Japanese Developers aren't given enough respect, says Keiji Inafune:

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76 onyhow8th Mar 2012 07:30:53 PM , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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^ That, and people should look up the phrase "Galápagos syndrome" too...

Also JAF do you have sources for what other companies are dating about Squeenix and Eidos? Might be an interesting read...

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I dont want them to get more influence from the Western Media, no more that they re getting now at least
78 onyhow8th Mar 2012 10:02:20 PM , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Yet you're saying like he's an ass and that he does not have a point, which he has...
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79 TheGunheart9th Mar 2012 06:36:16 PM from on the street.
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The game industry isn't really involving on any side of the ocean. The most anyone ever does is staple Gears of War to different genres.

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Yeah, I do get frustrated when people say Japan's game industry is dying when over in the west, ideas are just as stagnant. I truly feel that something needs to change in the industry.

More to the point, I just want Japan to stop trying to make Western-esque games and go back to what they do best. If everything turns into Gears Of Way clones and wannabe art games, I will be seriously depressed. I mean, I too enjoy shooters and artsy indie games. But sometimes I just want to kick back and enjoy an experience I can't get in real life you know?

Japan is a country whose games I love because they are so colorful and creative. They aren't afraid to be wild and over-the-top, whereas in the West, everyone is concerned with realism. Also, while some have criticized the characters in Japan's game for being "emo" and "cliche", are we any different when it comes to using the same bald-haired unshaven space marine? Besides, I much prefer characters who have emotions and that I can see change, rather than blank-slates with no personalities that exist only for the player to toy with.

In conclusion,I do not want Japan to leave the game market. It will be a truly tragic occasion if they do.
81 onyhow9th Mar 2012 07:25:09 PM , Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I don't think international appeals = FPS/gritty shooter (seriously, why the fuck are people thinking like that most of the time? The shooter shit only applies mainly to US, not Europe or other place), but problem is that Japanese companies choose to target only Japan, and their taste starts to diverge hard from the rest of the world (Galapagos syndrome strikes again)...lot of times you'll see anime and moe in games, because lot of times games target anime otaku...I have no problem with both, but lots of others have the problem...

I'm not saying they should abandon their unique style, but they still have to adapt somehow to survive...JAF already said something to that effect...Japanese market is shrinking to irrelevence, and if they don't change, it'll get worse...

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82 TheGunheart9th Mar 2012 07:39:41 PM from on the street.
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The problem is, it seems the only way to remain relevant is to simply ape Western games, which has the problem that Japanese budgets just aren't big enough to keep up this generation, and it just leads to all games ending up the same. The reason there are so many games that seem to appeal only to otaku is that those are the only people buying them.

Frankly, I think the whole HD generation has caused gaming to stagnate due to the massive budgets required to meet graphical expectations.
"If you're out here why do I miss you so much?"
[up] I disagree, since it introduced the biggest wave of new small developers since the early 90s.
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