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QUILTBAG. T Campbell's and Jason Waltrip's acronym-titled Penny and Aggie Spin-Off. Can be found (pending the new website getting set up) starting here.

Two girls. Sara is Queer/Lesbian, serious, earnest and looking for love. Lisa is Undecided, genki and looking for...whatever it is she's looking for at any given moment. They Fight Cr—I mean, they attend college, where they encounter others of the, well, QUILTBAG spectrum.


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I'm really enjoying the new art style, as well as the use of colour. Comics portraying undergrad life should have a dynamic, vibrant look, and I think Jason's captured that well so far.
Nice use of Contest Winner Cameo so far. As long as Campbell doesn't overuse that trope for creation of recurring characters.

I hope we get to see more of what makes Lisa tick. Maybe her "Part" (which I'm guessing will be the "U" for "Undecided") will flesh out her character a bit more. Being the wacky Genki Girl is fine for an occasionally-appearing supporting character as she was in Penny and Aggie, but if she's going to be a lead...yeah, we need a bit more there, there.
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Well, a long time ago, when Penny and Aggie was at the height of the popsicle wars and Aggie grating on my last nerve, I remember posting I'd rather read a strip about Sara and Lisa.

I'm perfectly fine with that wish being granted. GLBT-themed material isn't normally interesting to me due to usually being very niche (and it's not my niche), but I'm always open to a good story about a gay character. Or a good story with a GLBT cast even. And frankly, considering Sara was still wrestling with her sexuality and what it meant to her identity, it would be weird if a strip following her DIDN'T focus on this.

Now, as for Lisa? The real question is whether she'll get some more depth being one of the two main characters and not just "Aggie's weird friend". There was hints of it near the conclusion of Penny and Aggie when she started to assert her identity against the group when Stan was thrown out.

So, anyone else taking bets on when Lisa's going to get her buzzcut?
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[up][up] We're a week in. Give them some time to flesh her out.

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Lisa <3 -just started reading because i wanted to give it time to get along a bit-
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I like um funny
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I'm not reading this comic yet (though I may add it to my "to read" list), but I like the art, especially the characters. It's not mindblowingly beautiful, but very nice. Reminds me of The Venture Bros..
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@newest page: Lisa what did you do 0-0
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She got thrown out of a party by a bi-phobe.
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Did she get thrown out? Or did she just leave because she was uncomfortable with their rhetoric?
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She did leave. With some...encouragement from one of the sisters.
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I totally missed that part!

Yeah, guess they're bi-phobic. What horrible human beings!
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Not all of them, just the one member from what we've seen so far.
End Chapter One. Six months in the telling, less than a week in Webcomic Time.

I think QUILTBAG has gotten off to a strong start. The slower pace, as compared to much (though not all) of Penny and Aggie, has been good for T Campbell's storytelling, as we get a closer look at what characters are thinking and feeling. More importantly, it's helped prevent the Show, Don't Tell Up to Eleven pacing that was one of the more common criticisms of the original comic.

The Art Shift from Jason Waltrip's stint on P&A has also worked well. It's a return to the goofier, more cartoony style, of Gisèle Lagacé's earlier P&A work, which had largely been buried, in favour of a more realistic style, once the comic moved into Cerebus Syndrome. Yet Waltrip has, in the process, found his own style, rather than trying to match Lagacé's. It closely resembles his continuing work on Fans!, while not identical to it, and the use of flat colour complements his thick, cartoony line art.

As far as criticisms go, Campbell's characterization of Lisa could do with some refinement. Although, with the increased focus on her, she's now experiencing problems and angst of her own, as opposed to being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl for other characters, she seems to bounce abruptly from said angst to her usual Genki Girl flippancy and back, and as their first week of college comes to a close it's not clear what, if anything, she's actually learned.

More seriously, Campbell needs to do better research on Transgender matters in particular, as he himself belatedly admitted following his unintentional use of a transphobic slur in Lisa's dialogue, setting off considerable Internet Backdraft that led to some hard feelings within the very demographic the comic targets.

All in all, though, QUILTBAG has already, with its first chapter, come into its own as a compelling, funny and thought-provoking comic, rather than simply Penny and Aggie IN COLLEGE.
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I find myself running into a lot of "Whatever happened to the mouse?" moments regarding the various teachers the girls are having run ins with.

In particular, I took issue with some of what the basic econ teacher was saying.
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I honestly can't say I'm especially disappointed by this. I mean it was a decent comic, sure, but it was rarely especially funny or clever or interesting to me. I mean, I've been reading since day one and I don't actually know the names of any character besides Sarah and Lisa because they just aren't really very interesting. It's actually kinda interesting to learn that disconnect applied to Campbell too-it goes a long way to explaining how frankly dull the comic has been.
20 TheyCallMeTomu6th Oct 2012 04:55:25 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
The most interesting characters to me were the overweight dudes.

I loved that part "Dude, what WAS that?!"

Way more interesting than the sexual identity drama stuff.

Those guys need their own spinoff :P
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