How Do I Change the Page Name?:

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Most likely a retarded question but...

I made a page for a fanfiction entry, but now the title of the story has been changed. How do I change the page name to match it without accidentally making a brand new page? :S
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You can use the custom title function on the left, but because it's a completely different name, you shouldn't use it, because it can be confusing to readers. Instead, make a new page with the correct title, transfer the page information over, and make the old page into a redirect.

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Okay, will do! :)

Eeeeeh... I have a new problem. I read the instructions for making a redirect, and it just isn't working.

The link is red and shows as being in "Main" instead of "Fanfic" :S I already made the page it's supposed to redirect to because the alternative instruction was to just type the name of the new page into the url.

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The redirect should look like [[redirect:FanFic/NewNameOfWorkHere]] . From your description, it sounds like you forgot to put in the namespace when writing the redirect.
Ah, that seems to work, thank you! :)

EDIT: NEVERMIND. It's working. Note to self: Do not trust previews.

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A related question. I have made a Death Note Equestria work page. Someone has changed it to Deathnote Equestria. I don't want an editing war over how it is supposed to be spelled Instead I would like to make both versions work for links.

So, how do I add alternative title to a page?
7 lu12724th Sep 2012 06:46:43 AM from 七夜 , Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
You can't. The page is at Death Note Equestria. To the wiki parser, Death Note Equestria and Deathnote Equestria are the same thing and go to the same page. No need to do anything.

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Capitalisation like that isn't a whole separate page — Death Note Equestria and Deathnote Equestria both go to the same place, they just display differently. I've gone through the wicks to make sure they're done correctly so it won't be an issue in the future.

Aaand lu shows off her superawesomeninjamodskills again. wink

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Where's the custom title function?
11 SeptimusHeap13th Dec 2013 09:04:18 AM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
In the sidebar. See also Custom Title.
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