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The Wire:

Love Saves
There ain't a thread for The Wire.

The most brilliant TV Show ever.

Shame. Shame.

Actually, I've only watched like one episode and a half. But I'm sold. But I'm gonna need subtitles, cause some of them B-More accents be thick bro.

Also it's fun to see a show where there ain't just one black dude but is not an Uncle Tomfoolery.
 2 C0mraid, Wed, 19th Oct '11 2:13:19 PM from Here and there
1 and a half episodes?

Personally I could never leave an episode of this show half way through. For the most part I couldn't stop myself from watching the next episiode. Had to watch them late to stop it taking my whole day up, I usually managed to stop at two.

I never understood the need for subtitles though. I mean everyones speaking English right?

But it's not the best show ever. And it's not the hardest series to follow either. For me those pretentions only give the shows (few) flaws a more pronounced effect when I'm watching it.
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous- Almost, at times, the fool.
 3 Born In 1142, Sat, 12th Nov '11 9:59:23 AM from Estonia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
I could certainly see the need for clarifying subtitles, especially if English isn't your first language. There is a lot of slang in the dialogue.

 4 C0mraid, Sat, 12th Nov '11 5:46:20 PM from Here and there
[up] If English is your second language that changes things. Otherwise I stand by my statement.

I'm really suprised nobody wants to discuss this. It's a great show.
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous- Almost, at times, the fool.
 5 Born In 1142, Thu, 17th Nov '11 3:43:41 AM from Estonia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Why would a natural English speaker instantly understand a dialect that he's most likely had no contact with, except perhaps from other movies and TV shows? Subtitles make things a lot clearer and make it easier to look things up.

 6 gregyo, Thu, 17th Nov '11 10:58:53 AM from Austin, Texas
The only problem I have with this show is that I don't nearly enough people who have watched it that I can talk about it with. This is one of the best shows to ever be on television.

 7 C0mraid, Thu, 17th Nov '11 12:06:52 PM from Here and there
[up][up] Because it's not that hard. It's most something people have to do in real life, at least sometimes. There have been English language shows I've needed subtitles for, this is much easier to understand. I honestly think that a.) subtitles detract from the experience of most films and b, ) there have been people who have used subtitles because they've been told they need them.

At times, indeed, almost ridiculous- Almost, at times, the fool.
I spent the last month watching this series. I fucking love this show, Season 3 is definitely my favourite season of the show but each season from 3 onwards had me almost crying in their respective finales. I think Mc Nulty, Lester and Stringer are my favourite characters.

I read somewhere that prior to Season 5 there were some short webisodes with backstory to Mc Nulty, Bunk, Omar and Prop Joe. Does anyone have a link to that?

Also, shieeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

I've almost finished the first season and I'm surprised how accessible it is compared to what I've read about it. Unlike some hyped shows like Heroes, this one has a clear protagonist, a clear conflict and something new is told or achieved in every episode. The only reason I compared these two series is because Heroes was extremely hyped and it had larger exposure, whereas The Wire is almost a cult series.
 10 C0mraid, Thu, 2nd Feb '12 5:06:09 AM from Here and there
[up] Mc Nulty isn't really a clear protagonist. He's most noticanly missing from a lot of Season 4, although that season is quite unfocused and has poor pacing. If you think the lead is Daniels or D'Angelo you'd be even more wrong.

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At times, indeed, almost ridiculous- Almost, at times, the fool.
 11 Nicknacks, Thu, 2nd Feb '12 5:41:40 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
I've always heard the the fourth season was by far the best.

I own all seasons of this show on DVD, and I've watched exactly... nine episodes. The first episode from season 1, the first from 2, the first two from four, and the first five from five.

I dunno. I've just never been able to continually stick with it. I like what I've seen, but I've either come straight off something equally good but less challenging to the viewer (Being Human, or Breaking Bad for instance) or just become too emotionally involved and had to force myself to stop watching or risk emotionally obsession. (Hence the reason I own all five seasons on DVD)... but you don't need to hear about my problems.

I like the show. I like how textured the writing is, and find watching the characters a generally pleasurable experience. But it's not the kind of show I'm going to be able to consume in one sitting, or in a week.
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 12 C0mraid, Thu, 2nd Feb '12 7:45:51 AM from Here and there
The fourth season has the best bits in it, including a heartbreaking scene which I think manages to sum up what the whole show is about. There's nothing wrong with the acting or story, but the way it's put together is lacking. Aside from some minor issues like Carcetti's characterization seemingly being reset mid season, there's a lot of framework issues including but not limited to:

  • Scenes end just as they begin to get interesting.

  • Certain plot strands start to late in an episode.

  • The newer cops have no real characterization so you have Herc spending a lot of time tallking to a 1D detective even though Snyder(I think that was his name) could have been used instead.

These nothing really that bad, but every time there's a flaw in the show I keep remembering how it's supposed to be "flawless" so it makes the effect worse. 4 would probably have been the best season, but the others are far more polished.
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous- Almost, at times, the fool.
Mc Nulty is the closest the show has to a main character. His lack of focus in Season 4 is sort of there (among other reasons) to set up his downward spiral in season 5.

In general though it's the kind of show where there isn't really a main character and it's the story of a city rather than a particular ensemble.

Season 4 is very good but requires the viewer to be watching it within a week so that the subplots get proper exposure. A lot of subplots in season 4 turn up and then disappear for an episode before turning up again so you'd need to watch like 3 eps a day to fully appreciate, but I wouldn't really call that a pacing issue- just a case where the show was more suited for DVD than a weekly format.

I really like Season 4 but I guess I prefer Season 3 over the others cause I thought the Barksdale crew were a much more interesting and diverse group than Marlo's gang although that was probably intentional.

^^You'll really need to watch from the start and just go through it in order. Season 1 gets good around halfway when Lester Freamon really comes into focus and starts talking to Mc Nulty about his past.

I've been watching reruns of every episode on the Audience Network. Just finished Season 4, which was excellent. I've heard Season 5 is the worst, but I figure even if that's true, the Wire at its worst is still at least 90th percentile of television.
I like Season 5. As an ending to the ongoing subplots it's fantastic. The only think I didn't like is the subplot that covers what Scott Templeton is doing at the Baltimore Sun. A bit heavy handed and not as insightful as how the show has covered other institutions like government, education, the police etc.

But personally I thought all the other storylines were brilliant and it's a really good ending to the series.

The Wire is probably my favorite TV-series ever, with the possible exception of Twin Peaks and I actually have a hard time choosing which season I like the most, since the story arc is so well realized. It would be like choosing the best letter in a novel.
 17 Born In 1142, Tue, 5th Jun '12 12:45:49 PM from Estonia Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Ha! That was perfect!

A depressingly insightful article written by David Simon, about recent changes to the stat game in Baltimore crime.

 20 The Wanderer, Mon, 18th Jun '12 10:01:20 PM from New York Relationship Status: The new Mrs. Reynolds
Student of story
After hearing good things for years and seeing little bits here and there, I finally started watching a month or two ago, along with my fiancee and her folks. We've all become big fans, and are now a few episodes into Season 4.

I've been absolutely loving it so far.
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I'm watching it for a third time this summer, just starting season 2. The show has the unfortunate side effect of making it so I can only think in urban dialects and The Wire catch phrases. Better than my months long Jesse Pinkman impression I suppose...I think I just realized that my TV watching habits alienate all of those around me...
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for". I agree with the second part.
You're a real piece of work tilitzd.

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Sheeeeeit. The fuck did I do!?
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for". I agree with the second part.

ok, I was totally setting you up

[up] lol nicely done...ya happy now, bitch? :p

On a more serious note, this show rules. It manages to be relevant, moving, entertaining, and subtle all at once. The plot and social theory side of it never suffer for the sake of characterization, and the characterization never suffers for the sake of the plot and social theory, its a perfect balance. I don't think I can choose a favorite season, as I love them all, even S2 and S5 (the only really weak point being the newspaper plot, which I hardly even notice on rewatch). Third time through and it's still got all its charm.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 drooling fanboy out <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for". I agree with the second part.
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