Link and Zelda from the Wind Waker are Older than they look:

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1 HandsomeRob5th Nov 2011 03:02:39 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
I put this WMG in the WMG section for the legend of zelda, and mention it in the General thread, but I really like it (despite acknowledging that it probably ain't true).

The statement that Toon Link was the same age of the Hero of Time always seemed interesting to me, since Link didn't become the Hero of Time until he was sealed for 7 years by the Master sword.

It got me to thinking: Since OOT Link did his best heroing during that period (when he was an adult), that maybe Toon Link was the same age as the adult link, and that the more cartoonish art style only made him look like a little kid.

This has no basis in fact, and too many Fan Arts and one Zelda Novelization that made him and Tetra 17, but damnit! I like it.


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Sounds like an interesting theory. Looking back I can't really remember if any of the characters treated him like a little kid in the game(other than Tetra). Anyway, how can you be sure that the "coming of age" point is Adult Link from Oo T since his quest technically began when he was a kid. There's also the possiblity that the creators didn't think of this/didn't care when they made the game.

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3 Aqueos3rd Dec 2011 05:27:15 PM from Orange County California , Relationship Status: Californicating
He's called a kid too often during wind waker and he is STILL called a kid during phantom hourglass.

I highly doubt it.
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4 YuriStrike18th Dec 2011 03:29:44 AM from I'm telling nobody!
The adult ceremony was held when he was ten or something.
Link being sealed was giant plot hole in Oo T that went against canon like almost everything else in that game.
6 HandsomeRob31st Jul 2012 02:35:16 PM from Cloud base , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
While I've accepted more or less that this theory is probably a pipe dream, I've also recalled something:

Toon Link's age is never given in game, and while most people say he's 10-12 years old, it occurs to me that even if he's given an official age, there's a little ambiguity on it, enough to interpret it anyway you want.

An interpretation I always thought worked best with Zelda(hence why I didn't care about a timeline, though the one they came up with seems to work), and one that lets the gamer sees things the way they think works best.
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