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 1 Nicknacks, Fri, 4th Nov '11 3:33:50 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
Or, as I like to call it, "Revenge!"

I'm loving this. It's so soapy, in a really good way, and I like how much of a badass anti-hero Amanda is.

Shame about the witholding on the man-snogging, though.

Anyone else watching this?
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 2 karasu 91, Fri, 4th Nov '11 4:11:08 AM from Sol 3 (Gaia), Milky Way
As a kid, I had a celebrity crush on Emily Van Camp, so I might... Premise looks silly, though - The O.C. meets The Count of Monte Cristo?
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 3 Nicknacks, Fri, 4th Nov '11 4:52:17 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
That's what I thought too. It's surprisingly decent, and an arc heavy show, but it takes a few episodes to reveal its true nature and stop pretending it's an episodic procedural were our heroine takes down a new and different baddie each week.

It's more of a noire thriller than anything else.
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 4 Enemy Mayan, Tue, 15th Nov '11 4:55:06 PM from A van down by the river
I watched the first few episodes. I never saw any actual revenge taking place. Has she even fired that gun she keeps in her drawer?
Jesus saves. Gretzky steals, he scores!
How in the world did I miss this?! Watched the first six episodes night before last (stayed up well past bedtime!) and then yesterday wonderful ABC decides to hide eps 7-9. tongue Meanies.

I love how in-control (of herself, at least) Emily Thorne is, and how dedicated she is to her principles. I was sooo glad to see her push past her own attraction because it would interfere with her plans.

And I've also enjoyed how, for each victim (villain?) so far, Emily's punishment has fit their crime. The woman who lied for social esteem was exiled; the DA who ignored potential evidence at the promise of furthering his career had it ripped from him, and so on. (This also parallels Dantes' revenge schemes in Co MC.)

 6 Nicknacks, Fri, 6th Jan '12 5:12:18 PM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
Yeah, this show is awesome. This week's episode was a tad disappointing, mostly since I'll miss Tyler a lot, and things wrapped up too easily, but I think the show will cope.

Still looking forward to how things will develop.

Edit: Emily is quickly becoming one of my favourite Anti-Heroes.

edited 6th Jan '12 5:12:41 PM by Nicknacks

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Meh, I didn't enjoy that character much. Never been a fan of smug.

I do think that Emily & Nolan have more chemistry than anyone else, which is kind of a shame. ;D

Anyone still watching this show?

I have a question regarding the latest developments. How realistic is it that Daniel is sent to a maximum security prison for "killing" Tyler. I mean, the guy was threatening him with a gun at the time. And he had held a whole group of people at gunpoint not too long ago. Shouldn't this fall under self defence?

Granted, this is a TV drama and all so we really shoudn't expect much realism.

edited 2nd Mar '12 11:44:10 AM by burninganimefan357

 9 Enemy Mayan, Mon, 5th Mar '12 9:16:15 AM from A van down by the river
Some states (I like to call them the pussy states; not sure whether New York is one of them) have no self defense laws. You kill someone, it's murder. You have to go pretty far south in order to find a place where you can adequately defend yourself and have it be legal.
Jesus saves. Gretzky steals, he scores!
I believe the second season is starting up very soon. Honestly, I didn't hear a single mention of this show until I saw it being advertised on TV one day! Then again, I haven't been watching TV much lately, which might explain how I missed hearing about it. smile

There just seem to be a lot of characters and loads of names to keep track of. I mean, a number of them are dead or ruined, but with a title like Revenge, that's probably par for the course!
Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
 11 Zhe Toralf, Thu, 4th Oct '12 12:56:46 AM from somewhere in Germany
Yeah this is one of these shows where it takes a lot of time to get a feeling for the characters and remember their names. I thinks it's mainly because they all keep up the polite upper class appearence, which makes it hard to keep them apart.
[up] Not only keep up the polite upper-class appearance, but stoop to lower-class plotting and scheming behind the scenes! evil grin

Poor Charlotte Grayson. I feel sorry for her! sad I mean, she seems to be the only good person in the entire Big Screwed-Up Family that is the Graysons, and is The Woobie because of it!

I don't know about you, but Conrad Grayson is proving to be a Jerkass at best and a Complete Monster at worst. He's in bed with terrorists, he has a man murdered, and he treats just about everyone around him like horse apples. Totally unsympathetic!
Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
 13 Nicknacks, Fri, 5th Oct '12 8:12:09 PM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
Not only keep up the polite upper-class appearance, but stoop to lower-class plotting and scheming behind the scenes!


Rich people have polite appearances, poor people backstab!

edited 5th Oct '12 8:12:46 PM by Nicknacks

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 14 Lizard Bite, Mon, 5th Nov '12 5:40:01 AM from Two Galaxies Over
Anybody still watching this?

Cuz with the newest episode, it seems that Mason's figured out Emily's identity

 15 Nicknacks, Mon, 5th Nov '12 8:01:00 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
Well he's very dead.

The only question at this point is who and how long.
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 16 Zhe Toralf, Mon, 5th Nov '12 11:32:54 PM from somewhere in Germany
My guess is "Amanda". She already made it clear that she will take care of him her way, if he ever threatens her family again. And since Frank, we know what that means.
 17 Blue Ninja 0, Fri, 16th Nov '12 10:34:28 PM from The Middle of Nowhere Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Plotting my Escape
My wife and I just started watching this today on Netflix. We hit the wedding invitation episode just now.

Wife: Isn't she sleeping with her half-sister's brother?

Me: Technically, she's sleeping with her half-sister's half-brother who she's not related to.

Wife: That sounds complicated.

Me: Well, it sure makes the family tree smaller.
I'm going to get killed becuase some guy saw me walk out of a Subway eating a foot long shotgun - Mousa
[up] Yeah, those family trees are so screwed up, maybe to the point that you could be your own grandpa! surprised

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke got killed off. On one hand, I'm sad to hear that. On the other hand, it'll make it so much easier to keep track of which of the two they're speaking of. Seriously, if you said one of those two names, people would say "Which one?" [lol]

I don't know about you, but there are major Gambit Pileups occurring in this show. It's like almost every single character is trying to get revenge, for one reason or another.
Oh, Equestria, we stand on guard for thee!
 19 JR Pictures, Tue, 19th Mar '13 4:27:33 PM from Australia Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
I just refer to the real Emily as Emily and the real Amanda as Amanda.

Sadly the wikipedia and wikia pages make it harder to keep track. evil grin
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Believe in the JR who believes in you.
Revenge lost me at the end of Season 1 (I haven't watched any of S2 - though I do know who dies at the end of S2) when Emanda left "The White Haired Man" alive. Girl, this is the guy who killed your dad! Kill him! Or at least torture him for info on who hired him! But no, she lets him live because.. well we need some Bad Guys for S2!

Which of course is the problem. If you build a series around a classic novel, what do you do when you get to the last page?
 21 Silasw, Mon, 5th May '14 5:46:36 PM from The UNITED Kingdom Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Globalist Bunny
Well it seems this is starting to wind down, what with events in the latest episode.
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