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Sharon smiled. Why thank you for the compliment.

She began to ponder her next move. Even for her, three railroads in a row... it just didn't line up like that. So what was between her and the next one that she could use...

The Big Apple maybe?
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Rita simply sighed, as she stored her lockpicks away. Things had gone silent of a sudden, except for some people who were bent on playing Monopoly of all things. She never liked that game. Once she had been poor as dirt to play, and as a grown up, her aggressive and cold style killed the game more than often. Still, there was nothing wrong with using that place as leisure spot, since people had claimed it as such.

Walking without making noise, like a pedigree cat, she picked up a chair and sat around, her slender hands braiding her hair. She might be called to act as a cat burglar in the next outing, and the last thing she needed was flowing hair.

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Steven chuckled a bit as he watched all of them. Taking the dice himself, the let them rattle in his hands for a moment. "Amazing, how much I missed stuff like this." Life he more fun though. He thought casually. He gave a roll and moved to one of those little properties just ahead of jail. ", I don't really care for these ones. I won't buy." He pushed the dice over to Sharon.
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