I want to write a story...:

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It's called "Madman's Game." It's going to play off of the recent Alternate Reality Game fad, and it's going to have a touch of Creepypasta in that it will be rather dark and even scary at points.

My main character is going to be an Audience Surrogate girl that goes out to buy a game and then gets a free one on an unknown portable console from a guy on the street that says he can't use it. She receives challenges and puzzles on the console, even instructions to go to specific places and do certain things. At first, comparing it to an ARG, she has loads of fun, but one day she chooses to go out with a few friends instead of following the game's instructions.

And a bomb goes off in the city where she lives.

She soon finds out that the game is more than just a game and that she must follow the game administrator's instructions or risk the deaths of innocent people. She must grapple with her massive guilt for skipping out on the challenge the first time, and find out what is really going on and what's the purpose of the Madman's Game. I want to make the challenges interesting and unique, and challenge the reader to pick up my subtle hints on what's going on and what to do.

Will you give me your opinion?
This is a concept, so feedback will be pretty limited. I suggest that you start writing and come back when you have actual work to show us.
Is there, like, no character limit on the forums here? Because although I'm a new troper, I've had A LOT of practice writing and my works can be pretty long.
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I might break it into chunks or host it off the site if it is that big.
How many words are they?

If they're complete, or you've got upwards of 1000 words to show people, head over to the Writer/Critics thread which is at the top of the forum.
I actually have several ideas that are still in the planning stages, along with this one. I just want to hear if people would be willing read them based on the general idea. I wait at least a day before posting about a different idea, then when I'm done I see which got the most "I'd read it"s and got with that.
Yes, well, execution is everything and even if a bunch of people like one idea, they might feel lukewarm towards how you handled it. Not to mention it seems a little attention-grabby. Best to cut out the middleman and just pick one yourself.
Thanks for the advice. Will-do!
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