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The Demon barrier wavered and began to fade, the girls standing in the desert, veteran and newcomer alike, breathed sighs of relief and began to relax after a hellishly long battle. Sachiko, feeling a small bit of pride for dealing the coup de grace, let her spear go; it evanesced into green light as she turned around to survey the damage she had done.

The two halves of the Knight had slumped, the armor clattering into a pile that looked smaller than one would have expected. The shadow that had animated it was burning away, rising from the remains like black smoke. As Sachiko turned, though, something moved in the armor.

The nearby Magical Girls had fractions of a second to react as the Knight's armor began to glow, blazing a bright crystalline blue before intensifying into white and suddenly into darkness so absolute that looking at it seemed to pull at one's very soul. This horrific darkness seemed to suck in sound as well, and so Ciel's shouted warning didn't even reach her own ears as the desert erupted into a huge plume of sand and glass and a shockwave sent the girls tumbling across the bone-white dunes.

Seconds later, as the fighters regained their bearings, sound returned; the quiet mutters of conversation in the little metro and the hum of cars in the streets filtered down into the slightly chilly alleyway Alicia and Rei had been standing in mere minutes ago. All of the girls had been deposited in various states of disarray and confusion on stoops and cobblestones; even Nazuna's brutalized corpse, blood still leaking slowly down her gore-stained dress, had made the trip back. The glow of the gem in the center of the bow around her neck was completely obscured by slowly congealing blood. Rei had healed enough to pass for uninjured by a casual examination; however, it was mostly surface work, and she knew with an unpleasant certainty that various internal squishy things would start tearing if she wasn't extremely careful.

Ciel had kept her grip on the chunk of the Knight's armor - one of its bracers - and as she sat up and opened her cupped hands, she felt her heart skip a beat at the sheer number of black cubes she had a hold of. It was enough for weeks even at her usual consumption rate - a real treasure trove, almost too good to be true!

Unfortunately, the fight had taken quite a lot out of both her and the other girls. And as she looked around, not a single other spark of light off black metal caught her eye... a fact that she felt the other girls notice as they all regained their feet. Four pairs of eyes were drawn to Ciel's double handful...

Not too far away, a young man on his way home for the day paused, visited yet again with the feeling that he was being watched. After a moment, he continued on his way... and a white fluffy tail swished, looking almost satisfied, in the potted plant he had just stopped by.
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Ciel's satisfaction at landing a small haul of Remnants faded slightly at the Looks her handfuls were getting from the others.

She was used to getting first dibs in the Demon Hunts in Singapore, due to the speed at which she usually responded to Demon attacks back home, which always allowed her to get the preemptives and then disappear back into the night with whatever she needed (or wanted). Her contributions always meant her teammates let her take that handful she always did without objection since she always left what she couldn't carry comfortably.

Over here in Kaikin, she instinctively knew that she couldn't just do such a thing, especially when the rest of the Demon Knight was pretty much gone. Sighing, she began to offer out part of the haul she had managed to grab, her tattered outfit detransforming back into her normal clothes as a sign of peacefulness.

"Here, take what you need."

Besides, with Rei severely wounded, she would need to do a lot of healing before she could get back into battle.

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Sachiko's body relaxed as the Demon barrier faded, her magical girl costume disappearing away as well to be replaced by more casual wear. Walking over to Ciel, she took a small share of the Grief Cubes - enough to replace the three battles' worth the Knight stole during its transformation and the amount of energy spent fighting it.

She questioned whether she should take more, but looked back at Rei; despite being superficially healed on the surface, the veteran girl's arm seemed to still struggle with being able to move. "It'd be best that everyone take what they lost and be where they were at before the battle started," Sachiko suggested to Ciel. "Afterwards, we can distribute what we gained evenly between the four of us, since we all fought hard in that fight."

Turning to face Rei and Alicia, she asked the two of them, "Are the two of you alright? That battle sure took a while..."

As she said this, she kept in the back of her mind a certain casualty of the fight; Nazuna's corpse was still ever present nearby. I need to introduce myself to the other girls, make sure the Grief Cubes are distributed evenly, learn why this Rei fought this girl, determine how to handle the body, and draw out Kyubey to question the nature of that unusual Demon... that's a lot on my plate. Well, one step at a time, Sachiko.

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"Good job everyone."

Asuka floated down along with Michiko on one of her giant records, smiling softly. "Sorry we're late... I hope everything turn out alright?" She glanced at the wounded Rei, frowning now. And... was that someone's corpse?

Oh no.
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