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1 MichaelFlame26th Nov 2011 03:12:36 PM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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Years ago, Mevolent plunged the whole world into an unseen war, his armies sweeping aside all opposition with their sheer numbers and powerful magicks. His most trusted servants, Serpine, Vile and Vengeous fight on the frontline, shattering the loyal forces wherever they tread. No-one could stop them as a massive breach opened up in the defence of those loyal to order and justice; no-one that is, until the Dead Men stepped into the breach. Lead by Skulduggery Pleasant; Ghastly Bespoke, Anton Shudder, Dexter Vex, Saracen Rue, Hopeless and Larrikin repelled every single attempt to destroy the forces of justice, earning the famous title of `The Dead Men`.

Not even death had managed to separate Skulduggery Pleasant from his leadership of The Dead Men and, although diminished by the death of Hopeless and Larrikin, they still managed to push back the encroaching forces of darkness. They slowly gained foothold after foothold until the war was finally won after decades of slaughter. The Dead Men disbanded and each sought their own way; even though they staid in contact throughout the long, years.

Now however, with Lord Vile once again having found his way into the world of the living, and much turmoil brewing in the form of the arrival of the world killer Darquesse the remaining members of the Dead Men have once again come together to exact the work of the law.

The world of sorcery is once again on the eve of war, a war that will be won not by the strength of the many but by the contributions of the few. However, the heroes of before are weary, busy with their inner conflicts. Despite these things, they continue to fight although the odds are stacked heavily against them. A new generation of saviours must emerge from the ashes of the previous, much like the rebirth of a Phoenix. These sorcerers, comrades in arms against the ever encroaching darkness, have decided to emerge from the shadows of anonymity into the spotlights of fame and destruction. What lies before them is unclear, only one thing is apparent. Whatever path they may tread, it will be fraught with risk and the death of thousands upon thousands of innocents will be on their hands. From the hollow victory of an ancient war to the fresh losses of forgotten conflicts the Dead Men will be reborn in the guise of new sorcerers, heroes each. The Dead Men are long gone but from their ashes rise the saviours of the world: Ascension Group Phoenix.
In this RPG you will play as a sorcerer in the world of the Skulduggery Pleasant books. You can either be part of Ascension Group Phoenix or you can be indoctrinated into it as we progress through the plot. The plot will be revealed through the storyline. Here`s the guideline template:

Name: (Please bear in mind that they are taken names)

Age: (If you so wish)

Gender: (Self explanatory)

Type: (Adept (Necromancy is an Adept discipline), Elemental, Teleporter or Warlock)

Weapons & Equipment: (Whatever is feasible, be creative but don`t go over the top as you have powers too)

Personality: (Remember, you`re character is good so try not to make him something more akin to an evil personality)

Description: (Physical Description)

Background: (If you are a Necromancer or a Warlock then you are more than likely some sort of cast away [more so as a Warlock than a Necromancer])

If there is anything I`ve missed, please feel free to add it in. Sorry about any mistakes that you may see above.

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I have interest! Although I probably won't post a signup until tomorrow, seeing as it's getting rather late for me.
3 MichaelFlame26th Nov 2011 03:54:44 PM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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This is my character:

Name: Raven Veil

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Type: Adept

Weapons & Equipment: Two black punch daggers (made out of the same material as Tanith`s sword), a Makarov and a black suit (made by Ghastly Bespoke)

Powers: Can shift his centre of gravity, blend into shadows, shoot spikes of steel out his wrists, has amazingly quick reactions and is very strong.

Personality: He is well spoken and intelligent but that is simply how he appears to those who do not truly know him. When amongst friends, he laughs and jokes like any other sorcerer. Only his ever alert eyes and his coiled muscles hint at his true job.

Description: His physical appearance is what inspired his taken name. He has pale skin, with closely cropped, midnight black, hair and black eyes. Despite being tall, his slim frame allows him to gain access to the most unlikely locations. To some he might seem fragile, but his muscular arms and legs hint at the efficient killer beneath. He always wears his black suit, sleeves rolled up with his punch daggers visible. His Makarov pistol is always strapped to his thigh, in a black, leather, holster.

Background: Raven worked as an assassin for the German Sanctuary before joining Ascension Group Phoenix. Little is known about his history before he worked for the German Sanctuary but record acknowledges his existence far before the war with Mevolent. He prefers anonymity, but has forsaken that requirement to fight alongside others against evil.

[up]That`s fine, this is also an interest check after all.

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Ok, here goes:

  • Name: Macht Vier
  • Age: Unkown, seeing as he uses the powers of magic to keep himself in a young state. He usually looks around a 20-22 year old. Acts like one too.tongue
  • Gender: Male
  • Type: Elemental, although he decides not to specialize with either of the elements.
  • Weapons and equipment: He doesn't really own any main or signature weapons, although he does own a .44 magnum pistol which he keeps at his side at all times, although he doesn't usually use it. He also wears a black suit with a red trim, made by Ghastly Bespoke of course.
  • Powers: He knows how to use each of the four elements to an advanced level, although he isn't as experienced as Skulduggery. Nor can he fly, unfortunately. He also has a knowledge of martial arts, for when ranged just isn't enough.
  • Personality: At first glance, he is a rather serious person, although those who take the time to know him learn that he is a man of many jokes. But, beneath all this, there is a deep dedication to his job and work, and a swelling hatred for the opponents he faces.
  • Description: He is a tall, and rather slender man. Macht isn't, what one would call, a 'built-up' sorcerer, seeing as he prefers to use his powers for ranged fighting, although when he needs to, he can apply his knowledge of martial arts to a task. He has a thin, shaped face coupled with brown eyes and hair.
  • Backround: Vier originally worked for the British Sanctuary, before being called to Ascension Group Pheonix. He usually worked on the high-profile and dangerous cases back then, before taking on the job as a member of Group Pheonix.

Not much, however, is known about his actual past, although there are some rumours that, before joining the British sanctuary, he used to work as a possible mercenary, for those who paid the highest price. These rumours, however, have yet to be confirmed.

And that concludes the signup, it's probably terrible, I know, but it's all I could come up with at the moment. Also, I'm not entirely certain as to what name I'd like him to take, seeing as I just put Macht Vier on place to fill the space. Macht Vier literally meaning 'powers four' to fit in wth the elemental feel. Oh, and sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, my keyboard appears to be going haywire today...
5 MichaelFlame27th Nov 2011 03:48:17 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up] You`re accpeted. So is Macht Vier German then or does he just have a German name?
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Just the German name, I just thought it's be appropriate.
7 Abicith1st Dec 2011 11:16:22 PM from North of the south pole. Get RP Mod
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Sweet! Skullduggery Pleasant! grin

Kay, here goes;

Name: Drail Flare

Age: Unknown, although he appears about 20

Gender: Male

Type: Elemental, specialising in fire to the extent of exceeding skulldugery in that feild. Accordingly he is pretty poor at the other elements.

Weapons & Equipment: He has a pair of old fashioned pistols, which he either fires small flames that explode on contact from, or uses to fire normal bullets which he may set fire to.

Personality: He has a extremely volatile temper, but is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and family. he gets really angry if someone threatans them. When in a temper he is quite likely to ignore common sense and reason.

Description: Tall and thin he has brown hair that is almost red. He dresses in black jeans and a red shirt, with a black jacket with red lining over the top.

Background: He appeared roughly one-hundred years ago, but already had quite a mastery of fire, so it is likely that he is much older. He has never been known to associate with any of the sanctuaries, but he occasionaly goes after criminals, especially if they are harming innocents.

So, yeah. Their ya go. Hope thats Okay.
8 MichaelFlame1st Dec 2011 11:56:10 PM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up] yeah, that's brilliant. You're accepted. I'll start up the RP once we've got one or two more people.
9 Abicith2nd Dec 2011 12:20:21 AM from North of the south pole. Get RP Mod
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You know, its funny, but I had the exact same Avatar as you a while back, and a similar sig. grin
10 MichaelFlame2nd Dec 2011 04:35:14 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
Ooh fun~! Can I still sign up?
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12 MichaelFlame2nd Dec 2011 03:30:08 PM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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@Emi 010: Sure, but be sure to check out the signup requirements.
Cool! Okay, I hope I do this right...

Name: Sophia Rose

Age: Looks about 17, but is actually 82.

Gender: Female

Type: Adept (Necromancer)

Weapons & Equipment: Necromancy tool is a simple black bracelet, and keeps a small dagger on her for emergency’s.

Powers: Is a master necromancer with no real aptitude for any other magic, though she is very skilled in martial arts.

Personality: She is generally very sweet and caring (surprising for a necromancer), but can have a hot temper. She's loyal to her friends and would go to extreme lengths to protect them.

Description: She is a short and petite. She has long, curly red hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She has a slender, heart shaped face.

Background: She was originally employed by the Italian sanctuary for general criminal apprehension purposes. After finding out about Ascension Group Phoenix and learning about their cause, she immediately joined.
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14 MichaelFlame3rd Dec 2011 01:25:46 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up] Yep, you're accepted. I'll start the RP soon, once maybe a few more people have joined.
Yay! Alright :)
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17 whizzerd4th Dec 2011 02:53:44 PM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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Mind if I join? This looks like it could be very cool indeed.
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18 MichaelFlame5th Dec 2011 04:30:56 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up]No, just post your Character and then you`re pretty much in.
19 whizzerd5th Dec 2011 06:14:13 AM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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[up] Thanks. Cool avatar by the way.

Name: Balor Dispatch

Age: Late thirties, looks to be in his mid-twenties.

Gender: Male

Type: Elemental, tends to utilize air more than the others.

Weapons & Equipment: .45 caliber M1911 and a Bowie knife.

Personality: Generally acts lighthearted and optimistic, despite having a few inner conflicts he still needs to work out. He's not particularly bright and prefers action over discussion, but he will follow his superior's instructions and try and work to his best.

Description: He has messy blond hair and hazel eyes. He's quite short and wiry, which he uses to his advantage to trick his opponents into thinking he's less powerful than he is, as he's trained in fighting dirty and is very quick on his feet. He wears a dark blue shirt and trousers of Bespoke design, and also dons a blue denim jacket on chillier days.

Background: Balor originally worked as a police officer in Grangemouth. He knew of his own powers, but he kept them secret and was unaware of the world of sorcerors. He moved to Ireland after a run-in with an Adept criminal, and worked there as a private investigator, where he heard of the Ascension Group Phoenix through one of China Sorrow's contacts.

There. I hope that's okay.
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20 MichaelFlame5th Dec 2011 01:44:42 PM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up]That`s great, you`re in. Since your character is only in his mid thirties I`m guessing that you are using the new version of the M1911 and not the one used in the Korean War and World War 2.

I`ll also put up the discussion now.
21 whizzerd5th Dec 2011 02:04:47 PM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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[up] Well, the gun I have in mind is more of a M1911 clone, but I don't really like specifying details too much when I have little knowledge about the particular field tongue
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goes by they/them, not he/him or she/her.
22 MichaelFlame6th Dec 2011 10:57:36 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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Also, it wouldn`t let me create a discussion thread but I`ll let you know once I suceed.

EDIT:The discussion is now up.

EDIT: For those who have trouble finding the actual RP.

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23 BigDaddyP9th Dec 2011 07:24:02 AM from England Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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  • Name: Ezekiel Cohl
  • Age: 97 (looks 28)
  • Gender: Male
  • Type: Warlock
  • Weapons & : A desert eagle and magnum, the magnum with armour piercing rounds.
  • personality: Aloof, but adopts The Unfunny trope as his main personality. He'll say something funny and act like he doesn't know it is. Sometimes Not So Above It All in times of great mirth (like when he hears a really funny joke) but tries to act as the straight man.
  • Description: Tall at 5'9 and has dark brown skin. Has long dreadlocks reaching down his face and wears a top hat decorated with bones. Wears a black blazer, white shirt and black tie with dark grey pants and faded boots. Has strong hands and white paint on his face to make him look like a voodoo practitioner or something. Has brown eyes.
  • Background: Despite warlocks keeping to themselves, they are still tired of being labelled as evil. Like Solomon wreath, he was ent to be ambassador for the warlocks, a pretty easy job as his race usually responded with no to any requires made by the sanctuary most of the times. Still, through his efforts they have reached a agreement, and are no longer prosecuted against (although people still think they're extinct). He met the current dead men while trying to attack one because he thought they worked for malevolent. After the. Is understanding, he joined them in their mission and was formally inducted into them.

Notes: Since knowledge le people know about warlocks and how their power work, Cohl has agreed to only eat really evil people, and uses the guns to reduce his need to eat. He instead relies on the instant-regen granted by his power to survive attacks, and uses his yellow light to help the other.

If you, Michael, want to avoid any change to the backstory or universe s it is as of death bringer, then we'll just say he accidentally tried to eat one of them and that's how they met.

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24 MichaelFlame9th Dec 2011 08:02:01 AM from Somewhere...Anywhere... Get RP Mod
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[up]No, the background is fine. It doesn't actually interfere that much with the actual storyline of Death Bringer. The RP has actually started but feel free to drop in anytime you want. But it would be better if the magnum did not have armor piercing rounds as Warlocks are already pretty powerful.

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25 BigDaddyP9th Dec 2011 08:36:40 AM from England Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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[up]Hmm I guess so, but as we saw in the book they get tired quite quickly. In any case, I'll make a running gag of it always being kicked, dropped, knocked and so on out of his hands so he can't use it each battle.
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