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26 qtjinla1530th Dec 2011 09:10:25 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Anyone care to contribute anything?
27 thewriter19th Jan 2012 03:52:15 PM from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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[up][up] YMMV on whether they were worse or just tonally different. I equally liked the seasons pre and post Shannen. But I do have a certain fondness for the later seasons though because those are the ones that I grew up watching (I was too young to stay up and watch Charmed for the first four seasons). I didn't catch up on all the first three season episodes until after the series had ended and I began watching reruns on TNT. Though I have nostalgia for seasons 5-7, my favorite episode is from season 2, Morality Bites in which the girls see a Bad Future. I am not a big fan of season 8, though, it was rather clumsy and I'm iffy on the comics, they don't seem quite like the Charmed I'm used to.
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28 thewriter19th Jan 2012 03:55:47 PM from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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Question: What are your most and least favorite episodes/seasons of Charmed? My least favorite episode is probably "Size Matters" season 4. My favorite season is Probably five, least is qa tossup between the latter half of 7 or the entirety of 8.
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I'd say Season 2 and Season 3 have the best episodes, although episodes made after Piper and Leo got back together (Season 6?) the show was pretty decent again.

"Witch's Tail" stands out to me as pretty good, and is a good Piper episode.

Probably my favorite Pre-Shannon Leaving episode is the one where they're infected with the 7 deadly sins. What was amusing to me is the three sisters basically get slagged with sins that are essentially the actresses' real life personalites. Prue got pride, Phoebe got vanity, and Piper got obsession.

One episode I never cared for much was "Hell Hath No Fury". That episode (shortly after Shannon left), just has REALITY SUBTEXT written all over it. I know Holly Marie Combs was unhappy with Shannon leaving. The whole episode feels like the writers and producers way of saying, "Shannon's the one you should be mad at, not Alyssa or anyone else!), as that episode dealt with Piper learning it's okay to be mad at Prue for.... getting killed. Which never made sense to me.

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30 thewriter20th Jan 2012 01:03:44 PM from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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When I first saw Hell Hath No Fury I didn't know of all the drama on-set which was the reason Shannen left. The episode came off to me as rather believable because the characters actually deal with the loss of their sister, specifically Piper. Generally when a show looses a main character and they introduce a Suspiciously Similar Substitute the older characters don't seem to say anything about the loss, the departed person is hardly brought up again and it's almost as if they'd never existed. Also the new character is easily just slipped in without much complications. Prue's death left believable ripples in the Charmed Ones' lives and in the narrative of the show and it is most prominently felt in this episode. Yes I do see now that there is the subtext of "Shannen Left, we have Mc Gowan now, get over it" but the writers more importantly is the subtext "Prue is dead, you have another sister, it's okay to grieve," and they deliver it to Piper, a main character, instead of just a message thrusted upon the audience. In reality, the writers needed to move on with the story and not spend a whole season remembering an actor who left on her own accord; In-Universe Piper needed to accept this as well. I also liked this episode because of the acting from Holly Marie Combs.
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31 ZheToralf20th Jan 2012 01:44:40 PM from somewhere in Germany
I watched pretty much all of Charmed, but i have to admit, it was a Guilty Pleasure.

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32 qtjinla1521st Jan 2012 05:22:20 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Despite being the episodes you grew up with, you still can't help but notice how different the characters were and all the wallbangers and retcons. Anyone who does enough research and thinking can realize that things established in the earlier seasons were simply thrown out for an easy solution or plot.
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[up]... This could be used more effectively if the things established in the earlier seasons weren't thrown out the following week for the sake of an easy solution or plot...

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34 qtjinla1521st Jan 2012 07:18:00 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Care to give an example? Because it's more blatant in the later seasons.
35 VeryMelon19th Feb 2012 10:03:11 PM from United States , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
I got into Charmed a few years ago after watching it on TNT. I liked all of it in a first view, but subsequent viewing made the changes in quality all the more apparent, and the characters more unlikeable. The only sister I still like now is Prue, and I'm sure that if she lived I wouldn't like her either.
36 qtjinla1520th Feb 2012 10:39:13 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Welcome brother. Glad to see that someone else shares my opinion. As someone who has watched the series in multiple watchthroughs? I think I have a good handle on the character's personalities and such.
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Am I the only one to notice that after Belthazor was destroyed, leaving Cole as a full human, his character just got more and more destroyed? He made the middle seasons better because he brought a new way of seeing how the more dangerous aspects of their lives could be.

And Billie and Christie were a cancer to the show.

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38 qtjinla1529th Feb 2012 06:28:14 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
I can see a coeraltion, but not that explicit connection.
[up][up] Do you mean "destroyed" as a good or bad thing? As in, do you mean that his personality was ruined or that it allowed his character to develop in different ways?
40 qtjinla1511th Jun 2012 06:16:34 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
I think he meant the bad way.
41 qtjinla152nd Jul 2012 02:10:30 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
So yeah, has anyone read any good fanfiction based on it?
I definitely prefer the series 3-4

Series 3 was when they started spreaidng the stories out between the sisters more rather than just focusing everything around Prue. I think the Prue character still had potential to go places but obviously with the actress leaving they couldnt follow through and i believe that the consequences of Prue's death for the other characters, the discovery of Paige and how it took time for Piper to come to terms with Prue being done and accept Paige as a sister were really good storylines. I really liked Cole before they ruined his character with that repetative cycle of redemption then evil again then redemption then evil ad nauseum. Thpugh they did redeem his character when they brought him back for an episode during one of the later seasons (the one before Billie i think)

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43 Premonition4514th Jul 2012 08:55:07 PM , Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
The first few seasons involving Prue definitely made the Charmed ones feel like sisters.
44 Lostiesgirl24th Jul 2012 09:11:44 PM from An Island , Relationship Status: Dating the Doctor
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So How long have people have been watching the show? I first watched in '06 during the final season. My first thought was 'huh?'. Then i had manage to watch most of the series on TNT, and i relized what a good show it was, yeah it had some strange and goofy moments, but as a whole it was fun while it lasted. But season 8 should have gone in a different direction then it did. Granted, i had like Henry and Coop, but to me, their relationship with paige and pheobe respectivly was really fast for me. It would had been better for them to be introduced the season before to devolpe the relationships more, but hey that's just me.
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I remember first watching an episode of season 2 then a few years later I watched parts of 4,5 and most of six.

The thing was, the channel which played Charmed in my country had shit reception where I lived so I didn't watch it religiously.
46 qtjinla1529th Jul 2012 01:35:11 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
You can find the series on Youtube.
Started waching this show a little while ago. Last episode I saw was the one where Robert Englund played a Living Doll Collector.
48 qtjinla154th Sep 2012 06:11:46 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Kind of wish there was a guide or something that covered the clothes they wore for all the episodes. I found some of the outfits interesting.
[up] There's probably something like that out there. After all, somebody did Lois Lane.

On a related note, I just finished "Happily Ever After" and kept wondering what was up with Phoebe's random gothy outfit (not that I didn't like it).
50 qtjinla1516th Sep 2012 10:24:50 PM from Los Angeles , Relationship Status: On the prowl
I looked, not detailed enough.

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