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2251 God_of_Awesome14th Sep 2012 07:55:00 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
The thing is about Elves is that each group is meant to be wildly different and strangely exotic, the result of extensive genetic manipulation. There were a number of clans within the original Elf nation that ended up with stable and true breeding traits that could be absolutely anything.
2252 Sijo14th Sep 2012 08:27:46 PM from Puerto Rico
Oh yeah, forgot to mention something: I finally got my hands on RPGMAKER VX! Now don't get too excited, as I'm barely starting to learn the basics, but the possibility of making a playable Domhain Sceal demo now exists! wink (You people can help by -as I keep suggesting- picking images to go with your contributions.)

Here's the game's promo video:

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2253 God_of_Awesome14th Sep 2012 11:59:57 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
I like this for the Emperor when he's in a deep-voice sort of mood.
They have no more powers or restrictions then vampires, or werewolves or things like those. I don't see the issue there, the only difference is they are a willing order and their powers can be willed away.

As for why Elena would make dragons, the same reason she's make gift spirits, only to shun them, then make more , or work with vampires or pretend to be another person and fake a rise to godhood as that person. She's indecisive but also very creative. Like a Mad Artist but with holy powers.

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2255 Sijo15th Sep 2012 06:22:46 PM from Puerto Rico
Ballot Results:
  • Black Empire Facts: Democracy, Grimholme and the Garl'gezmond Crime Family: 4
  • The King In The Silver Cloak: 2
  • The Curses: 4
  • Time-release potions: 4
  • Cerberus: 3
  • The Eastern Dominion Outcroppings: 4
  • Pyre stake & Ash Vampires: 4
  • Elena's Dragons: 3
  • Sample Elf Cultures (And Breeds) Mordekai and Vamniir: 3
  • Order of the butterfly: 2
  • Sample Sylvan Culture :
    • Refegar : 3
    • Jilkausu: 2

Edit: King in the Silver Cloak, Order of the Butterfly, Jikausu

New ballot soon.

2256 Sijo18th Sep 2012 05:36:49 PM from Puerto Rico
Main page updated.

I also added Ira to the contributors list, I had forgotten to do so when he joined. Sorry about that. :P

New ballot soon.

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2257 God_of_Awesome22nd Sep 2012 05:24:07 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Black Empire Facts: The Black Block, Grimholme Gangs

The Black Block

The Emperor does not believe capital punishment will have any detriment on crime but he does believe that a population requires vengeance. The most heinous of crimes make a people cry for blood and for their leaders to take action, which he does. He construct a great cube of obsidian and carved into mighty magic of transmaterial movement so that it may fly to him and him to where he was needed. By tradition, only upon it may he, and only he, carry out murder, as this is not a power he cares to give to anyone else and he is not shy to call execution murder.

Notably, with even magic and psionics and artifice bent to the task of determining guilt, there have been innocent men sent to the Black Block but in death there can be no lies. Hrod pulls out the convicted's soul and reads upon it the extent of their guilt. If they are innocent, he cannot undo the deed for now body and spirit are separate for good and he must cast them off into the Afterlife.

Of note there was the Jamarik Priest who murdered a dozen children of abused homes by poison. The Terrestrial God attended the execution, where the Black Block had settled upon the Iropian capital of Jamarik worship, and was informed of the rogue priest's sincere belief and delusion that he had killed no child but made them go to sleep so that Jamar may sweep down and carry them off to a better life. The god then took the soul from Hrod to free him from his insanity himself.

Grimholme Gangs

Within the city of Grimholme, as well as spreading their influence beyond, there are four major gangs that split the city among themselves with all lesser gangs paying tribute to one or the other. The first is the Chaukuku Mafia, headed by the Garl'gezmond Crime Family, whose history was already elucidated upon.

After that is the youngest group being only a century old established, the Orcish Racket, made from disenfranchised immigrants bonded together by a myriad of clan ties that are closely aligned by a feelings of beings outsiders, struggling to survive. Third is eldest, the Beast Mob, upon the edge of the Empire where Hrod's influence wanes, his creations may be ill-regarded by the once conquered and segregated in all but name. Last is the White Syndicate, based originally as the rebel group that fell apart into the current political factions of Egalitarian and Libertarian from those who instead of taking sides used there organization to go underground and eventually transformed into a criminal enterprise.

Each group is known to have a 'standard' by which they limit there deeds. The Beast Mob will not conduct prostitution or any humanoid trafficking according to their views on slavery instilled into their culture by Hrod. He wanted them not to view themselves as his slaves but his people, to be treated with dignity and respect as all people should be. The White Syndicate will not practice protection rackets or extortion, stemming from the ideals of the original founders who viewed Hrod as the ultimate extortionist. They are, however, terrible xenophobes to all 'outsider' races, including the orcs, the beast-folk and the chaukuku sylvan.

The Orcish Racket will not sell drugs in part due to a pervasive, although somewhat inaccurate, view of themselves as coming from a shamanistic culture which used mind-altering substances as sacred tools, not a recreational pass-time. It also stems from a history of drugs being used to control them in the New Lands by foreigners seeking a new market and ending up crippling many populations with rapid addiction.

The Chaukuku Mafia has no strict ban upon any activity but traditionally attempted to limit the very worst excesses of the vices they peddled whereas other gangs used the standard they lived by as an excuse to go all out in what they will do. However, under the leadership of the current Godmother, the Chaukuku Mafia has grown steadily worst.
2258 God_of_Awesome27th Sep 2012 10:48:44 AM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Coming Soon:
  • Godly Realms: Personal kingdoms of Celestial Gods in the Dreamscape, some nodes are taken up by their physical manifestations on the Material. This is easier for Elemental Gods
  • Dorm: God of entropy, chaos, destruction and the apocalypse. Physically manifested a long time ago heralding the end of day, killed all heroes who came to stop him and set up a throne of their skulls where to this day he just sits and waits for the end to come. Nearly everyone ignores him now for the most part.
  • Dornuf: Overgod reflecting the goddess of progress, the god of masonry and the god of knowledge, called the Machine God, prime deity of the original Dwarf culture. Do we still have Overgods, was that green lit?
  • Overgods: If not, I'm trying again.
2259 Sijo27th Sep 2012 05:07:53 PM from Puerto Rico
So, I have been trying to start the Art Gallery for the project, and I have found several good pieces of art already, but, WHERE do we put them? On their own thread here? Its own Wiki? Any ideas?
2260 God_of_Awesome27th Sep 2012 07:06:47 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Give it's own thread.

Ya know what else has its own thread? Character creation. But nobody but me posts on it.
DS is going to need it's own wiki sooner or later
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2262 God_of_Awesome29th Sep 2012 10:59:04 AM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Starting with a philosophy that originated with a Duegar population, of craftsmanship and self-improvement that eventually turned growth of knowledge and its practical application, finally evolving into a reverence of technology and artifice. Dornuf's exact origins are lost to time, a Duegar who espoused this philosophy, became an Terrestrial and then an Ascended God, or was the Overgod of this philosophy, a reflection of the goddess of progress and god of masonry, but as the philosophy he birthed or patronized evolved and the concept of technology as a thing took shape, he fused with it and became the Machine God.

By this point, the Dwornuf people, the Dwarf, had grown to encompass more then just its original Duegar population and their genetic lineage had settled closer to the overall Human norm. They neighbored and rivaled a nation of Humans who worshipped Elena as Elphena, the Elf. Bio Engineering came to their attention at the same time and became the center of intense focus as both a matter of spiritual enlightenment and as competition with their neighbors to achieve the latest breakthrough. The end result is well known the birth of Elf and Dwarf as a race that proceeded even after the dissolution of their respective nations and monocultures.

Martial Dances

The Dances are based on body movement. Martial Arts are based on body movements. It has been discovered in time that neither is mutual exclusive and it is possible to fuse a Dance with a compatible Martial Art. It is required first to have a basic working knowledge of both Dance and Martial Art to begin learning the synthesis form. To even create a Martial Dance requires a mastery of both arts and that is assuming if the two even prove compatible.
Armor of Spira-

The Armor of Spira is a technique used by worshipers of Spira to allow them to keep on fighting even beyond what is normally physically possible, to keep swinging and walking even if their body is literally falling part. The armor of Spira draws from ones will power and forms as threads across the body often forming like a spiders web across the body, this web allows the person to move their body/body parts without them needing them to still be attached or functional.

The armor at it's weakest just allows the body to move, but depending on how strong the users will is it can form full temporary armor and even create temporary muscles tissue and blood vessels though this is usually limited to those who have prior knowledge to how those work.

This technique is only used when conventional willpower isn't enough to over-come their limitations and the will must be used externally from oneself in order to survive, or accomplish ones goals.

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1. I want to hear more commentary on things, instead of just airing our approval or disapproval via votes. This is hypocritical as I'm horrible at critical analysis.

2. Did we start an RP in the RP board? I'm gonna poke around to check for interest.
2265 Sijo4th Oct 2012 09:02:46 AM from Puerto Rico
Image thread started. [1]

Please check it out, comment, and add images there.

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2266 God_of_Awesome7th Oct 2012 02:36:59 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
World Building: Elfs, Sylvans, Dwarfs and Duegar Linguistic Conventions

The orginal Elph nation had screwed around with bioturgy due to their worship of Elena in the form of Elphena. This lead to the genesis of a race who bore the corrupted name Elf.

Sylvan languages had a word for child and adult but originally only had one word for someone who's aging had frozen, Gnome. It was later used to refer solely to those who's age had frozen early after it became popular to refer someone who froze around the adult stage as a Sylvan Elf. This is due to the resemblance at the time between the Sylvan and the Elph before the large scale genetic manipulation since the later were Human descendants of the former.

Duegar language originally didn't have a naming convention to describe different broad periods of their lifespan, just equally broad descriptions. After many Sylvan cultures started using Gnome to refer to those whose aging froze young, the word was loaned over to many Duegar cultures to label the first broad period of their lifespan, from before the elemental taint began to grow in them. They didn't use Elf though for the next period but Dwarf, after the Dorf nation that was a major power at the time, rivaled only by the Elph. Then they adopted other words for other periods as well.

The Dorf were vastly worshipers of Dornuf, the Machine God, hence their name, and were largely Humans of strong Duegar heritage. They competed with the Elph in the field of bioturgic modification and like the Elph modified themselves into something so different as to be a different race. Later this race was given the corrupted label of Dwarf.

World Building: Elphs, Dorfs, Halflings and Brownies

In the early days of their nations, the Elph and the Dorf were friends and collaborated closely in their study of bioturgy. Joint colonies yielded the first results in humanoid bioturgic modification, these Halflings, being both Elph and Dorf. When the friendship soured between them, the Halflings were rejected and evicted by both sides, becoming wandering nomads. However, the modifications used on them were used as the basis for the modifications used by both the Elph and Dorf despite the otherwise different directions they went in their research. This can be most heavily seen in the hairy ape-like structure of the Dwarf and often primal form of the Elf.

The Halfling then went on to be the genetic ancestors of the Brownie race.
A bit confusing to follow but I like it
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2268 Sijo13th Oct 2012 04:26:04 PM from Puerto Rico
2269 God_of_Awesome13th Oct 2012 07:39:41 PM , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
That is 84% my stuff.

In fact, not to be rude, aren't a lot of entries mine?
They are, minus my Armor of Spira. I'm actually working one a few concepts right now, an entire new culture and location as well as a new demon but I'm taking my time tweaking these things.
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2271 Sijo13th Oct 2012 09:32:58 PM from Puerto Rico
[up][up]Yeah, but I feared it had been too long without a vote, so I decided to post it. We can hold it back for a few days if you folks want though.

(And sorry if I haven't been contributing much myself of late. I'm going through a creative dry spell, probably from a lack of fun things to do and see. Maybe I will join an RPG, see if that helps...)

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[up]I've been going through a motivation block myself plus when I do have the motivation to create it's often sloppy and I don't know where it cut back and what to tune up so I have a lot of half-formed ideas and full ideas that might be a little too full.
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Can anyone contribute to this?

Because part of me wants to put something about Magitech aliens in this. Because that's clearly a good idea consistent with the rest of the setting, yes.

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Have you read everything?
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Not much of it, no... so I'm guessing not?
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