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Seriously, Max is one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen in a video game here. Be it loudly proclaiming his entrance to the bad guys, getting drunk, and just being the personification of bad luck, I'm surprised he managed to complete his mission.
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Tell me about it. That mixed at the attempt at gritty realism really broke my Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

Also, the bit early on where he gets shot in the arm is pretty funny thanks to the bullet whole effects. He gets debilitated for a while from a gunshot to the arm, and then later a cutscene can show him with three bullet holes in his chest without him even noticing.

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[up][up] Though that really is kind of the point to it though. He never completed his mission of protecting Fabiana and the Branco brothers. Sure, he has incredibly bad luck when it comes to fulfilling a simple task (I'm pretty sure he has trouble even brushing his teeth without some major crisis occurring), but he's incredibly lucky when it comes to battle, even when those successes are largely due in part to Valkyr extract. For what it's worth, he did at least manage to protect a soon-to-be mother and her 'never-was' boyfriend/husband against an army.

But I'll still level that there are HUGE inconsistencies within the game that can't be justified with such simple broad generalization , such as the Panama incident and the whole 'mortally wounded by a sniper, flesh wounded by Mooks' episode.
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Also, am I the only one who feels him shaving the beard would've made for better symbolism? I mean, it wasn't there in the first two games and pretty much coincides with his heavy drinking. Just give him one in the flashbacks and you'd be all set.
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There's also that little matter about Mona Sax. The last I checked, she either died or survived at the end of the second game. The fact that she does not appear in the third game does make it seem like she died. However, I would argue that it's just as likely that she did survive, but Max and her were unable to make things work between them, and they went their own separate ways. A lot can happen in the space of, say, 10 years.
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I echo the previous statement of DAT SOUNDTRACK.
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[up] Yep, I'd love to get a lossless copy of the soundtrack.

I'm pretty sure he has trouble even brushing his teeth without some major crisis occurring)


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I like Max as a character. If you ask me, his personality and self-examination shine more than any of his action/shooting scenes.

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Oh god, this game. I'm not far into it, but already, this is the worst of the three games. I understand adapting the game to current shooters, but removing the graphic novel style for cutscenes that keep on randomly flashing (because Max is drunk, I guess) did not do the game any favors. And as mentioned earlier, Max Payne was not supposed to be taken that seriously. Max's stupidity...I'm a little more forgiving of that, but why did you shave the head when you could have just shaved the beard? That would have been cooler.

In short, the idea of changing the game formula is understandable, but all of the changes were stupid.
[up]I couldn't disagree more.

Most of it boils down to subjectivity, but I have to say that the constant complaint I keep hearing that the series was never that serious is a little off to me since when I played Max Payne 2 there really wasn't many instances where the game wasn't either run 'n gun action or dark and serious. And judging by what little I was able to play of the first, it was pretty dark as well.

Actually thinking about it, I wonder if the reason people feel this way isn't because of the distribution of the 'less serious' moments in Max Payne 3. The other two (well maybe the first, only one moment of of "less-than-seriousness" comes to mind in 2) seemed to have those few moments spersed throughout the story whereas this one drops all it's humor maybe about a quarter of the way through the game.

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[up] Well, I should explain. Yes, the previous games were serious, but they always felt like "Batman if he killed". This one feels more like Leon the Professional. And I understand this is supposed to be a new chapter in Payne's life, but there wasn't one change in this game that I can consider an improvement over the previous. The story is worse, the characters are worse, the gameplay is worse, the graphic novel nature was removed for drunk episode...just because Payne is going through bad times doesn't mean the gameplay has to go through a bad time too. [lol]
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[up]I gotta be honest here: I actually set my sights pretty low and still came out disappointed. I was expecting the story to be lame but the gameplay to still be solid, but it couldn't even manage that thanks to all the stupid design decisions like the aforementioned confiscating your guns during cutscenes and subsequently dropping you in the middle of a firefight with barely any time to get oriented.

I also have to say, the cutscene to gameplay ratio seemed heavily skewed in the former's favor. The first two games had only a cutscene of any significant length at the beginning and end of a level. This one dropped them frequently in the middle of stages, and also dropped in those boring rail shooter sequences throughout.

And I have to admit that while shooting a missile down in bullet time is kind of cool the first time, the game really overuses that setpiece, and never really makes an attempt to top it.
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63 NexusCell26th May 2012 11:07:07 PM from Where the Wind Blows
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I personally am really enjoying it. Granted, I haven't played Max Payne 1 & 2, but I still feel its a pretty good game. As for the Panama mission, I mostly chalk it up to Max slipping up, or I guess slipped already.
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Shocking. Max Payne 3 did less than 50% the sales of L.A. Noire in the same period of time. surprised

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So this is only about 15 bucks on Steam right now for the rest of the weekend. Just a few months ago it was 90$. (on the Aussie store, at least) Did MP3 sell poorly, then?
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I picked this up during the Steam Summer Sale, and boy am I glad I did because I cannot stand this game's design decisions.

I'll start with what I like: The gunplay is superb. I cannot fault it or the battle animations or anything to do with that. Gunplay was consistently fun and shoot dodge actually felt a bit fresher than in MP 2 and a heckuva lot more than MP 1.

That's it.

I can't stand the story, and I truly can't stand the fact that the game tries to shove it down the player's throat every chance it gets. The amount of times it even just takes control away from the player is too much. The sniping segment in the soccer stadium is the primo example of this.

I don't like any of the characters except the sympathetic sister and the other security guard.

I don't like the environments, nor the needless words popping up or the random light-flutter effect.

Lastly, I hate the port, for precisely one reason: the textures.

Rockstar decided that it would be fan-damn-tastic for them to make the PC port the most beautiful version of the game, and they accomplished this by quadrupling the size of the textures. But, realizing that not all P Cs can handle textures of that size, they also included the lower resolution textures. The result is that the fucking game is 35 gigabytes large.

I truly wonder if at any point when designing the port did they think that maybe they should make the better textures optional so that it didn't take 9 hours and a 10th of a person's monthly allotted bandwidth to download their cinematic masterpiece.

If the story was easier to ignore and if the game wasn't nearly so damn large, I'd love this game despite its flaws. But it's a monster and constantly tries to tell me where to look, so I cannot recommend this game at all.

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67 furryfury27th Jul 2013 11:54:56 AM from the land of bears & snow
Played this one on a friend's console for 15 minutes, and it made me want to vomit. I admit to being a huge fan of the first two games, but seriously, it was worse than Fallout 3 after the first two, and that's saying something. That club dancing cutscene that lasted for, like, 5 minutes just killed me. 5 minutes of dancing using horrible music. In an action game. I can't even. Everything else I didn't like too. Mostly, what's the point of making a Max Payne game if it clearly contradicts everything that was special about the franchise? Was MP really that popular to rape it like that? I also hated pretty much all the characters I've seen in those 15 minutes. And of course, we get a Distressed Damsel. Can't have an action game without one, no sir. Just who wrote that crap?
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[up]Oh, it's worse than simply Damsel in Distress. Women in this game are commodities, serving as either a MacGuffin for Payne to rescue or target practice for the bad guys. Don't expect any of them to keep their wits about long enough to pick up a gun.

Also, to be honest I found the addition of cover made Bullet Time feel far less useful, since I could just get by on blind fire 90% of the time. Max takes so long to get back up, in fact, that Shot Dodge felt more like a suicide button, and bullet time was back to the less useful MP 1 style.
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This game has gone down even cheaper recently. It's now at $3.99 as a Daily Deal in the Steam Holiday Sale for at least 20 more hours. I guess at that price, it might not be too bad. Even if it is as bad as Enkufka indicated, at least it's cheap enough to not make that much of an impact in the long run, right?
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I bought Max Payne (and all it's DLC) for $12 this past summer. Save the cutscene skipping issue (in that you can't most of the time, but only in story mode), I thought it was really good. Probably my favorite Third Person Shooter this gen, and the multiplayer is great too, if you can find anybody to play with.

Gameplay is sublime.

Don't listen to me though, I didn't play the first two Max Payne games.

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I can't play it. Nothing happens past "Initializing".
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[up][up]Noted. Won't listen to you since I *have* in fact played the first two games.

Or maybe I will, but only with a grain of salt.

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One of the former game devs of Max Payne hinted that Max might be stretching the truth a bit in his stories - especially when it comes to the gunfights.

If true, it would go far to explain many of the inconsistencies pointed out by many of us here on this thread, along with how he's such a massive bullet sponge in some cases, yet is easily injured at other times. Simply put, he's probably not fighting off an army at all, but just a handful of thugs and a few stragglers.
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[up]So he didn't fight half of BOPE in Max Payne 3?
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