"Reboot of" my "Youth Group" Sitcom:

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Earlier; I don't know if anybody remembers, but I posted an idea about a sitcom about a Youth Group.

Well, this idea is sort of like that. Except; it's not really focused on the "youth group". Instead, it's about a homeschooler and his stoic best friend who happen to meet up the most at Church. They work in the sound booth on Sunday mornings, with their Adult Child tech-guy boss. Other members of the cast are the homeschooler's ex-girlfriend whose rejection drove him to become a kidnova, their nerdy highschool buddy, the preacher's loud and snobby daughter, his nice-but-spacey son, the spacey smart guy, and the future jock. Most of the cast is middle-school, so not much "everday drama" is to be anything but somewhat Played for Laughs.

Prior to the series (or in it, if I decide to write it) the homeschooler goes from believing in one person for life, and that "true love lasts forever", to a more cynical character who has romantic instability, doesn't know what true Love is besides his friend, and is dating a new girl every week. His best friend, by contrast, never thought one way or another about relationships, but found himself in a non complicated one with another quiet person, making the cast Two Guys and a Girl. Their high-school nerd friend isn't doing much better than the main guy in the crush department. The idea is that the show focuses on love, and the mysteries of it. However, it's with younger pre-teens and teenagers. The idea is that most people trying to figure this stuff out have no more of a clue than these kids do. The signifigance of the Church comes in from both the fact that, regardless of your beliefs, a lot of what Christianity says can be applied to life (this show's more focused on love that religion), and that working in a Church soundbooth is funny. (I've been there.).

My question for you is; what would you like to see in this show. (Nah, really, I just felt like posting this up somewhere to satisfy my own ego. Haha. But seriously...)

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