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How do I undo someone else's edit?
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How do I undo someone else's edit?:

In the Character page for "Land of Oz", I fixed a lot of edits as I described in my history page, but then Sheilak suddenly undid ALL of my edits! Why did he do that?! All I did was fix a lot of the errors, and yet Sheilak just undid all of my edits! How do I undo Sheilak's edit?

 2 Oberoniss, Sat, 15th Oct '11 5:03:53 PM from spooce Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
If you go back and put them all back again, you'll risk an edit war. PM Sheliak and ask him why s/he did that.

 3 Deboss, Sun, 16th Oct '11 2:51:26 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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This sounds like a possible edit war brewing, I suggest going to Ask The Tropers and bringing it up there. That's generally the best place to go if you think an edit war might be brewing.
 4 The One Who Tropes, Sun, 16th Oct '11 3:08:28 AM from Leigh, Lancashire, England (Viertes Reich) Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
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I think there was a problem with someone else's edit, then it was restored back to an earlier version by a moderator. "system" and "moderator restored to earlier version" as the edit reason.

ETA: To me, angeldeb, it looks like the revert was in your favour.

edited 16th Oct '11 3:12:44 AM by TheOneWhoTropes

Der Führer des Fraudulente Volk.
It looks like an edit conflict. You only get to check out a page for a certain length of time; after that, if someone else starts editing, the edits can collide and one can inadvertently undo the other.
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 6 Fighteer, Sun, 16th Oct '11 5:37:08 PM from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
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Angeldeb, please read my response to your original thread. You don't need to go making a bunch of new ones. It was an edit collision, not a deliberate act of malice. If you run into this sort of issue again, go to Ask The Tropers.

edited 16th Oct '11 5:37:21 PM by Fighteer

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