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351 vandro30th Sep 2012 11:04:27 PM from The little shop that wasn't there before
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Not actually. Comedy can be the most depressing thing ever. You just need to shut down your empathy and you will laugh.
352 ozaniel30th Sep 2012 11:46:25 PM from Yeşilköy, İstanbul
The problem is that she is too easy to relate. I can laugh at Sunohara or Yuuko but this manga hits too close to home. But it's also the charm of it.

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Yeah, most of this manga's appeal is about our capacity to laugh at ourselves, what we once did and thought about being popular, having friends, etc. Tomoko is like if I wen't back in time, and saw my younger self in middle school "what the hell? why are you doing that, you idiot?" Yeah... good times... except not. Absolutely not. Specially the incident with the love poem, butterflies and a tiger. That was stupidity on every possible level of human consciousness.

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354 Clownboss9th Oct 2012 01:28:08 PM from Belgrade, Serbia
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Well, new chapter is out. This one happens to be another one of my favourites now, especially the way how all that fear's been welling inside of her. I like how she tears up when mom calls her on the phone, worrying where she is and telling she's cooked her favourite meal. It's really touching.

The scanlators also made a pretty ballin' video showing how they do editing business:

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I'm really glad the rest of this issue wasn't as piercing as that line, because otherwise I would have cried. Like, a lot.

It was still pretty depressing, though. The "I'm so much more of a badass than them" and becoming obsessed with random tricks that will supposedly help fulfill some ridiculous scheme... well, they're pretty familiar. Oh, Tomoko, when will you learn to just start talking to people?
356 asellus1119th Oct 2012 03:27:30 PM , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Tomoko shyness is the main problem with her, and it seems the club stuff still affects her, well at least she wants to doing crazy and sometimes dangerous stuff. But to be fair, she knows where to draw the line.

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357 ozaniel10th Oct 2012 08:35:53 AM from Yeşilköy, İstanbul
I think she usually can't draw the line unless it's actually dangerous like in the last chapter. She tried to play otome games nonstop, went overboard with "kiss marks" and overall she gains and loses confidence too easily. I actually expect her to try to get a job at a cabaret club and get humiliated but she actually understand how dangerous these jobs are.
My hatoful Monster Girlfriend is the President Ecstasy: Higurashi After in Summer (All ages memorial edition)
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I'm halfway through the new chapter, but I want to point this out already- Where the hell did she get that fur scarf?

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I was also wondering that. I figured it's probably some cheap costume prop she picked up at a store or happened to have at home.
360 SpookyMask21st Oct 2012 04:55:52 AM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Chapter 29

Well, thats just funny xD
Time to change the style, for now
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haha, there should be a future chapter named "Because I'm not popular, I'll make homoerotic advances on my only friend"

s-she's not the only one who did this sometime... right? RIGHT?
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"What kind of panties are you wearing right now?"

Yeah, not awkward at all!
363 Clownboss10th Nov 2012 06:42:21 AM from Belgrade, Serbia
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No one's commented on the new chapter yet?

The spaghetti. I can't handle it.
"With great power comes great responsibility" - Kurt Cobain, Nickelback (2003)
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Huh, what spaghetti?

I just read the chapter and did I miss anything? XD
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metaphorically speaking?

btw, writing this while lunching spaghetti right just now
Gunpla is amazing!

Its from an internet meme on 4chan.
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Chapter 31 is out and pretty short.

So... She wanted to be an arms dealer? Lol, didn't expect that.

Allow me to do this before anyone else:

"Her name is 'Moko, she is Loco, I say Oh No!"
369 Cassie23rd Nov 2012 01:48:34 PM from Malaysia, but where?
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Hahahaha, epic twist face there. Or Face Fault really.
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370 Spirit1st Dec 2012 08:41:00 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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Y: Ruler of Time done an episode on this.

Gunpla is amazing!
Very nice, even though it basically touched on everything I knew.
372 Clownboss8th Dec 2012 04:26:31 PM from Belgrade, Serbia
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Oh my, this new chapter.I actually have an older sister with whom I've had a cute childhood relationship with but as we've been growing older we started talking less and less. Matter of fact, it's odd that I don't know that much about her. And I'd feel too embarassed for whatever reason to, y'know, just talk.
"With great power comes great responsibility" - Kurt Cobain, Nickelback (2003)
Call me Lekk, for short
I don't have siblings.

It just made me feel lonelier.sad
374 Sterok9th Dec 2012 03:48:19 PM , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Just discovered this. She has got to be one of the saddest protagonists I've ever seen.
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I didn't relate much to the other chapters with her brother, since they mostly involved Tomoko's perviest moments yet, but this last one... I really can't express myself properly.

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