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Media Ethics:

The only problem with naming sources is you stop people from coming forward.
Dutch Lesbian
 27 Octo, Wed, 21st Dec '11 7:34:46 AM from Germany
Prince of Dorne
The British yellow press has always been infamous as being sleazy, manipulative if not outright lying, alarmist, panic-mongering, xenophobe if not outright racist and jingoist. There is nothing new about that. What is new is Murdoch's massive surveillance network that has come to light. And that IMO just shows that we (generally - UK, rest of Europe, USA...) need more concern for data protection and privacy. That is IMO far more important than impartial reporting, because you're never going to achieve that in 100% of all media outlets anyway.

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Unrelated ME1 Fanfic
Fox News, always willing to manupulate scaling and blatantly lie if it makes the Left look bad.
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