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1 Rockonman25th Oct 2011 05:27:09 PM from Cloudy City, WA
Yea, so this is the thread for all of us ADD/ADHD'ers. It sucks, amirite?
2 Sakan4k26th Oct 2011 04:04:28 PM from The Other Rainforest
So hard. Even worse when your meds don't work like they ought to.
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mine work fine...
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I was diagnosed when I was thirteen, and I'm still learning to live with it. sad
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5 deathpigeon9th Feb 2012 04:00:47 AM from Everything sacred is a tie, a fetter. , Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
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I don't think it's hard to live with at all. I mean, the hyperfocus by far makes up for the normal distractedness, and then some, at least imo...
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6 SpookyMask9th Feb 2012 04:08:20 AM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I suppose I'm not supposed to be in this thread then tongue
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7 Enkufka9th Feb 2012 11:57:01 PM from Bay of White fish
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I was diagnosed with ADD, but I haven't been taking the meds since starting senior year. I tried them once in college, and it felt like I was going to have a heart attack...
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8 roman5512th Feb 2012 01:29:20 PM from You Figure it Out
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ADHD since 5 years old (as in when I was first diagnosed).

It's a pain, but it isn't my only problem.

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Do any of you guys know if ADHD is known to cause extreme violence? My brother often uses his as an excuse for the way he often hits my mother and I and breaks things in our home. No, I'm not joking.
10 roman5512th Feb 2012 01:36:35 PM from You Figure it Out
Just an average Rider
Say what?!

That just seems like an excuse and nothing more.
Ask your parents for permission before you go home and be a family man.
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I just looked at the Troper Covens and I must find every page I can relate to. Although I am probably too ADD for that. /corny pun.

Oh and @random, apparently read "impulsiveness", but that's still not an excuse if it happens all the time.

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12 roman5512th Feb 2012 01:43:37 PM from You Figure it Out
Just an average Rider
If that's the case then it's an excuse and nothing more.
Ask your parents for permission before you go home and be a family man.
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Ooh, I belong to this place!

...What were we talking about again?
14 Rockonman23rd Feb 2012 11:00:32 PM from Cloudy City, WA
We were talking about taking over the world with our awesome ADD/ADHD powers.
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YES!!! Now that I know that is our goal, I vow to pay only nominal attention at best to anything that IS. NOT. THAT. MWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, wait, someone just posted a new WMG on The Dark Knight Saga. This is gonna take... a few hours...
wobbledewopple wob woppl
I think my ADD is the reason why I get bored of pretty much anything if I encounter it a lot. I wonder what it feels like to never get sick of something.
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17 AStrayBard31st Mar 2012 03:12:21 PM from 867-5309 , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Technically I don't have ADD/ADHD.

The psychiatrist who evaluated me said I had "executive function" difficulties. The end result is that I basically have ADD except it isn't called that.
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19 ArtieDrawings11th Apr 2012 04:37:36 PM from Northern Virginia
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I was diagnosed when I was about 12. I'm 18, and I was diagnosed to have Asperger's a few months ago. Things seem to suck a little more every time.
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20 saintbraeburn6th Jul 2012 11:29:20 PM from Dysfunctional California
Saint Braeburn:
ADHD sucks and I hate taking medicine.
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My therapist thinks I've got it, but I've never been prescribed medicine for it. Not sure why.
This thread exists? Great!

I was diagnosed when I was 17 and mostly by luck. I was helping my sister with her homework and we were using some old magazines. One of them had an article about ADHD in adult life and when started to read it, I was surprised to see that the article was pretty much describing me. I went to my mother and told her "Mom, I think I might have ADHD". She didn't even know what it was so I showed her the magazine. Later in that week, I made a visit to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with ADHD.

And yeah, it sucks.
23 sigh8247th Aug 2012 06:46:05 PM , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
It get's kinda hard to read an entire wiki page, I usually give up towards the middle. It's frustrating.tongue

Anyway, I was just diagnosed a couple months ago and I'm kinda worried about how I'm gonna do this school year. It's nice to now I'm not the only one out there having problems. grin
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24 Sakan4k30th Sep 2012 11:29:43 PM from The Other Rainforest
My parents suspected I had ADHD when I was 4, so they took me to see the local Neurologist. There are two different families of medications that treat ADHD, and she only gave me one type, to which I had no reaction, so she said I didn't have it. Apparently if ADHD goes untreated for a really long time, there is the possibility of it "evolving" into or creating Depression or Psychosis. I ended up being treated for Depression for most of my childhood without any significant change. Then one psychiatrist sees me, sees the ADHD, I start getting treated for it with the other family of medication, and BAM! Everything is better. Now I get to be angry at the Neurologist for a 15-year struggle of treating symptoms rather than causes.
25 Rockonman15th Oct 2012 07:49:57 PM from Cloudy City, WA
How are your guy's travels with ADD/ADHD?

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