1st Dec '11 6:20:58 PM by Dragonzordasaurus

Teens dress as Batman to catch pedophiles; cops not impressed
 31 JHM, Fri, 2nd Dec '11 11:49:29 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
I think he's trying to say that the fact that you talk as much as you do about your work in the way that you do gives the impression of your being an Attention Whore, not the work itself.
Terror Management Theory
Back to the topic at hand.

What about growing up with a deficient character, being unaware of it, then getting hold of immense, terrifying power?

What about being over-intellectual and eventually thinking into a conclusion that turning over to the other side is of greater benefit?

What about a dumb yet lovable character losing their morals in a series of stupid actions and decisions in pursuit of some simple pleasure?

What about someone saintly with a suppressed wilder side who wants to believe in the system being inherently being able to sort out injustices, only to be gravely disillusioned and then realizing how fun it's going to be striking out against the cold, unfair system so deserving of it?
It was chance, fate or whatever you believe in that enabled us to meet.
 33 Misuki, Wed, 7th Dec '11 1:45:48 PM from America Relationship Status: Not war
The All-Purpose Fangirl
A Wide-Eyed Idealist witnessing a tragedy that goes against their idealist beliefs, forever changing how they see the world.

Making an offer that even the most morally upright can't refuse (money, fame, status, etc.)

And finally, forcing a Sadistic Choice with no third option in sight.
Draw a circle, that's the earth!
 34 KSPAM, Wed, 7th Dec '11 2:37:05 PM from PARTY ROCK Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Or, like I proposed, place them in a volatile, high pressure situation and offer up every opportunity for "the finer things" (a.k.a alcohol, sex, drugs, money etc.)
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
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