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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale:

 1 Folt, Tue, 1st Nov '11 11:32:27 PM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
 3 Tatsumar, Tue, 1st Nov '11 11:36:40 PM from The Rift Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Parappa... Parappa the Rapper in a fighting game....

When I was 6, I loved Parappa and Smash Bros. I did not understand why Parappa could not be in Smash Bros, but now.... Now I can relive my childhood. ;w;
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 4 Enlong, Tue, 1st Nov '11 11:38:09 PM from The Underground Facility Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
Court Dragon
...Nathan Drake?

Then again, Brawl had Snake, so...
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I'll be honest: I don't know that many of Sony's exclusive IP's. But this looks interesting.

I still need to buy/pre-order Neptune.(hopefully it got translated/brought to America)
Odd. This is the sort of thing I'd expect to happen early in a console's life, not when people are starting to wonder when the next one will be announced
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 7 GIG, Tue, 1st Nov '11 11:56:18 PM from Where I want to be
Forever livid
When I heard about this, I threw my wallet at the screen and tried to insert my credit card into the CD tray.

I really want this now.

 8 Actually Comma, Tue, 1st Nov '11 11:59:30 PM from a mysterious place
I am making sense!
lol@ the fact that mynintendonews feels the need to call it a "blatant clone", just to make sure you know that it OBVIOUSLY SUCKS even though we know nothing about it yet.

btw Smash is a blatant clone of The Outfoxies :D
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Gunpla is amazing!
lol at people saying Nintendo should sue.

Apparently they have a trademark on crossover games.

Das kann doch nicht sein!
That's pretty nice, but I can't really feel excited about this. Mostly because I don't care about Sony games as much as Nintendo games.

But the image of beating Parappa or Sackboy up with Kratos does have a certain something...
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
Gunpla is amazing!
Or in reverse in my case evil grin

edited 2nd Nov '11 12:08:51 AM by Thorn14

 12 Actually Comma, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 12:12:48 AM from a mysterious place
I am making sense!
Yeah, I want to see Parappa wreck Kratos.

Betcha the online will be better than Smash's. :D
Except [condescending response follows]. Because [sarcasm here]. You do understand [snark], right? POTHOLE TO SARCASM MODE
 13 Tatsumar, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 12:15:03 AM from The Rift Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Due my rabid protesting on protecting Greek mythological creatures, I'll be proud to beat on Kratos and Kratos players alike. Parappa and Ratchet will be my mains. That is all.
Twitch is best rat
Gunpla is amazing!
I'm going with Cole. Electricity FTW

Responsible adult
I find it harder to be excited about this because, as has been stated before, I lack the attachment to Sony's characters. But then, there's Parappa. And that is kind of awesome.
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Das kann doch nicht sein!
That whole thing reminds me that I actually wanted to take a look at Uncharted and Infamous.
People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
 17 Tatsumar, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 12:25:46 AM from The Rift Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting

That's it Parappa! Now you can go into a fighting game!

edited 2nd Nov '11 12:26:28 AM by Tatsumar

Twitch is best rat
So is it a fighting game? That would be interesting.

We can have the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny between Cole and Kratos.

edited 2nd Nov '11 12:33:08 AM by TheProffesor

 19 honorius, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:03:37 AM from The Netherlands
I want to beat up Rico from Killzone with a sackboy.
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 20 Komodin, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:09:09 AM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Sonic Wiki Curator
Eh, I'll probably care more about this if Jak and Daxter are confirmed to appear at some point.
 21 Alucard, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:10:53 AM from Vancouver, BC Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I Knew It. This now-obsolete thread of mine suddenly makes more sense.

I hope they revive some of the older classics from the 90's.
You're one to talk, Photon Shot

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 22 Mihashi, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:30:19 AM from a coconut treetop
My Sword Hand Twitches

Day 1 purchase.
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 23 Saiga, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:55:24 AM from Der Mensch ist doch ein Augentier Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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I'm not familar with Sony I Ps, anyone care to give me an overview of which characters are likely to be in and what the game their from is (and what it's like)? I know Ratchet, Cratos and Cole though.

Considering Bleach Soul Ressureccion and One Piece Pirate Warriors are ps3 exclusives, I would shit bricks if they were in the game.
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 24 Mr Mallard, Wed, 2nd Nov '11 1:59:18 AM from Australia, mate
According to the interview, there are going to be stages "based around Playstation classics, like Jak and Daxter".

Precursor Legacy Stage.

Bongo Drum music.


*foams at the mouth*
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"It is good to have House House!" say House, as he walk into House House.
Das kann doch nicht sein!
Is there any word whether Crash Bandicoot will be in it? I never really cared for his games, but for me he (and, if I'm not entirely wrong, not just me) was the Playstation mascot during the time of the first PS and it would feel wrong if he were left out. It would be like Smash Bros without Mario. Or at least without Luigi.

edited 2nd Nov '11 2:04:15 AM by Nyarly

People aren't as awful as the internet makes them out to be.
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