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Evil. It is a powerful and primordial force in the multiverse- for in its absence, what is good? Almost every species, every world, has its share of the malcontent, the shunned, the insane, the corrupt, the feared.

And when they pool their powers, there may be nothing that the forces of evil cannot achieve, and nothing that will be able to stand in their way...

   Tatu is rising...   


Yes, hello yet again, and welcome to what is the final AGOG spinoff for the time being. This particular game is, in fact, a Spiritual Successor to the popular Twilight of the Gods, which died for a variety of reasons. “Well, how did it end?” I can hear you crying out, even now. The details are and always will remain a mystery, but what you can assume is that the original crew of Overlords somehow manged to stage an escape from their Nomads and return to their worlds- indeed, some of them may return.

The other, main gimmick of this RP is that your characters will, themselves, be gradually transformed into Nomads. This will come in sporadic stages. However, characters that are naturally high-powered will not gain as many new powers as low-tier characters. The sky is basically the limit when it comes to selecting new powers for your character, although godmoddy things (time travel, etc.) are, of course, disallowed.

The G Ms will inform you when your characters can receive a power-up. PM me, Flanker 66, Vox, or if you’re interested in receiving a power boost at an irregular time.

So, if you’ve made it this far, feel free to fill out the form and submit it!

  • Name (duh)
  • Universe (Universe/timeframe from whence they came)
  • Appearance (Link is fine)
  • Powers (Anything from 0-4, although the previous caveats do apply. It would also be helpful to list any future powers that your characters may acquire, so that we can chart your power growth and make sure its OK.)
  • Personality (What makes your character tick? What is s/he like? What are their ambitions, hopes, desires, etc.?)
  • Mooks: (As the characters will, at some point, lead an army, they may choose to summon a group of soldiers from their home universe as troops. These troops will not recieve any of the power boosts that the main PCs will, however.

Signups are still open.

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Alright, let's do this then... >.<

  • Name: Saber Alter (will generally just be referred to as "Saber") (real name: Arturia Pendragon)
  • Universe: Fate/stay night, some point after Battle Moon Wars
  • Appearance: Combat wear on the left, casual wear on the right.
  • Powers: As a Heroic Spirit, her physical capabilities are far above those of regular humans, and her armour provides her protection from almost any assault. As a Saber-class Servant, she is an incredibly accomplished swordswoman, her skill with the blade is almost without peer. She possesses a high degree of magic resistance, as such nothing but the most powerful spells will even dent her defences. Her Riding skill allows her to use pretty much any non-magical beast as a mount (within reason; obviously she cannot ride something that is not strong enough to carry her, or anything too small), as well as granting her the knowledge to operate most forms of vehicle, and her Instinct skill grants her a sort of sixth sense for danger, allowing her to instinctively dodge most attacks against her. Most notably, however, is her weapon, Excalibur Morgan, a debased and corrupted version of the original Excalibur, Sword of Promised Victory. It works exactly like the original, although instead of light, the sword channels darkness, firing out a collosal pillar of shadow when its name is called. Usually this requires a staggering amount of prana to use; however due to Saber making a contract with the host of Angra Mainyu, she is provided with an infinite supply of prana and is able to use it at will. She holds the attribute of "dragon", and thus anything that affects dragons will also affect her. She can summon and dismiss her armour and sword at will.

...As for future powers? Well, I guess access to Avalon, Excalibur's sheath, would be the first thing to come to mind, but seeing how it makes her literally invincible, well, um... Hmmm.

  • Personality: Foul tempered and rather aggressive, yet still clings on to some of the honour and dignity she was famous for in her more benevolent incarnation. She's canonically Lawful Evil, for all that that means. A great lover of good food, her temper can easily be quelled by pointing her in the direction of a delicious dinner. Just make sure there's plenty to go around. Despite her temper, she has a high rank in Charisma, and as such is generally rather good with people, and can attract followers like flies if she really tries.
  • Mooks: Other Servants!

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Name: Kyon. Specifically, the female version. There are plenty of pictures of her if you look, in various states of exasperation.

Universe: fanfic/Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan, around where the plot would be before the ninth volume. Of course, this has never been written but it would be the same as normal Haruhi, bar a few differences...

Powers: She's a short, flat-chested high school girl. The worst she can do is mock you relentlessly. As for future powers... I have no idea, really, but I suspect telekinesis as a starting point.

Personality: Deadpan Snarker extraordinaire, complete with either kuudere leanings. This all works best as first person, though. I hope that's acceptable?

Mooks: None.
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I may or may not have special permission to gain more than one character. But I'm playing it safe, and only putting one for now.

  • Name: AUTO
  • Universe: WALL•E, post movie
  • Powers:
    • Built in taser
    • Control over connected computer systems
  • Personality: Apparently emotionless, but has been known to crack. Ruthless, uncaring, duplicitous and controlling. Only interested in his directive, and following orders from the highest authority, whatever the orders may be.
  • Mooks: Steward SECUR-T robots.

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Did you know this section has a character limit?
I was going to bring back Israphel, but Dragovitch is tempting.
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^^ Well, we did talk about it beforehand, and seeing as how Wheatley and AUTO are basically useless without some kind of rail system...
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Very well, your grace. The other two.

  • Name: Mechakara
  • Universe: Atop the Fourth Wall, midway between Vyce Arc and current saga
  • Appearence: Mua. Haha.
  • Powers: Enhanced strength, Borg-like adaptation
  • Personality: Embittered, vengeful and somewhat sadistic, resulting from years of perceived oppression. Cold and calculating, and prefers psychological warfare, but is no pushover in combat. Has a tendency to gloat.
  • Mooks: None so far.

  • Name: Wheatley
  • Universe: Portal2, post game
  • Appearence: Minus external body
  • Powers: Almost non-existant unless linked with machinery. If provided with body of testing robot, he could use portal device to move about almost anywhere in vision.
  • Personality: Friendly, talkative, scatterbrained, though may have an least a tiny bit of contempt for humanity, easily intoxicated by power, a bottomless barrel of bad ideas.
  • Mooks: Turrets, or at the least Frankenturrets
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Let's a go!

  • Name Koschei AKA The Master
  • Universe Doctor Who during The Year That Never Was
  • Appearance I am your Master.
  • Powers 1-2 with a laser screwdriver that can change a person's age using technology from Professor Lazarus (Just go with it), isomorphic controls meaning only he can use it as well as a beam that can shoot people back a couple feet. Also the Master like the Doctor and other of his species can regenerate when near-death basically creating a new person. As time goes on The Master will be able to control time and age as well as time travel on whim without using his TARDIS.
  • Personality The Master for the first eight years of his life was a perfectly nice child who even used to play with the Doctor. However at a Time Lord initiation ceremony the Time Lords retroactively put in a never ending drumming sound which drove him mad. The Master is also dedicated to revenge against the Doctor after the Doctor stranded the Master in a black hole.

  • Mooks: The Master will mostly use his Toclafane as well as a squad of hired Sontarans.

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Stealth Bomber
  • Name: Sektor
  • Universe: Mortal Kombat in the events between 4 and Deadly Alliance
  • Appearance: I will show no mercy!
  • Powers:
    • Cyber Initiative: In the events leading up to Mortal Kombat 3, Sektor was converted by the Lin Kuei into a deadly cybernetic warrior. As a result of this process, he possesses enhanced strength and stamina, as well as a variety of onboard weapons and gadgets. These include missiles, both homing and nonhoming, and a compactor in his chest, flamethrowers in his wrists, jet propulsion systems in his joints granting him the ability to glide, and the ability to teleport at will. In addition, the Lin Kuei recently gifted him with twin Pulse Blades, which work much like the lightsabers of Star Wars fame, and a Laser Pistol, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • Force Palm: The first power Sektor will gain over the course of events is a technique known as the Force Palm. This will enable Sektor to charge up his fists with blue energy for devastating hits capable of shattering the bones of anyone from a regular man to Shao Kahn himself.
    • Invisibility: The second power Sektor will gain is the ability to turn invisible and back at will. This will primarily be used for stealth, not combat, although he may use it to disorient those he fights with. When invisible, one may be able to spot him if they notice light distortion where he is, although one must look closely to see that.
    • Assimilation: This is the third power Sektor will gain. Sektor knows the ins and outs of his programming, and with this power, he will be able to create more warriors like himself. With the aid of his subordinates, he can convert able warriors into members of his army, programmed to be loyal to Sektor. The process will strip the victim of their soul, preventing it from overriding their programming. One can resist this power by fighting off Sektor.
  • Personality: As a man, Sektor was ambitious, cruel, bloodthirsty, and arrogant. He sought to control the Lin Kuei, and not long before he is transported to the Eclipse of the Gods, he did, slaying his own father in order to become Grand Master. Unlike the other projects of the Cyber Initiative, Cyrax and Smoke, Sektor has embraced the power it brought him, and does not seek to regain his soul. However, his programming was flawed, and he maintained anger and a trace of arrogance. His programming is slowly beginning to deteriorate, and his old personality is returning, thought in a way that he thinks is beneficial. His ultimate goal is to supplant humanity with cyborgs loyal only to him.
  • Mooks: Sektor's army is known as the Tekunin, a clan of cyborgs modeled in Sektor's image. They, like him, are programmed to know the martial art of Kenpo, as well as everything else the Lin Kuei taught him. Each soldier will be armed with one Pulse Blade, the ability to teleport, one flamethrower in each wrist, and one other weapon fired from the chest, which is in some way connected to their abilities before they joined the Tekunin. This army will start off comprised of everyone in the Lin Kuei Sektor managed to convert to cyborgs in his brief reign as Lin Kuei Grand Master, then grow via recruiting from the various realms, as well as the assimilation abilities Sektor will gain over the course of events.

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Did you know this section has a character limit?
• Name: Major General Nikita Dragovich
• Universe: February 25th, 1968, Call of Duty: Black Ops.
• Appearance: Him.
• Powers: None. Carries an AKM, a Makarov, and 8 RGD-5s.
• Personality: Dragovitch is a lying, manipulative bastard, who will do anything for power. He does have a sense of wit about him, and will defy orders if it can further his cause. Despises Americans, even though his personality suits a Capitalist more.
• Mooks: Spetnaz, wielding assorted weaponry.
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Vampire Hunter
  • Name: M. Bison
  • Universe: Street Fighter
  • Appearance: Here
  • Powers:
    • Psycho Power: He has supplimented his fighting style with Psycho Power, which allows him to use his mind to manipulate energy much like other fighters on his world can manipulate energy.
    • Soul Jump: Bison has shown that if the body he is in is dying, he can jump to the body of another. He himself has done this in canon with Rose and had planned to do it with both Ryu and Cammy. This will of course be limited to GM decision.
    • Brainwashing: Although in canon, Bison requires technology to brainwash people as he had done in canon to Ryu and the Dolls, he could gain this as a power at some point. In essense, he theorectically could use his Psycho Power directly to turn able bodied warriors into his loyal minions. However, as with Ryu, a strong enough warrior could resist the effect and free himself or herself from Bison's control.
  • Personality: Bison, above all else, desires power. Be it his desires to have a strong enough body to control his Psycho Power, for world domination (OF COURSE!), or to brainwash the very minds of his enemies, Bison has the will, the technology and the clout to acheive his goals. He is also very polite to anyone he meets.
  • Mooks: Shadaloo Soldiers, which would be composed mainly of not only minions loyal to him, but minions he had brainwashed into service.

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The Fallen Fanboy
  • Name Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal
  • Universe: Kamen Rider Double (After he gets killed by Double in The Movie)
  • Appearance: Now, Let's enjoy hell!
  • Powers: (I realized that Daido may be a little too powerful with three Gaia Memories, even though he used two of them once in the movie each, so I will disregard them for now)
    • Daido is good with a knife, though this becomes prominent when he uses the Eternal Edge, a knife used by Kamen Rider Eternal.
    • Daido is also a Necro-Over, or an undead zombie to those who don't know, and thus can't feel a lot of pain. Though he needs to get some serum injected into his blood stream every so often, or else he will decay.
    • Daido also has access to a few Gaia Memories known as T2 Gaia Memories, which when they enter human skin, can transform them into Dopants, vicious monsters who are based around the concept the Gaia Memory is named after. In a Lost Driver, however, they create an armor for the user to wear. When placed in a Maximum Slot on either his side or Eternal Edge, they activate their given power. However, he has only his Eternal Memory, which without other Gaia Memories to disable is pretty useless, however, Daido can use the Eternal Memory to transform into Kamen Rider Eternal and use it's Maximum Drive to power up his Rider Kick. There are twenty five other memories lost somewhere, though it's unlikely that he will use those Memories.
    • Oh, and Kamen Rider Eternal has a Badass Cape that he can twirl around to deflect stuff like Mario in Smash Brothers.
  • Future Powers: Hm... Other than Unicorn * and Zone * , I don't know how to translate much of the other Gaia Memories into powers. When he encounters more Gaia Memories, I might update what he can do.
    • Nomadic Powers: The ability to bring back the dead for a brief moment.
  • Personality: Daido is an emotionless zombie who has no care for anyone, including his own teammates. His one goal in life is to convert the entire world into Necro-Overs so that they may all be like him. He is also a terrorist, but doesn't fight for a goal, rather to simply inflict fear on everyone.
  • Mooks: He has his team of NEVER agents, who can assume Dopant forms with their Gaia Memories. The number of members on his team before their downfall was six, counting himself.

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Let's go! The return of insanity!

Name: Majora, post TOTG

Appearance: After Skull Kid's untimely death, Majora took the appearance of its previous host. It is now a short, hunched, diminutive figure, wearing brown, scarecrow-esque clothes, complete with broad- rimmed hat. Majora's Mask itself takes the form of a heart-shaped, purple mask, with spikes surrounding its rim, two on the top and four on each side. Two large, orange, green pupiled eyes are in its centre, giving the mask the appearance of a demonic, imposing face. Multicolored markings are patterned across it.

Weapons: None, though with its powers, you could say that the mask itself is one.

Abilities: Majora's Mask is a sentient entity, and it possesses incredibly powerful chaos magics, which it can use in a variety of ways, from weaponizing them in the form of energy blasts, to polymorphing creatures, corrupting minds, and pulling the Moon out of orbit. (Obviously not going to happen anytime soon, but the power's still there.) The sheer power that Majora possesses arguably eclipses that of any other Zelda antagonist to date. However, Majora usually refrains from exercising the full limit of its power, which is generally held in check by its insane, psychopathic and sadistic nature - it prefers to cause as much misery as possible for beings weaker than it, rather than those who can actually put up a fight - though when its wrath is aroused, the results will be.... rather messy. Because of the nature of its magical construct body, Majora's actual body is mostly immune to extreme temperatures, general piercing wounds, and is completely unaffected by pain. However, sufficient force can tear it apart, and the Mask itself is vulnerable to shattering.

Personality: Majora is a sadistic, horrible, child-like psychopath, who enjoys mayhem and violence for their own sake. It does not have a gender, but its speech patterns resemble that of a child's at times - a very unhinged child with the ability to kill and destroy worlds. Despite this seeming insanity, it has displayed moments of surprising lucidity at times, and is somehow aware of its insanity but too disjointed to care.

Bio:Very little is known about Majora itself - only that it was once a demon of great power, sealed in the form of a mask and used in an arcane tribe's hexing rituals. At one point, it was sealed away in darkness - until the Happy Mask Salesman freed it and took possession of it, his intentions unknown. However, he was ambushed by the Skull Kid, who took possession of the Mask - which all the while was influencing him subconsciously.

Mooks: Various Terminan monsters, as well as the four bosses of the game. To be used sparingly.

EDIT: I realized that he might be a bit overpowered, so I'm adding a few limitations. Majora is taking the form of a mask. Therefore, it is vulnerable to being shattered or otherwise destroyed.

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Oh hey, I returned a bit early. tongue

  • Name: Tyrant Prinny Instructor Valvatorez
  • Universe: Post Game Disgaea4
  • Appearance: Isn't he awesome?
  • Powers: As a high leveled demon, Valvatorez has access to a bevy of powers including the power to transform his body or perform magic. His physical strength is very high too, being able to easily crush rock at his weakest, and his body is apparently strong enough to withstand bullets. He doesn't need to breathe oxygen and can fly around in space without gravity affecting him. He also has powers of commanding his minions into performing weird but unique attacks, such as stacking himself upon them and making them hop or flinging a human ladder towards his enemies to grab them and continuously uppercut them repeatedly. He also gets stronger if he consumes Artina's blood (temporarily unlocking his Tyrant form), and also gets stronger the more fear he receives from his enemies. He also seems to strangely get stronger the more friendly he is with someone. His main weapon proficiency is the sword, though he can easily learn most other weapon skills.
  • Personality: Valvatorez is one of the kinder demons, who is interested in causing calamities upon the human race to ensure they continue to behave. Not above beating things up to enforce his rules, he is nevertheless strict but fair. He has a strong sense of dignity and absolutely refuses to break any promises he has made. As of currently, he has deemed it prudent to take over God's position in order to make sentient beings repent for their sins, saying that the Creator is doing an inadequate job.
  • Mooks: His troops are mostly Prinnies, or the souls of sentient beings who have committed crimes in their lifetimes put into penguin-like skins. Other demons serve under his command, such as the Dragon, the Succubus, the Catsabers, and various others. Needless to say, any soul he obtains shall be put inside a Prinny skin to perform hard labor in order to release them back into the cycle of reincarnation.
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  • Name: The Joker
  • Universe: Batman: Arkham Asylum series, after the main story of Arkham City when he succumbs to the TITAN Poisoning
  • Appearance: Why so serious?
  • Powers:
    • Total Insanity: The Joker is so insane that it probably qualifies as a super power. This makes him both extremely dangerous and extremely unpredictable, able to dish out staggering levels of brutality and even leaving the most powerful of foes at his feet if angered enough.
    • Master Schemer: A master manipulator and schemer, seemingly able to concoct Xanatos Roulettes on the fly and can set up BatmanGambit from miles away if he knows who he's dealing with. The only villain in Batman's Rogues Gallery to be able to consistently catch the Dark Knight offguard no matter how Crazy-Prepared the hero is.
    • Fighting Skills: Has a self-taught fighting style that's almost impossible to copy due to it being mostly completely random, with the goal being to humiliate the target while being as lethal as possible. Only the most experienced martial artists can counter his "style", Batman being one of them. The Joker is also good with the use of knives in combat, and despite rarely using conventional guns he's pretty good with a revolver.
    • Gadgets: In the tech department, Joker is certainly no Batman. However, he has his own arsenal of gadgets and weaponry consisting of weaponized joke novelty items and/or conventional weaponry stylized to his liking. These include remote controller false teeth with dynamite; x-ray glasses; lethal joybuzzers; acid spewing lapel flowers; exploding marbles; etc. Give him some scraps and enough time, he'll make anything he gets his grubby hands into a death dealing trinket.
    • Joker Venom: The Clown Prince of Crime's signature weapon, it is a powerful laughing gas that can cause near instant death depending on dosage and the formula, and ALWAYS leaves the victim with a horrendous grin plastered on their face and, most often, insane laughing. Seems to be able to whip up a batch of the stuff on the fly using whatever chemicals he has lying around, suggesting advance knowledge in chemistry.
    • Poison Immunity: Do to his origin of falling into a vat of acid and recreational use of his own venom left his immune to almost all forms of poisons, chemicals, and diseases. The reaction of the TITAN to said chemicals already in his body is probably the reason why it killed him.
    • Insanity Immunity: Immune to all forms of mind control and extremely resilient to mental attacks and mind altering in any way. His extreme level of insanity is probably the reason for this.
  • Personality: As expected from the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker is mostly a comedic and mirthful sort of person, always wanting to crack on a joke and put on a performance and surprisingly charismatic towards people he is not actively trying to kill. However, do NOT be fooled. His shenanigans can easily have people who do not know this guy to underestimate him, and said underestimation often leaves them extremely DEAD, mostly with either a knife to the back, or laughing themselves to the grave. He even has the tendency to kill off some of his own mooks for varying reasons, sometimes on a whim. His unpredictable nature is also a factor, as he is prone to mood swings and does things that are completely and totally random. Sometimes......

Pray to whatever deities you worship if you actually piss him off......

The Joker only has one true fear: Because of his fascination with Batman, often bordering on one sided Ho Yay, and the fact that their relationship has become the most iconic rivalry in all of modern history that has lasted for years, he is genuinely terrified at the unknown of what would happened if either he or Batman dies and the other still lives, especially if it was not from either of their hands. He at least has some comfort in knowing that Batman witnessed him die.
  • Mooks: Assorted low lives and thugs in clown make up and armed to the teeth with whatever weaponry they can get their hands on, and, unfortunately, none of the skill nor intelligence to use them properly outside of the obvious. This continually frustrates the Joker to no end, but considering his track record with minions, this IS seriously the best he can get.

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Fear me
Name: Anub'arak.
Race: Nerubian / Undead (Crypt Lord).
Franchise: Warcraft (The Frozen Throne).
Physical appearance: A Crypt Lord resembles a nightmarish mashup of spider, beetle and praying mantis, wrapped in decaying bandages. These massive behemoths possess a thick exoskeleton jutting with wicked spikes protecting from all but the heaviest blows, while two serrated claws allow the Crypt Lord to rip his enemies apart. Four sturdy legs allow it to move on any surface, and from under a large rostrum inhuman eyes seek prey and clicking mandibles await food. Within the ancient carapace lie myriads of tiny locust-like creatures existing only to devour enemy flesh and use it to repair any damage their master might have taken.
History: The last king of Azjol-Nerub, the great city of the spider-like Nerubians in Northrend, Anub'arak fell in battle to the invading forces of the Lich King and was raised by the necromancer to serve him for eternity, starting with slaughtering the rest of the Nerubians. His might and knowledge of the underground kingdom's passageways were instrumental in allowing Arthas to reach Icecrown in time, allowing him to fuse with Nerzhul's spirit.
Personality: Anub'arak now lives only to serve his master. Though he retains his freedom of thought and memory, his loyalty is still forcibly bound to the Scourge.
Powers (Frozen Throne):
  • The crypt lord's spiked armor deals damage to those who attack it at close range and protects from most physical attacks.
  • By slamming his claws in the earth, the crypt lord sends out a line of spikes that hurls enemies into the air, stunning them for a short duration.
  • The crypt lord can spawn large beetles from nearby corpses to aid him.
  • By releasing the locusts hidden in his carapace, the crypt lord can attack multiple enemies, regenerating damage taken when the locusts return.
  • Swarm powers: telepathic command of all insects and similar creatures in the area, can turn his body into insects and back, can mutate insects into much large versions.
Powers (speculative: World of Warcraft, cutscenes, extrapolated, etc.)
  • The crypt lord burrows underground to regenerate health at a much faster rate. It becomes invisible except via magic, but cannot attack (it may be able to move or cast spells though).
  • Being undead formed from a underground polar race, the crypt lord is unaffected by extreme cold or darkness.
  • Able to create thick webs which entangle foes, and can be hurled at air units to bring them down.
  • Ice magic... eh, he's good enough without it.
Weaknesses: Though his shell can shrug off most blows with ease, sufficent damage can still bring the crypt lord down. While it is somewhat effective against magic and allows him to resist certain effects, he is not rendered immune (except through certain items).
Equipment (going with what was available):
  • Orb of: Frost (slows attacked units), Darkness (creates a skeleton warrior from the killed enemy), Poison (...poisons) and Corruption (lowers armor for a while). Allows user to attack air units.
  • Amulet of Spell Shield: Occasionally blocks one spell, regardless of its intensity. Has a cooldown.
  • Staff of Reanimation: Temporarily raises a unit (usually selects the most powerful corpse around) from the dead to serve the user. Has a cooldown.
  • Nerubians: A race of spider-like beings from the far northern reaches. These creatures attack with their claws or by spawning voracious broodlings to attack an enemy. They can also spit webs to entangle an enemy, and even bring an aerial foe down to earth to be torn apart. Should the need arise, they can burrow underground and regenerate their wounds, or lie in ambush.
    • Nerubian Warrior, Spider Lord: These creatures are the frontline fighters of the Nerubian Empire, attacking with claw and mandible. When killed, small spiders carried in their abdomen will attack their progenitor's murderer.
    • Nerubian Seer, Spider Queen: Possessing magical affinity, these crafty arachnoids attack from a distance, using web and spell to disrupt the enemy advance.
  • Crypt Fiends: Mummified Nerubians who fell and were brought back by the vile magics of Ner'zhul. They retain much of the powers they had in life spinning webs or burrowing underground.
  • Carrion Beetle: a large beetle created by the Crypt Lord from a nearby corpse. Can burrow.

I might vary the minions if allowed, anyone here play Wanderers of Sorceria?

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  • Name: King Wart
  • Universe: Super Mario Bros. / Doki Doki Panic
  • Appearance: I AM THE GREAT WART!
  • Powers: Vomiting bubbles, and curses that cause horrendous nightmares and occasional hallucinations. he's highly allergic to roughage.
  • Personality: Wart is known to be proud, rude, menacing, selfish, and persistent. He wants to rule everyone's dreams in an eternal nightmare, which would probably be easier if his appearance was in any way threatening. He uses his curses and minions to strike fear into the hearts of others after being ridiculed by essentially every villain ever.
  • Mooks: The 8 Bit Club.

* Name: Lord Zedd
  • Universe: Power Rangers
  • Appearance: Lord Zedd, Galactic Conqueror
  • Powers: He's quite powerful in single combat, able to singlehandedly defeat a supernaturally enhanced kung-fu master with little effort. He's spectacularly lazy, however, and prefers to delegate to his mooks. He can also cause these mooks to grow by tossing them grenades. He can remove the powers of his subordinates, causing them to shrink to a size where they can be crammed into a jar. He can also mutate creatures into monsters, which he then commands to destroy his foes or gather Mac Guffins.
  • Personality: As stated, he's spectacularly lazy when it comes to actually fighting his enemies. He's quick to remind others that he is capable of performing any task he assigns them... at least as soon as his chair stops being so comfortable. He's easily offended, and does not take failure well.
  • Mooks: Putties, Monsters of the Week
...and that's terrible.
19 RevenVrake23rd Nov 2011 08:54:29 AM from Not Here Nor There Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I've always wanted to try playing these three at once, and I have played Stern before briefly.

  • Name: Material-S, Stern the Destructor
  • Universe: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable
  • Appearance: All Three Materials
  • Powers: Stern has Nanoha's long range combat abilities, but augments them with Zafria's defenses and Vita's close combat abilities, making her the most balanced in combat terms of the Materials. This close combat ability shows up in Stern uses all of Nanoha's artillery attacks at point blank range if she wishes to. The biggest difference compared to Nanoha is that none of Stern's attacks are set for stun. She strictly goes for the kill.
    • Pyro Shooter: A copy of Nanoha's Axel Shooter, it fires several balls of magical flame that mimics napalm.
    • Blast Fire: A copy of Nanoha's Divine Buster, again with a fire theme.
    • Rubellite: A capture spell, that seizes the target's limbs in manacles and holds them still for Stern to wail on.
    • Luciferion Breaker: A direct copy of Nanoha's Starlight Breaker attack.
  • Personality: Stern is cold, serious, all business. She acts less like a child than an adult stuck in a child’s body, but without any of the humor in it. She is strictly a professional. This contrasts greatly with her 'sisters'.
  • Mooks: None

  • Name: Material-L, Levi the Slasher
  • Universe: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable
  • Appearance: All Three Materials
  • Powers: Levi combines Fate's speed and agility with Signum's close combat abilities and Chrono's efficiency, making her a close combat powerhouse.
    • Lightning Blade Pierce: Creates a blade of blue lightning that Levi hurls at a target.
    • Lightning Wing Slash: Using Vulnificus, Levi creates a massive blade of blue lightning and slashes at a target.
    • Heaven-Rendering Thundergod Hammer: Rather than capture a target, Levi prefers to smash them flat with a massive lightning blade.
    • Thunder Blade Annihilation Aurora Slash: Levi creates a massive twenty meter long sword and goes to town on a target.
  • Personality: Childish, bubbly, and completely bloodthirsty in battle. Levi is at heart a child, but a child who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others. Which kind of makes her all the more horrifying.
  • Mooks: None

  • Name: Material-D, Lord Dearche, “Yami” (Nickname)
  • Universe: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable
  • Appearance: All Three Materials
  • Powers: Yami combines Hayate's already incredible Mana reserves with Reinforce's firepower and has Shamal's healing thrown in for good measure. She is the most deadly long range threat, but can throw one hell of a punch in close combat.
    • Yersinia Dagger: Yami creates four black-purple magical daggers and hurls them like missiles at a target where they explode on contact.
    • Doom Bringer: Yami creates her magical circle and then fires a solid beam of energy at a target, usually while laughing.
    • Arondight: Yami's capture spell, where she binds a person in a crucifix position and then summons a massive sword to impale them.
    • Excalibur: Named for King Arthurs mystical sword, Yami flies high into the air and creates a massive Belkan Triangle, and from the corner of each a massive sword made of energy appears. She aims all three at her target and they turn into beams of destruction. This spell often affects the weather also, creating black storm clouds.
  • Personality: Yami is haughty, arrogant, and narcissistic. She is also a complete megalomaniac, wanting to rule the entire universe. She tries to be the leader of the trio, but her ego often leads her to making some mistakes. She is often considered the most evil of the trio.
  • Mooks: None (She wishes she had servants)

All three Materials are linked together. Driven by the failed Book of Darkness programming, they seek to spread chaos and destruction, albeit in different methods. During the course of the game, they will rotate during challenges, with each taking a turn so as to not overwhelm things.

During their 'powerup' stages, the three will become more powerful as they specialize in their own abilities. However, upon reaching their final stage, they will end up fusing together, creating a single being who will then continue. The three do not have mooks in the traditional sense, as each is powerful enough on their own.
20 RainehDaze23rd Nov 2011 03:13:37 PM from Scotland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Mu
Writing two, this is a buffet. Pick your favourite.

  • Name: Fujiwara no Mokou, the Crimson Watchguard*
  • Universe: Touhou, post Unidentified Flying Object.
  • Appearance: From normality to immortality to an inferno and a nightmare.
  • Powers:
    • Fire: Mokou, for undisclosed reasons, is extraordinarily good at summoning fire. Controlling it? Mediocre. Putting it out? Impossible. She's the best cigarette lighter ever, when you don't get your head set on fire.
    • Flight: She's a Touhou character, this is obligatory.
    • Spell-cards: She has 'em. Not that non-fatal one-on-one attacks are particularly useful for this, especially because one of them relies on her not being resurrected instantly.
    • Immortality: She won't die. Well, she will, it's just that Mokou comes back in a few seconds, any fatal injuries healed and fully capable of setting you on fire. It's a brilliant trick, the first time anyone sees it. The downsides are that non-fatal injuries don't heal as quickly (they take days, generally) and the pain doesn't go away. Combine that with being a Glass Cannon who can't take hits to save their life and it's just a case of being persistent until she's incapacitated. Or not going for direct combat.
  • Personality: Short-tempered, antisocial, and obsessed with revenge to the point she's dedicated nearly 1,500 years to killing the same person, along with anyone who gets between her and Kaguya. It's safe to say that getting on Mokou's bad side is going to earn you an eternity of being pursued by someone that has no reason to stop. She's also got to be a pyromaniac to use so much fire.
  • Mooks: A few fairies. Who knew that flying lolis that can stun people would come in handy? They, oddly enough, share in the same immortality as her. Weird things. They're stupid, though.

  • Name: The |Tome of the Night Sky/Book of Darkness/Reinforce
  • Universe: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, after Hayate named her but before anything else could get done. Whether or not this means Fate is technically imprisoned inside the book escapes my mind at the moment.*
  • Appearance: Reinforce.
  • Powers:
    • Flight: Exactly What It Says on the Tin
    • Magic: Reinforce knows every spell of every mage that went into completing the book... this means everything Nanoha knows, everything Fate knows, all of the Wolkenritter's abilities. Needless to say, this—along with the vast host of other stolen abilities—makes her extremely powerful, if not for two mitigating factors. The first is that she needs to use a wordy incantation to cast anything. The second is that the conflict between the administrator program, protecting Hayate from harm, and the corrupt defence program ties up most system resources. She is basically a computer, at the heart of things.
    • Superhuman Physique: She can punch through magical defences, though actually moving to engage is something she's unlikely to do given the ranged spells she's absorbed. Her own defences are similarly difficult to break.
    • Regeneration: The defence program's regeneration, slowed as it is by the conflict, is still sufficient that killing her is extremely difficult.
  • Personality: IMPORTANT: the only way that Reinforce can function as a character and not as the end of the world is if the process of being abducted screwed with her internal conflict and programming to the point that the administrative program can function and the actual administrator* is asleep. However, so much attention is diverted to maintaining this control that her vast power is impossible to safely use (ie, without blowing herself up) and her own reactions are generally slower than other people's. As for actual attitudes, Reinforce is pretty much nihilistic and depressed.
  • Mooks: None, though she could theoretically restore the Wolkenritter* should she get enough control back.
21 Flanker6623rd Nov 2011 03:45:09 PM from 30,000 feet and climbing Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Dreams of Revenge
  • Name: Dr. Wily
  • Universe: Mega Man - the classic series, to be precise. He is taken from a month after the events of Mega Man 10.
  • Appearance: Handsome fellow, isn't he?
  • Powers: A mere human - and an aged one, at that - Dr. Wily's true strength is not in his physical capabilities, but rather his mental faculties.
    • Superior intellect: Dr. Wily's intelligence far surpasses that of any other person from his home universe, save his eternal foe Dr. Light. As such, he can usually out-think his foes.
    • Engineering skills: Dr. Wily is an excellent engineer and mechanic; he can whip up a new war machine or fortress with surprising ease and speed, and what is more, it will usually be of quite high quality.
    • Supreme Roboticist: One of Wily's key areas of expertise, Wily knows robots inside out, and thus can create new - and more importantly, potent - robots with relatively little effort. He is also quite good at replicating robotic technology, at least if Bass is any indication.
At this stage, I can't think of any future powers for Wily to acquire, except that he may become a Technopath and generally become even more ridiculously competent with technology and machines in general. I imagine that any machines under his direct command would also receive an impressive boost to their performance.
  • Personality: Initially, Dr. Wily was a normal, dilligent scientist. However, years and years of being upstaged by Dr. Light have made him bitter and jealous, sending him into a spiral of insanity. As a result, he hates the good doctor with a passion rarely seen, and will do anything to secure his destruction - this is also true of Dr. Light's creation Mega Man, who has thwarted his plans time and time again. He hopes to conquer the world and get revenge on Dr. Light for his supposedly undeserved fame - indeed, fighting his rivals gives him a purpose in life. Cruel and cunning, not to mention a manipulator, Wily is something of a classic villain. He is also somewhat narrow minded and determined, never giving up despite failing countless times. Despite his seemingly irredeemable nature, he occasionally shows noble characteristics, such as leaving a large stockpile of the antidote to Roboenza as thanks for saving his life. He was also a genuine help to Dr. Light when they worked together.
  • Mooks: Wily's main henchbots will come from the whole range of classic Mega Man enemies, as he has a tendency to stick with tried and proven designs (aside from when he decides to try out new innovations, of course). If there are going to be minions in this game, then he'll probably make use of Robot Masters, though obviously not all of them, and/or Bass.

Locking you up on radar since '09

Hand out the arms and ammo,

We're gonna blast our way through here!
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Gotta say, go with the Pyro. Cause Kill It with Fire never gets boring [lol]

@ Flanker: I like the profile. He should be good. We need a Mad Scientist anyways

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Wild Horse
Hm... So if everybody gets accepted, it shall be a league comprised of... Evil Genderbent Arthur, A Cyborg based off of a Nerd, A Time Lord, A Mortal Kombatant, A Russian General, A Street Fighter in charge of a funny sounding underground organization, An Evil Eldritch Mask, A Noble Demon in the literal sense with an addiction for sardines, the original Monster Clown, An Undead Arthropod, A Frog King or the Guy married to Rita Repulsa, 3 Dark Magical Girl(s), A Youkai or another Dark Magical Girl who is essentially a computer, and A Mad Scientist with some rather bushy facial hiar.
Always be ready to do the unusual and unexpected.
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[up] And, once I finish mine, you can add to that a Genius Bruiser Hive Queen of a Horde of Alien Locusts who is Intrigued by Humanity...

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Name: Fiddlesticks, Harbinger of Doom
Universe: League of Legends
Appearance: Fear me.
* Dread Marionette: Fiddlesticks spends most of his downtime being an inanimate scarecrow, springing to life at his leisure. While inanimate, his life force is not present in his body, rendering him unkillable, but also unable to take action. The presence of life nearby automatically awakens him.
* Terrify: Fiddlesticks sparks a great sense of fear in his target, leading them to have a brief moment of some anxiety related breakdown. This could go many ways, if the typical response of the target to fear is to go berserk and get even stronger, then that is what will happen, so usage of the skill can possibly backfire.
* Drain: Fiddlesticks leeches whatever power fuels the life force of his target- whether mundane or magical- and uses it to bolster his own.
* Dark Wind: Fiddlesticks summons a magical crow that flies after an enemy, if it connects it will bounce to a nearby target and briefly scramble the mind of the struck target, rendering them unable to do anything more complicated than moving around and swinging a weapon (in short it stops spellcasting) for a brief period of time.

Personality: An inscrutable entity of some unknown outer plane, Fiddlesticks speaks only of 'the end being inevitable' whenever his motivations are questioned. While not the most talkative naturally, he is capable of being a civil and polite scarecrow, though a hint of malice is always conveyed regardless of what he is actually saying. He is insistent that everyone hold him in some degree of fear, and will frankly remind even allies when he feels they are getting too comfortable with him. Beyond this, he is actually capable of talking with others on normal terms, though lacking hobbies as most would know them means conversations with the Harbinger can become very strange.
Mooks: None

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