Trollfics vs. Terrible Fanfiction:

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Mr. Shoggoth
Ahoy hoy.

So, I've been thinking: has anyone here read a story lately that they had to invoke Poe's Law on? I've been reading through some of the more infamous ones (like Naruto Vengeance Revalations) and I'm convinced that one can't be real, because there's several subtle shout-outs to other media.

Then there's this gem:

So, how's it? Which stories you've read do you think are genuinely terrible as opposed to deliberately so?
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Shadowed Philosopher
At a certain level of terribleness the point becomes moot. My Immortal, for instance—I really couldn't care less if whoever-she-is is actually just a terrible writer, or is trolling the entire universe. It's equally hilarious either way.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
3 annebeeche17th Nov 2011 06:41:12 PM from by the long tidal river
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[up] This.

A trollfic that isn't funny is just terrible fanfiction.

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4 Night17th Nov 2011 06:46:17 PM from Jaburo , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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My comment about the failure of stealth parody should make this clear.
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Mr. Shoggoth
I'm almost tempted to write a few of them, after reading Thirty H's and some genuinely funny crack fics. Then again, acting stupid is far harder than actually being stupid in the first place.
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6 feotakahari17th Nov 2011 10:50:21 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
There's a third choice, between intentionally bad and unintentionally bad—the author can be unintentionally bad at being intentionally bad. For instance, I've heard there was a writer who read a bunch of unintentionally bad fanfics in which Harry Potter spoke in American slang. He attempted to parody this with a story called "Harry Potter is a Wigger," but the story itself was quite badly written. (Then again, I've never been able to track down this story, so I can't prove it actually exists.)
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7 nrjxll17th Nov 2011 11:09:56 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Whether it exists or not, that's an excellent point - attempts at being bad can be genuinely bad.
[up][up][up] I've had the exact same thought, too; I think that someone who can make a classic trollfic (in the vein of My Immortal, not Agony In Pink) should be recognized for their talents.
Occasionally Smart
Well the writer got one thing right at least:

The ploice couldn't catch him because he was batman
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Mr. Shoggoth
Don't forget using his leg muscles to run away. Normal people don't use them.
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Shadowed Philosopher
I have to say, that's rather hysterical.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
Mr. Shoggoth
This just reminded me of Wesker The Idiot. Back in the day, funniest thing ever. Nowadays, I know about Terry Pratchett, so it's not quite as funny.

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13 JHM18th Nov 2011 02:53:22 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Even genuinely Horrible things have their merits, in terms of potential mockery. But the line is indeed thin and pale.
Mr. Shoggoth
That Shinji's Nightmare Cataclysm... someone should link the MST'ing that got done of it, because it's seriously funny. Almost prevents reading the story being a complete waste of time.

And some words of wisdom: "paintings are dumb because theres no speesh bubbles"
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Joining the Team.doc
I dunno. What would this count as?
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Mr. Shoggoth
Funny. =P
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Rainbows hurt.
I think these days, we get a lot of copycat killers. I mean that in the sense that a few fanfics (which may or may not be legit in their awful nature/sheer WTF-ness) became legendary and people want that same notoriety. Fame < Infamy.

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19 ActuallyComma18th Dec 2011 02:58:50 PM from a mysterious place
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I haven't read the whole thing but I can't see how My Immortal could possibly be real. Beyond simply being crappy it seems too on-the-nose somehow, like somebody went down a checklist of stuff that usually goes wrong and hit all of it. The Eye of Argon is a more convincing kind of suck, where it manages to get some stuff slightly right but then makes mistakes that never would have occurred to a normal person (this is the challenge of doing stupid on purpose).
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Poe's Law really expresses why trollfics seem counterproductive to me.
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21 AcesoldierZero20th Dec 2011 07:54:49 AM from Vicenza, Italy , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
I think trollfics are exceedingly hard to write well. It's not just about terrible spelling, 30-Sue Pileup, and a Crack Fic plot, which is what all the imitators seem to take away from My Immortal and Half-Life: Full Life Consequences.

I myself personally find the work of Sue Mary(who legitimately is a troll) to be much more on the So Bad, It's Horrible side then So Bad, It's Good.
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