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Examine this physics defying weapon:

 26 d Roy, Thu, 20th Oct '11 7:31:28 PM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Yeah, this weapon isn't that useful, especially in a verse that falls under this very simple equation:

Bloody powerful magic < Guns

Bloody powerful magicians < Sniper

Bloody large dragons < Missiles

Bloody large cosmic horror < Nukes or if that doesn't work, Kill Sat

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 27 chihuahua 0, Thu, 20th Oct '11 7:35:37 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
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So Magic<Technology. Quite interesting.

Shadowed Philosopher
I feel the need to point out that where magic is available that can do things that technology can't, in a society that would have produced that technology in the first place, you're going to get technology that exploits the abilities of that magic. It always bugs me when you have magic and technology used in the same society and yet you don't have Magi Tech; that simply makes no sense on a societal level.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
 29 d Roy, Thu, 20th Oct '11 8:00:50 PM Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
It is actually integrated somewhat. I'll eleborate when I get back from the lunch.

Would Energy Absorption work? You might be able to handwave it by saying magic is boosting a piezoelectric effect.

Shadowed Philosopher
You can't absorb momentum.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
 32 Night, Fri, 21st Oct '11 4:07:15 AM from PSNS Intrepid Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Who you are does not matter.
And even if you could, this doesn't cover that.
"Let us look less to the sky to see what might fall; rather, let us look to each other...and rise."
 33 Trotzky, Fri, 21st Oct '11 7:12:24 AM from 3 km North of Torchwood
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Thread hop It's a boxing glove. On QI, Fry said, that in the days of bare knuckle boxing people usually punched the chest and belly, because punching the skull hurts. Since the introduction of gloves, there are more head punches and more deaths. It's a boxing glove Turned Up to Eleven.

Physics, you want that force concentrated over a small area on your enemy for maximum damage and spread over a large area on yourself for minimum damage.
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 34 jasonwill 2, Fri, 21st Oct '11 12:03:25 PM from West Virginia
So was my view of the weapon too complex? Must it break more laws at the expense of possibly more negative side effects? I thought what I said was an adequate view.

Though he COULD hold the gauntlet when holding a rifle, making it so that when and if he gets into close quarters he is ready.

[up] That's a really good point actually. Punching someone in the head would be extremely deadly with this weapon.
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
You can't absorb momentum.

And even if you could, this doesn't cover that.

  1. In my defense momentum can be converted into kinetic energy, by say applying momentum to the area of someoneís face over a smallish period of time, which can be converted into electricity by a sufficient piezoelectric material or phenomenon.
  2. However, Iíd also like to point out magic. Specifically this particular item No Sells the law of reciprocal exchange but not the conservation of energy so all that energy has to go somewhere therefore I suggested Energy Absorption perhaps it boosts the wearer in some way, wets inertia, or charges batteries. Also, magic.

edited 21st Oct '11 2:49:05 PM by GiantSpaceChinchilla

Shadowed Philosopher
[up]No, momentum is always conserved and can't be 'absorbed' by anything. The quantity that's decreasing when you do piezoelectric stuff is kinetic energy, which is entirely separate.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
Maybe I'm missing something but wouldn't the laws of physics work this way if you used a gauntlet that was steel on the outside and sponge or other soft and porous material on the inside? What would exactly be the difference?

Shadowed Philosopher
[up]That would cushion your hand a bit, but the power at issue is the power to completely negate the reaction force. Which is epically gamebreaking if generalized, but here it seems fairly limited.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
 39 jasonwill 2, Sat, 22nd Oct '11 4:57:45 PM from West Virginia

its not game breaking at all, all it would do is not make his hand hurt and double the force of the hit

people keep saying its game breaking in a "normal" setting BUT ALL OF YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERING THAT A SWORD WOULD CHOP OFF HIS ARM OR MAKE SHORT WORK OF HIM.

Reguardless if it mutliplys the strength of the punch, he is still unarmed and therefore it only really helps him when, you know, a spear or axe is not heading his way.
as of the 2nd of Nov. has 6 weeks for a broken collar bone to heal and types 1 handed and slowly
Shadowed Philosopher
[up]Uh...even in the fairly limited form discussed here, it allows you to punch through concrete. I'd say that's pretty gamebreaking. If it wasn't restricted to offensive situations, you would be able to stop a speeding train easily. (Or, you know, put a pretty hole in the front of a speeding train while the rest of it continues on and pastes you, but it's the force involved. You could block axe blows easily.)
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
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